Futoshiki Game Review

Futoshiki is an online number puzzle game in which the goal is to fill all the squares while following the inequalities. A great first step in the game would be to read the instructions that you can find in the main menu. Some of the squares will be already filled with blue numbers that are fixed and you cannot change them. 


There are inequality signs in between the boxes that you have to take into consideration when filling in the squares. Click on an empty square and a box with the available numbers will pop out. Select the number you wish to fill in and click on it.

The numbers available will depend on the size of the board. If the size of it is 8×8, then the available numbers will be from 1 to 8.

If the number you put in the box is of green color, that means everything is okay. If it is yellow, then there is an inequality violation, like you put in a number that’s less than the other one when it’s supposed to be bigger.


If you wish to cancel a move, click on the arrow in the top right corner of the screen. Start with a practice round as they tend to be easier.  Once you get the hang of it, try out different levels of the game. There are easy, medium, and hard modes.

Futoshiki is a challenging game that isn’t like any other puzzle game out there. It may improve your math skills as well!