14 Best anatomy apps for Android & iOS

If you are reading this post, you are very likely to be interested in anatomy. But in case you are not a practicing physician, you don’t have any subjects for this investigation. That’s why your knowledge will be quite limited. 

Nevertheless, it’s not a reason to be upset. The thing is that there are plenty of anatomy apps on the Internet. They are capable of enlightening the masses, letting people know how our bodies function. At the same time, such apps can be used by students studying anatomy. Thus, they will get a full foretaste of this extremely complicated field of science. Finally, if you are already a specialist in Medicine, these apps will become great tools in refreshing your knowledge. 

The Apppearl team has found the best anatomy apps from the App Store or Google Play. Install them to make yourself sure how efficient they are. 

1. Human body (male) educational VR 3D

Human body Human body is one of the most top-quality anatomy apps. To begin with, let’s review its really endless capabilities.

Well, the app is simply the best for studying anatomy. It will provide you with thousands of interactive 3D scenes. Moreover, every scene will be completed by information about organs reviewed.

What makes these scenes look more realistic is such a feature as animation. That’s why you will fully understand how this or that organ or bone functions.

Apart from this, you can always use the Narration mode. Thus, you will be able to listen to all the necessary information about our organisms.

Also, the app is considered to be priceless because it supports almost 20 languages. So people from all over the world can use this app. One more advantage of that feature is that it will help translators working in the sphere of medicine to enlarge their vocabulary greatly.

Besides, for practicing, you will be able to use the app’s built-in entertaining quizzes. It’s one more thing that makes the app brilliant.

The app has one more distinguishing feature – VR Mode. Working in collaboration with special equipment, the app will let you study all the peculiarities of our body.

It must be mentioned that the app has no tricky information written by complicated words. Though it is so educational, its information provided will be easy to understand. That’s why the app’s users can be people who far from understand anatomy. Even children can be.

Human body

GooglePlay App Store

2. BioDigital Human – 3D Anatomy

BioDigital Human - 3D AnatomyOne more app that you will like for sure is called BioDigital Human – 3D Anatomy. It will also become your assistant is studying anatomy.
With this brilliant app, you will have access to thousands of interactive 3D models grouped by categories ( Endocrine System, Eyes and Vision, Immune System, Lungs and Breathing, and many others).

The detailed description of every model will allow you to understand all the functioning principles of every organ or bone.

As for available actions, you will be able to zoom in or out, scroll, pan, and on. So you will have a chance to study every organ or bone from various angles.

For more complex understanding, the app also supports adding or removing system layers.

What else will help you a lot is the so-called description that each element of models has. They are very informative and cover every aspect of the necessary information.

Furthermore, the app supports 3 modes of viewing models: standard, x-ray, and isolated.

Also, it must be mentioned that the app includes various gamified quizzing. That’s why you can study the material and nail down a success with these efficient tasks.

Besides, if you want to make some notes regarding these visuals, you can firmly use the annotating feature. It will let you take screenshots and write directly on them.

BioDigital Human - 3D Anatomy

GooglePlay App Store

3. Speed Anatomy Quiz Free

Speed Anatomy Quiz Free If you are searching for an app just for practicing anatomy, we guess that Speed Anatomy Quiz Free will be the most suitable for you.

The app includes 28 levels treating more than 300 parts: muscles, arteries, veins, respiratory system, digestive system, and many others.

What makes quizzes more exciting is that time is money. To be more precise, you will get bonuses if you complete tasks earlier. Like in real life, doctors are pressed for time.

One more thing that you will also like is the ability to choose any level or category without completing previous ones. This feature is so great, isn’t it?

If you want to plunge in this or that sphere, you will be able to install other apps of this developer. They are specialized in bones, muscles, vases, and so on. So you can try any of these apps to make yourself sure how good you in these spheres.

Speed Anatomy Quiz Free

GooglePlay App Store

4. Teach Me Anatomy

Teach Me Anatomy Teach Me Anatomy is the next app on our list. We can’t help mentioning it because it is so educational.

The app focuses mostly not on graphic but text information. Thus, you will have above 250 articles at your fingertips. What is more, the information has a fundamental basement – clinical knowledge. That’s why it will be extremely relevant. So by reading this essential information, you will become an expert in every issue of anatomy.

We have already said that there are fewer images than in previous apps. Nevertheless, every article includes colorful illustrations and clinical images. They will make text information visual. At the same, images are the key to a full understanding of this complicated subject.

If you want to test your knowledge of the material, the app’s built-in quizzes will be the most helpful thing for you. Tasks will consist of 800 multiple-choice questions. Undeniably, they will be a great tool for practicing.

What makes the app great is that all the features mentioned above will be available even offline. It means that reading articles with colorful illustrations as well as testing your knowledge will be available for you wherever you are.

Teach Me Anatomy

GooglePlay App Store

5. Anatomist – Anatomy Quiz Game

Anatomist Anatomist is one more great anatomy app that will be so suitable for those who want to learn about anatomy identifications.

The app will provide you with the most detailed information about anatomy identifications. By the way, you will be able to learn about up to 3 500 cases.

Of course, any material about anatomy can’t exist without illustrations. That’s why every article of this app will be completed by ECGs or Pathology photos. This feature makes the app even more educational.

For your convenience, these materials will be divided into 26 sections like the Central Nervous system, Bones, Joints, and Muscles, etc. It will also provide the app’s users with quicker access.

Apart from this, you will be able to try yourself in anatomy quizzes. You can’t imagine how entertaining and at the same time helpful they will be. What is more, you can also test your knowledge in the World Health Organization Essential Medicines quiz. Anyway, your account can be synchronized with Facebook, so you can compete with your friends in passing these quizzes.

As for other advantages, the app works perfectly without the Internet connection. Also, it supports up to 6 most popular languages. That’s why it is so appreciated by users from all over the world.

Finally, we want to emphasize that the app will be appropriate only for those who study anatomy or medicine. The information given by the app is quite complicated for ordinary people.


GooglePlay App Store

6. Visual Anatomy Free

Visual Anatomy FreeIf you prefer to receive visual information, this app will be your best choice. We suppose that Visual Anatomy Free will meet your requirements for sure.

So, you will see the 3D model of the human body, representing body anatomy systems. Furthermore, it will be fully interactive. By saying this, we mean that zooming in and out, scrolling, tapping, and doing many other things will be available for you.

What is more, you will have a chance to choose this or that area that can be reviewed in more detail. Totally, there will be more than 500 so-called feature points. Each of them will have its own label and description, letting you fully understand the studied object.

In case you plan to use this app as a medical dictionary, you will be able to try such a feature as Search. It remains just to type any anatomy term and enjoy the result.

One more very convenient feature is a built-in Google search. So there is no need to close or open apps and browsers in order to find some additional information.

As a bonus, Audio pronunciation is one more thing that you will like.

As for disadvantages, the app’s quiz contains only 23 questions. However, if you are not interested in practicing, the app worth being installed for sure.

Visual Anatomy Free

GooglePlay App Store

7. 3D Bones and Organs (Anatomy)

3D Bones and Organs (Anatomy) Though the app’s name is 3D Bones and Organs (Anatomy), it contains not only systems of Skeleton or Muscles.

To be more precise, additionally, you will have access to Respiratory, Circulation, Nervous, Reproductive systems, and so on. Each of these systems will be switched on and shown on a 3D model of a human. Of course, you will also be able to switch off any of them anytime.

The app’s navigation is quite easy. By rotating and zooming it in or out, you will be able to view the 3D model from any angle.

Additionally, the app works in collaboration with Wikipedia and Gray’s anatomy textbook. That’s why the information will be as accurate as possible. At the same time, you should have at least some basic anatomy knowledge to use that app with no difficulty.

Are you interested in practice as well? If you are, you will have access to the app’s 3D quizzes to find out how good you know the location of general organs or bones.

Besides, as we know, the bones’ names are quite complicated. That’s why the app has a feature capable of pronouncing their names. This feature will let you avoid mistakes in real life.

Finally, apart from English, the app supports 3 more languages – French, Spanish, and German.

3D Bones and Organs (Anatomy)

GooglePlay App Store

8. Complete Anatomy Platform 2020

Complete Anatomy Platform 2020Still not satisfied? Well, here is an alternative to the previous app. It is called Complete Anatomy Platform 2020.

Let’s start with similarities. First of all, the app’s content represents a virtual 3D model of a human. This model is considered to be unique because it includes more than 17,000 interactive structures

Now let’s talk about the app’s distinguishing features. So, with the help of this app, you will be able to observe hundreds of animated processes. It can be a Real-time Muscle Movement, Heart beating, Blood Supply Tracer, and many others. There is no doubt that this feature is something that makes this very app amazing.

As for the information’s accuracy, we don’t have any doubt. The app’s developers will provide you with the most accurate information based on Complete Courses, delivered by leading specialists in Human Anatomy.

In addition, the app contains almost 2 hundred clinical video animations, which is essential for those who study Medicine.

The app suggests several variants of subscription and only a 3-day free trial. But we highly recommend you to become the app’s premium user to enjoy all the features and discover a complicated human body.

Complete Anatomy Platform 2020

GooglePlay App Store

If you are searching for an app capable of creating 3D models, here is the post that will definitely help you.

9. e-Anatomy

e-AnatomyAt first blush, the e-Anatomy app seems with no-frills because it includes only images. But in fact, it is going to surprise you greatly.

The app’s content represents 8,500 medical and anatomical images. You can’t imagine how accurate and visual the will be.

As for the user interface, it will be so easy to view every little detail of an illustration by zooming it in.

This feature will be accessible to all users. In case you purchase a subscription, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the app’s advanced features.

Thus, you can view 375,000 anatomic structures and more than 5,400 translated medical labels. For your convenience, they will be grouped into categories: CT, MRI, Radiographs, Anatomic Diagrams, and Nuclear images. As you can see, you will have access to extremely priceless information.

One more unimportant but nice advantage is the app’s capability of supporting several languages.


GooglePlay App Store

10. Enjoy Learning Anatomy puzzle

Enjoy Learning Anatomy puzzleEnjoy Learning Anatomy puzzle is very educational, but at the same time, entertaining app. Let’s find out what features it has.

Well, to put it shortly, the app will allow you to find out how good you are at knowing organs and bones’ location. Your task will be just to put them in the proper place. Of course, if you run against difficulties, you will be able to ask the app’s effective assistant for help.

The app supports two playing modes. In the first case, you will need to complete these “puzzles” showing the best time.

While playing a game of the second mode, you will have a chance to compete with the app’s users from all over the world. Believe us, that it will be surprisingly interesting.

Enjoy Learning Anatomy puzzle

GooglePlay App Store

11. Learn Muscles: Anatomy

Learn Muscles: AnatomyDo you want to be a specialist in muscles? If your answer is affirmative, Learn Muscles: Anatomy will be the most appropriate app for you.
The app will provide you with more than 120 colorful images of muscles with the detailed descriptions of them, which is essential.

Additionally, you will be able to watch videos about certain muscles’ functions (face, arm, leg, and torso). Undoubtedly, these videos will become the key to your professionalism.

As for audio information, the app includes pronunciations of every muscle. It will be a useful way to memorize their names.

Though the app has no built-in quizzes, you will be able to create them by yourself in the app directly. With its quizz-maker feature, it will be so easy to do. You can create up to 480 questions. Moreover, if you get a task wrong, the app will show the correct muscle image and its correct name.

Learn Muscles: Anatomy

GooglePlay App Store

12. Anatomy Learning – 3D Anatomy Atlas

Anatomy Learning - 3D Anatomy Atlas One more app with attractive 3D models is called Anatomy Learning – 3D Anatomy Atlas. In this case, it will be available for Android device users only.

You will have access to a detailed realistic 3D model of a human with various anatomy systems. They include Bones, Ligaments, Joints, Muscles, Circulation, and so on. Anytime you will be able to switch a particular system on or off.

As for viewing, the app’s users can zoom models and rotate them whatever they want. These features will let you study everything for even 200%.

By the way, the 3D location quiz is one more reason to install this fantastic app. It is a quite good alternative to the previous app, isn’t it?

What is more, the app supports 9 languages: Spanish, French, German, Polish, Russian, etc.

Anatomy Learning - 3D Anatomy Atlas


13. Essential Anatomy 5

Essential Anatomy 5 Now it’s high time to review the app from the App Store. Essential Anatomy 5 is a similar app with amazing 3D models and accurate content.

Again, you will have a chance to study anatomy by hiding or showing human body structures. Believe it or not, but there will be over 8,200 highly detailed anatomical structures. Besides, the app is capable of showing whole systems. It includes 11 of them, such as Skin, Skeletal, Muscles, Connective Tissue, Veins, Arteries, Nerves, Respiratory, Digestive, etc.

Apart from this, the app has one more great advantage – Multiple selection mode. Thus, you will be able to choose particular structures to be shown.

The things that you will also like is the app’s tools: Pins, Slice, Bookmarks, Sharing, Search, and so on. What about their functioning principle? Well, you will be able to learn information by following the link below.

By the way, you will be able to search not only in English but in Latin as well.

As for Latin, it’s not a problem anymore if you don’t know how a word is pronounced. By saying this, we mean that you will be able to listen to the pronunciation of every element of our organism in the app directly. You can listen to them not only in Latin but in English as well.

Finally, in this app, you will be able to test your anatomy skills in Drag and Drop and Multi-choice quizzes.

Essential Anatomy 5

App Store

14. Gray’s Anatomy

Gray's AnatomyDo you want to have the world-famous anatomy atlas at your fingertips? Install Gray’s Anatomy then.

That’s right. The app has been developed on the basis of Gray’s Anatomy Atlas. It will help you to learn everything about Anatomy Systems, Anatomy Positions, and so on.

Its content consists of detailed images of organs, bones, or whole systems completed by descriptions.

And of course, much attention must be paid to practice. For this reason, the app offers quizzes devoted to particular organs, pathologies, or First Aid.

Gray’s Anatomy


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