9 Best apps to watch Instagram stories anonymously

Best apps to watch Instagram stories anonymously

Almost all of us have an Instagram account nowadays. Don’t you think that it would be great to watch Stories of other users anonymously? Believe it or not, now it is possible for you. Unfortunately, there are very few apps aimed only on showing stories anonymously. They will be listed first. …

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9 Best apps to change eye color (Android & iOS)

Nowadays, people can change everything in their appearance. Sometimes put on some makeup, have a haircut or dye hair will be enough to transform beyond recognition. As for cardinal change, people can have various plastic surgeries. It seems that there is nothing impossible today. But what about our eye color? Have …

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5 Best SMS auto-reply apps for Android & iOS

Best SMS auto reply apps

For those who think ahead and just don’t have time to respond to all incoming messages. We gathered some good SMS auto-reply apps for Android and iOS users. SMS auto-reply for Android TextDrive TextDrive is an application that helps you concentrate while driving. The program helps to read/auto-reply to texts …

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5 Best mini racing adventure games for Android & iOS

Best mini racing adventure games

Are you a fan of races where you constantly have to overcome various obstacles? The most popular races have tens of millions of downloads and have a very loyal audience. And what should you try? Choose from the best! Mini Racing Adventures The company Minimo decided to please us with …

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8 Best Vault apps for Android & iOS

Best Vault apps

It happens that your friends or relatives take your phone without a permit. Of course, that irritates you to the utmost. They can find your photos, videos, messages that must be kept in secret. It seems that nothing can prevent your information from being undiscovered… However, we want to throw you into …

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9 Best empire building games for Android & iOS

Best empire building games

Who doesn’t like building simulators? Where can you create amazing cities, settlements, and villages? We’ve collected the coolest empire building games that make you feel like a great ruler, an architect, and in general strongly important man. Forge of Empires An exciting strategy game that combines a town-planning simulator, a …

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11 Best zombie tower defense games for Android & iOS

Best zombie tower defence games

Games of the popular genre, namely – the defense of the tower with the participation of zombies! Great combination, isn’t it? We have collected 11 of the best games in the zombie tower defense genre, among which you will definitely find something suitable for yourself. ‎Zombie Towers This app is …

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9 Best handyman apps for Android & iOS

Best handyman apps

There is a strong belief that the repairs are a very tedious business. It usually lasts several years having a stranglehold on you. Moreover, your family experiences some discomfort as well. As always, modern apps can find a solution to your problem. They have various features, but the thing that unites them is …

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8 Best calligraphy apps for Android & iOS

Best calligraphy apps

The handwriting is considered to be the reflection of our character. We are all different, that is why someone writes neatly, someone writes badly. And it is interesting that a handwriting expert can tell a lot about a person when looking at the texts written by him or her. Nevertheless, …

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10 Best apps to watch TV shows for free (Android & iOS)

Best apps to watch TV shows for free

Nowadays our mobile phones are considered to be highly functional devices. Moreover, if you install various apps, it can substitute whatever you want: an alarm, a pedometer, a camera, a radio, a navigator… So, our phones’ capabilities are endless. It’s not a secret, that by using your mobile phone it is …

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