11 Free currency converter apps for Android & iOS

The financial system of our world is elaborate and complex. Each country has its own currency and each currency is dependent on another. No one really understands, how does this system work, except, maybe, the most sophisticated financiers.

Another thing is that the modern world is more globalized than ever. People travel, buy abroad, participate in international business deals… And it all underestimates the conversation of currency.

But here goes another problem. Our world is not only extremely globalized it also becomes more and more unpredictable economically. The currency which seems strong today may be dramatically depreciated tomorrow. And that creates great chaos in currency converter.

Back in the days, during the traveling people had no choice but to trust those unreliable currency exchange kiosks which were often fraudulent. Good thing nowadays you can save yourself from all that headache and convert any currency of any amount quickly, safely and at the best exchange rate possible. Here are the best apps for it.

1. XE Currency

For many years now, this software has been one of the best apps for currency exchange and accomplishing financial transactions in general. It was invented in 2009 and has been trusted by millions of users since then. It collects rates from around the globe, compares prices anywhere while traveling abroad to be sure you’re getting the best deal at today’s rate.

Recently the new function has been added to the app – now you can also transfer money to the foreign accounts quickly and securely with XE Currency.

In this app, you will see all the exchange rates provided by the market so you can choose the most profitable one for you. You can exchange your money at any time of the day or night – and the customer service is available 24/7. By the way, on the trusted source Trustpilot, the app has the tanking 5 out of 5.

When you make a transaction all the process of it will be displayed in the app. You will be able to stay in touch with the latest updates. You can also monitor up to 10 currencies of your choice.

Are you interested in world currencies’ fluctuations? Well, in this app you can keep an eye on every currency possible, even Bitcoin. Or maybe you are a student who does the research for the scientific paper? Well, there is data for the past 10 years of the currency change in this app – you can always look it up.

Or maybe you’re an adventurer who plays the market and you want to know immediately when the currency exchange rates are changed? No problem – just set the alerts and receive notifications. Even when you are offline the app saves the last updates.

You can also customize the way you want to see your current updates. Maybe, you highlight one currency or its relationship with another currency. And for those, who are looking simply for checking the currency rates to exchange the money for travel – the app is easy to use and understand.

Well, you can go deeper here to the more complicated financial operation or just use it occasionally – this is basically the advantage of the app. The only aspect is that the limit of currencies you can view at the same time is limited to 10 and you have to delete or add new manually.




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2. GlobeConvert Currency & Units

Another great and popular app for currency converting, Actually, owning the right currency is crucial in our life nowadays and thanks God we are free to buy any currency we like (well, maybe except a couple of countries). Remember the Bitcoin case?

How many people got tons of money quickly when it raised and how many people lost their money when it fell? Well, despite that story people are still investing in cryptocurrencies and some win and some lose. Though winning is getting harder and herder so watch out.

GlobeConvert easily converts 160+ currencies and 350+ physical units. The currency rates are updated hourly. Moreover, the currency is geo-based which is really convenient if you are on vacation abroad – you will automatically see the exchange rate of a country you’re currently staying in.

All the currency fluctuations are shown on the graph – in case you are looking for some data. There are lots of interesting features here and among them, there is a possibility to create the list of your “favorites”. For example, you can put there the exchange of the currency you are trading most often.

There are also other functions in this app – you can view the general metrics, like, the correlation of cm and inches, Celcius and Fahrenheit.



3. Currency converter & Exchange

This app is similar to the previous ones, even in terms of the interface. By the way, the latter looks here very neat and it is easy in usage so no one will be confused. The distinctive feature of this app is that it synchronizes with the Safari browser and can convert the currencies inside of it.

The app is also convertible in a widget – thus you will always be able to see what’s happening at the market right in the home screen of your gadget. In fact, the app has two useful today widgets, a currency converter, and an exchange rate monitor.

The updates happen constantly, more than 170 currencies are represented in the app. And as in the previous cases, here you can view the historical change of a certain currency, if, for example, you are going to invest in it.

Well, in the case of currencies like the Japanese Yen it is always profitable since the productivity of this country is in constant growth. You can easily observe the statistics in this app.

Another cool feature of this app that distinguishes it from others is that the color of the interface is customizable. You can choose one of the colorful themes.

The app is quite popular and recommended by several authoritative media sources. The only negative aspect is that it is not completely user-friendly. It can be really hard here to set the viewing of currencies and make comparisons.



4. Easy Currency Converter

It seems like the Android currency converter apps have been left out unfairly from this list. Well, time to fix the situation. Actually. there are many more apps like this in the Google Play store, however, it may be a little hard to find the right one.

This app is one of the most popular converters out there providing exchange rates for more than 180 currencies and even 4 metals. Setup your personal currency list and see all the important currencies at first glance.

And yes, cryptocurrencies are available here as well. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others – you can track their growth and decline and invest in these any time you want.

The app also works in offline mode. It means that if you are traveling you don’t need to spend additional money on the internet connection to find out the exchange rate of a country you’re traveling to. You can simply look it up in the app.

Here you can convert multiple currencies at once. Useful if you invest in several foreign currencies. And unlike the previous app, here you won’t find much of a historical data of a certain currency. You can just see its fluctuations during the last 5 days on a graph.

The only thing is that the interface design looks a little bit obsolete and cheesy. Though it doesn’t cause any difficulties in usage. Another thing is that sometimes the exchange rate of the rare currencies isn’t accurate.



5. Easy Currency Converter: FOREX

Well, for some people knowing the currency exchange rates is vital since trading the currencies is their occupation. In this case, you definitely need to stay in touch with all the latest updates and at least have a general idea about the cost of one currency in proportion to another.

This is more the app for people like that. It makes a comparison of the costs of a single piece of currency and 100 pieces of it. Thus it is better visible if investment in those currencies is profitable or not. Such currencies as Bitcoin are also represented here in the same row with regular ones.

In total, the app includes more than 180 world currencies and their actual exchange rates. In a simple but beautifully crafted interface, it is easy to orientate yourself and check all the latest changes on the market. Besides, you can mark some currencies with a start, therefore, adding them to your favorites.

This way you will always get quick access to the currencies you work with. The histogram in this app can display the history of the currency up to 10 years ago and this is definitely a useful bonus.

One interesting feature of this app is that it contains some forecasts and analysis of currencies. You can go to a separate section where you can read a short note on what has happened in the world and how exactly it is going to influence this certain currency.

Or, there can be simply the information on how the policies of your residency country affect the exchange rate of this one currency for your domestic one. In other words, a useful app.



6. Currency Converter

This may not be the most popular app on the market, but it is probably just because it was released quite recently. In fact, it could compete with those veterans that have been on Google Play for a long time already and win.

When you first open this app you can see that the developers truly put their effort into the interface structure and design. It is, however, nothing extra, but a little step away from the cheesy-Android-app design with more color diversity seems really pleasant to an eye.

So, as you open the app you can see all the world currencies, arranged in the alphabet order (according to the name of the country). You just need to choose the initial currency to which you would like to see the exchange rate, otherwise, it is going to be a US dollar.

More than 170 currencies are presented. The data is provided by more than 15 world reliable financial sources, including the European Central Bank. Featuring multiple currency fields, historic rate charts, and a built-in calculator.

Bitcoin is included as well. You can convert multiple currencies at a time. The only thing, make sure that your Android device is powerful enough to run this app or it may take some time to download and install it.



7. Fast Currency Converter

The app for those who don’t like waiting when it comes to money operations. And it is probably a lot of people because it is one of the most demanded apps on the market.

It works to the same principle as all the previous apps – all the currencies of the world are represented here according to the alphabet order. In the upper corner of the screen, you choose the currency of your domestic country or the one you’d like to exchange and see how much is it comparing to other currencies.

For a more detailed study click on a certain currency in the list and proceed to a separate section where you can calculate multiple amounts of money for exchange and the forecast for the next few hours.

The app is easy and secure to use. Another pleasing bonus is that it is free and still has no ads in it.




8. All Currency Converter

Another great app that is not exactly a regular currency converter. Well, it is a powerful tool in order to convert any currency you like, but there are some additional curious functions.

It is basically the whole database of world currencies. In total, the app counts more than 190 of them. And it is worth to mention that the app also has a nice colorful interface that makes the understanding of the information easier and more fun.

All the exchange rates are updated hourly. Select a country to get to know about its currency name and choose to interlink the conversion of money from one country to another. Each country and the money name is identified by its flag.

The app works offline as well. Moreover, you can type the name of a country or another info into the search bar in order to find a certain world currency. The app contains the histogram of every currency during the last decade. It is remarkable how the graphs look here.

Another interesting feature that here you can click on currency and read its history and info about it: how and when did it appear, how did it evolve, which countries adopted it and so on. What is more, you can exchange your money right via the app.



9. My Currency

This app claims to be the most beautiful currency converter and you know what, looking at it you may tend to believe it. The interface design is really neat and organic-looking. All the details are taken care of, such as graphs, icons of currencies and even the calculator design.

But don’t think that if it looks good it lacks functionality. On the opposite, the app suggests the currency exchange rate for more than 150 world currencies. Bitcoin, LiteCoin, and Dogecoin are included.

And because the interface is designed so well it is easy to use all those currency exchange rates and fluctuations. The graph displaying the change of a currency can be zoomed and studied in detail.

As always, all the exchange rates are updated automatically. Another interesting function, that here you don’t even need to hit the “convert” button – the app will automatically do it as you type the name of the currency. The app uses 3 decimal places for greater accuracy.

The only function that this converter is lacking – is converting by adding. In other words, it only converts a certain sum at once, and if you would like to add other amounts to it later, you will have to count everything all over again.



10. xCurrency

Another great app for converting the currency with a great interface as well, however, this one might be a little more complicated in usage since it contains more financial details in general.

For example, here you will be able not only to see the list of the world currencies but also their updated status, whether they have been depreciated or appreciated.

The graphs are also more information here and include the data not only about rising and fall but also about the classification of the trade and the percentage growth/decline.

What is more, xCurrency can be turned into a widget and thus you will always have the latest currency exchange rates updates on the home screen of your phone.

Among other benefits here: no ads, more than 200 legal tenders, more than 100 cryptocurrencies, and precious metals. The app tracks and saves the history of currency development during the past 3 years. It also synchronizes with the Apple Watch.



11. CoinCalc

Among other currency converters, this one obviously stands out so it is closing our lists. Basically, it is a simple currency converter app that allows you to convert your money whenever you need it.

The design of the interface catches the eye. At least, here you can see that the creators of the app put an effort into it. Moreover, it looks stylish, especially the graphs. So those, who like good-looking things – this is for you.

The app represents more than 700 currencies. The accent is made profoundly on cryptocurrencies. And it really does provide a wide range of various cryptocurrencies all around the globe along with their latest status.

Here you can also install the notifications for getting to know the change in the currency rate that you choose. What is more, here you can track even the currency portfolio. The app works offline and includes the built-in calculator – so you can add and deduct currencies right in CoinCalc.

Just in the case with this app remember one thing – there are different modes that you can use and for the people, who don’t really understand the financial industry deeply the “pro mode” may seem too complicated to use.



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