9 Best apps to watch Instagram stories anonymously

Almost all of us have an Instagram account nowadays. Don’t you think that it would be great to watch Stories of other users anonymously? Believe it or not, now it is possible for you.

Unfortunately, there are very few apps aimed only on showing stories anonymously. They will be listed first. Nevertheless, this option will be also available with the help of apps capable of downloading Stories. By using them, you will also remain unknown. That’s why this very kind of apps will be mentioned here as well.

In this post, you will find only the best apps that will let you watch Stories without being discovered. Choose the most suitable ones, load them from the App Store or Google Play, and become an Incognito. By the way, all the apps are free.

1. BlindStory – Watch, Download Stories for Instagram

BlindStoryLet’s start with BlindStory. This app will let you discover the world of watching Stories without being known.

You will get access to Stories of each Instagram user. But keep in mind that it is impossible when the profile is private.

Apart from watching Stories, the app is capable of loading it to your phone. That’s really great!

Google Play

2. Profile Plus+ Story Reposter

Profile Plus+ Story ReposterOne more similar app is called Profile Plus+ Story Reposter.

The thing is that here you will be able to watch stories anonymously without any downloading. Simply enter the user’s name, and then can view the whole profile with leaving no trace.

We want you to pay special attention that this feature is not available when the profile is private. Nevertheless, the app’s users will be able to watch the content of some popular private accounts as well.

What is also important here is that you will be able to view only 1 profile in 24 hours for free. To have no limits, you can purchase a Profile+ PRO. It’s really worth being bought.

Besides, for your convenience, you will be able to pin accounts making access to Stories quicker.

Profile Plus+ Story Reposter

App Store

3. Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram

Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram The next brilliant app is Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram.

The app has a unique Anonymous mode. You only have to activate it, then leave the application in the background and start using Instagram. Be sure that nobody will learn about your actions.

What is also good here is the app’s capability of downloading the content of the Storie to your phone.

Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram

Google Play

4. Gramster — Anonymous Instagram + Story Saver

Gramster The next app that worth being downloaded is called Gramster.

As in the previous apps, here you will be able to watch Stories of any public profile and download photos and videos on your phone.

As for advantages, here you can enable notifications about new Stories. Additionally, the app will be protected by a PIN code, so nobody can learn something unnecessary.


Google Play

5. Story Saver for Instagram – Story Downloader

Story Saver for InstagramStory Saver for Instagram is the first app that will let you watch Stories of other users anonymously by downloading them.

You only have to open the app, enter the user’s login, and tap the “Story” button to load it on your device directly. By doing this, you will be able to watch Stories without being known.

By the way, you will definitely like the app’s capability to load Highlights as well. Be sure, you will also remain undiscovered in this case.

Apart from downloading stories, you will be able to load photos and videos from posts as well as IGTV content. Additionally, you will get access to reposting videos and photos on your Instagram or sharing them with your friends via social media.

What else makes the app unique is the built-in player capable of playing videos. Such a convenient feature, isn’t it?

Story Saver for Instagram

Google Play

6. Story Save – Instagram Stories Download

Story SaveThe next app that must be listed here is Story Save.

Before starting to work, you will have to log in with your Instagram account. After that, you should choose a particular account by picking out one of your Following or entering the user’s name. It remains to tap Stories or Highlights, and the app will load the content to your phone. At the same, you will remain unnoticed.

This app is with no frills, aimed at downloading only Stories and Highlights. So you won’t be able to load posts like the first app.

Story Save

Google Play

7. Story Saver

Story SaverStory Saver is a powerful app with a very appealing user interface.

Using this app, you will also be able to view Stories of other users anonymously by loading them to your phone. Also, you can repost photos or videos to your Instagram or share them with your friends via popular social media.

For your convenience, you will be able to add users to Favourites to have quicker access to profiles’ content.

Story Saver

Google Play

8. in Grabber

in GrabberBy using in Grabber you will feel the freedom of action for sure.

As being focused on watching Stories incognito, here you will also get access to this option by loading stories on your phone.

Besides, the app will let you download photos and videos from posts, download IGTV content and live streams, which is important. Not every app has this feature.

After that, you also can share the content with your friends or repost it to other apps including Instagram.

By the way, here it is available to use multiple accounts.

in Grabber

Google Play

9. Story Saver for Stories App

Story Saver for Stories AppOne more similar app is Story Saver for Stories App.

The consecution of action here is the same. Choose a person by searching among Followings or entering the user name. Then you have to choose a story you want to save, and that’s it! It will lead you to having the content at your fingertips without being undiscovered.

By the way, here you will be able not only to save the story but also to watch it only, share it, or repost.

Also, you can add users to Favorites, or choose them from History.

One more distinguishing feature is that the app supports multiple accounts. Undoubtedly, it will make the working process more convenient.

Story Saver for Stories App

Google Play

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