9 Best range finder apps for Android & iOS

Best range finder apps

Sometimes you need to know the distance to the target. For example, to improve the accuracy of the shooting. Or you just want to know the distance to an object. But it is not always possible to measure this distance with a tape measure or steps. And here a simple …

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13 Best funny ringtone download apps

Best funny ringtone download apps

You’re most likely tired of the melody you hear on your phone every day and the message alert signal. If so, you can get some new ringtones and notification tones for your device. In this article, we have collected some of the popular and best funny ringtone download apps. These …

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13 Best apps to slow down music on Android & iOS

Best apps to slow down music

The need to slow down a song may arise in different cases. You may want to insert a slow song into the video. Maybe you want it to fill in the whole video. Maybe you need a slower version of the music for some event. Either way, you need to …

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11 Best Lottery Apps in 2023 (Android & iOS)

Best lottery apps in 2020

In the world of gambling, which is an area extremely sensitive to innovation, we can’t go without apps. The first lotteries appeared in ancient China. We continue to play them today, but already using modern gadgets. In this review the best lottery apps, all the advantages you can take now. …

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9 Best apps to know who viewed my profile (Android & iOS)

Best apps to know who viewed my profile

Many people are interested in who visited their social networking pages. And indeed, it’s useful to know who keeps track of account updates. But social networks, for the most part, do not provide this opportunity. Official apps don’t track visits. You can find out who’s browsing your profile by using …

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15 Best Yoga Apps in 2023 (Android & iOS)

Best yoga apps in 2020

Yoga is useful both for physical health and for achieving peace of mind. In this review, you will find apps that will help beginners to understand the basics. People with experience can improve their level of these applications. They will also teach you how to breathe properly and find the …

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13 Best workout timer apps for Android & iOS

Best workout timer apps

Specialized sports mobile applications are not always needed for independent sports activities. Sometimes you don’t need anything but a timer for training. As the program is composed of a coach and written in a second. In this case, you should use sports timers, in which there is nothing superfluous. In …

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11 Best virtual girlfriend apps of all time

Best virtual girlfriend apps of all time

The girl simulator will help you find a pleasant conversation partner. Get an unforgettable experience of relationships. Here you can communicate when and where you want to communicate with your other half. In this review the best, where you will get the perfect virtual girl. 1. My Virtual Girlfriend FREE …

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11 Best DVD remote apps for Android & iOS

Best DVD remote apps

Tired of looking for a lost remote all the time? Or maybe you need extra features? Then take a look at this list of the best DVD remote apps. They will make it easier to watch your favorite movies and much more. 1. PowerDVD Remote PowerDVD Remote is a popular …

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15 Best Cross-Platform Android-iOS-PC Games 2023

Best cross-platform Android-iOS-PC games

Cross-platform is a huge advantage of all games. After all, the number of players in itself is an asset of any game. Thus, it is important to attract the widest possible audience. Cross-platform games released for phone owners and PC fans. They can finally play among themselves. This list contains …

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