Moby Chip App Review

Want to recreate your favorite tunes but in the chiptune style? Then the app Moby chip is for you. Chiptune is widely known as electronic music synthesized in real-time by an audio clip of a computer or game console, and not by a set of music samples recorded from audio devices.

In Moby chip, you can create professional compositions, as this editor has a wide range of settings. Each note can be edited separately, and you can add different effects to each note, such as trills or stereo effects.

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Moby Chip1

The most important thing is that anyone can learn how to use the app if they want because users always have access to detailed instructions. In addition, you can first learn from samples, and then move on to create unique tracks. Any melody can be played in live mode using the built-in piano.

Moby Chip2

When you have made the desired melody, you can export it in any of the available formats: wav, AAC/m4a, caf, ringtone/m4r. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to use this recording as an independent composition, a soundtrack for a game, or a sound background for a video – anything you just could imagine.

And to feel like a real DJ and create even more music you can use the DJ mixing apps. 

When you first look at the app, you can immediately see that the creator is a big fan of old arcade 8 and 16-bit video games due to the design stylized as classic slot machines. Now any user can also return to the past and feel the spirit of nostalgia.

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