5 Best apps to watch NFL games on Android & iOS

Best apps to watch NFL games

If you are looking for the best apps to watch NFL games, there are several sports apps on the market to help you stay in the game. NFL NFL Mobile is the official mobile application of the NFL, the professional league of American football in the USA. The app provides …

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11 Best soccer coaching apps (Android & iOS)

Best soccer coaching apps

Soccer is a popular game around the world. Thus, special tools to improve your performance in this sport are gaining popularity. This list contains the best soccer coaching apps, with which you can improve your skills and tactics. 1. Beast Mode Soccer+ The My Soccer Training: Personal Trainer Coach Videos …

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15 Best Yoga Apps in 2023 (Android & iOS)

Best yoga apps in 2020

Yoga is useful both for physical health and for achieving peace of mind. In this review, you will find apps that will help beginners to understand the basics. People with experience can improve their level of these applications. They will also teach you how to breathe properly and find the …

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13 Best workout timer apps for Android & iOS

Best workout timer apps

Specialized sports mobile applications are not always needed for independent sports activities. Sometimes you don’t need anything but a timer for training. As the program is composed of a coach and written in a second. In this case, you should use sports timers, in which there is nothing superfluous. In …

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17 Best Sports Betting Apps for Android & iOS 2023

Best sports betting apps

Phones replace a whole set of gadgets and allow people to follow global events online. Sports competitions and hence bets are no exception. The best bookmakers actively promote the mobile market segment. A good bookmaker pays attention to the development and promotion of official applications. This list contains the best …

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9 Best deep breathing apps for Android & iOS

Is there still anybody out there who’s never heard of all the benefits that meditation can bring to us? Nowadays it is rather common knowledge that meditating is not some kind of a magical process, but rather a breathing exercise, helping us to fight our emotional and physical struggles. The …

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8 Free drink water reminder apps for Androd & iOS

Free drink water reminder apps

Drinking water is our vital need because it serves dozens of essential functions that keep us going. Each day people have to consume a certain amount of water to be healthy. The amount can vary depending on your gender and age. Nevertheless, generally, an adult man needs about 3 liters …

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3 Best golf ball finder apps (Android & iOS)

Best golf ball finder apps

According to statistics, there are 300 million golf balls lost per year. Apart from this, an average golf player wastes about 24 minutes per round searching for a ball. These facts made us write a post with some apps to find a golf ball. Unfortunately, there are only a few …

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