iPhone Data Recovery Software Review

When you come face to face with data recovery, you understand how painstaking this work is and why specialized companies ask for so much money for it.

In such cases, you realize you want to have a universal tool at hand that will help you make backups, and restore accidentally deleted messages or notes. We recommend you to have a closer look at iPhone Data Recovery – a program that allows you to return the information lost from any type of iOS device almost for free.

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Apeaksoft, the developer of the utility deals with applications for data recovery, backup, and device configuration. iPhone Data Recovery stands out among all of them. This tool combines the functions of saving existing and restoring lost information.

After logging in and connecting the iPhone to the computer, the utility offers to scan the device and back up the data. The main screen is divided into three tabs: scanning and viewing information on the device, restoring from an internal or iTunes backup, as well as restoring data from iCloud.

The side menu shows the items by which the data is sorted. Your messages, call history, contacts, notes, calendar, as well as media files: photos, videos, and voice recordings are available here.


A nice bonus will be information from some applications: for example, WhatsApp correspondence and even attachments. A counter of the number of cells in each category is shown next to all the items.

After scanning the device, you can select the items that you want to save. All exports are made to the specified location on the computer and sorted by folders. You can export it both to your computer and back to your iPhone. Its main advantage is the fact that the utility sees deleted messages, calls, notes, and reminders, as well as photos.

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In some situations, iPhone Data Recovery can become a real lifesaver. A simple and intuitive interface helps the application to cope perfectly with the tasks set – backup and recovery of lost data.