9 Free Handwriting To Text Apps for Android and iOS

The modern world is full of smart applications useful for everyday life. So, sometimes we need to quickly print a document that is only written by hand. Therefore, today we have gathered for you the top best applications that save you time and simplify monotonous tasks.

All you need to do is to have a smartphone at your fingertips to use such programs. In addition, we recommend you the Free Photo Translator Apps article. There you will find cool tools for fast document translate.

1. Microsoft OneNote

This program is suitable for those who work with different Microsoft applications. After all, there is cloud synchronization, so all your notes will always be available online. In addition, the app is suitable for different platforms for you to be able to access your notes from any device.

In general, it is a program for notes of different types, such as text and study sketches, worksheets, useful pictures, audio, and storage of any kind of files. So unlike many applications, here is a simple, not distracting interface, which is not difficult to get used to. On top of that, the use of the service is free, within the limited storage space.

Besides, this application is convenient to use as a notepad for university or work. So you can plug in a pen or stylus and write your notes. As for text recognition, the app has a cool system. However, it is a bit complicated for the average user. This option is suitable for those who are already mature Microsoft users.

This program is essentially similar to the well-known Word program, only with the ability to group all those documents into folders, sections, and notebooks. Overall, there is nothing superfluous here. So, it is not only a program for recognition but a whole system for planning and organizing your information space.

Microsoft OneNote1
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2. Microsoft Lens

The smartphone is a very versatile device that can replace several devices. It is a handy application that works with different types of files using your smartphone camera. So what is it capable of? First of all, you can scan a regular sheet of paper with text on it. It will detect the borders of the sheet and align it to a more accurate document.

Besides, there are several scanning modes. For example, it has such modes as Document, Blackboard, Business Card, or just Photo. So, you can take a photo and then decide how you want to use it later in the program. After that, the application will offer you additional actions with the scanned document.

So, you can recognize text or even a table. Probably one of the most useful features is text recognition. So, you take a notebook and simply take a picture of it. As a result, you get the recognized text in a printed version. In addition, it also detects words and numbers.

Moreover, if the program does not understand your handwriting, you can correct it yourself. In addition, you can listen to the scanned text and check it without even reading it. And of course, the application is free, there is no need to use the paid functionality.

Microsoft Lens2
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3. Google Keep – Notes and Lists

The app was originally a freestyle note-taking app. However, it offers enough features to become a powerful multitasking service for you. It also supports a variety of platforms. You can use it through the website on your computer or different devices. Also, it is worth mentioning that it is a Google product, so it keeps it in sync with your account.

So, it is always updated no matter what device you use. Now a brief talk about its features. First of all, it is a great product for to-do planning, personal journaling, or recording groceries. It can also store all the random notes that are important to remember. Also, as we said earlier, the app has synchronization between devices.

That way you can copy and paste text between devices without having to do too many extra steps. Also, there is a search function. However, you can organize your notes using special colored markers, which will help you visually understand the volume of the text clearly.

Besides the above-mentioned obvious functions, the application uses a technology that helps to convert handwritten text. To use this feature of the app you have to perform a couple of simple actions.

First, you need to take a photo with text and simply click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. That way you just get the processed text, which you can edit a little bit yourself.

Google Keep - Notes and Lists3
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4. CamScanner – PDF Scanner App

This app also deserves your attention. Overall, it is a smart scanner for your mobile device. In addition, many users find it satisfying to work as a PDF scanner for various files. It has several advantages.

It is a good program if you need a tool that finds the borders of scanned documents by itself and allows you to make wide use of the various editing functions of PDF files. In addition, this application allows you to eliminate the need to print documents. So, for example, you can add your digital signature to all your documents.

Moreover, you can edit the document and modify it before you print it. Also, it is perfect for scanning credit cards, insurance policies, and other documents in their original size on both sides into separate PDF documents. Most importantly, the app has a decent tool that does a great job of recognizing text from saved photos.

You can also make changes to the resulting text by editing and correcting errors in it. On top of that, all scanned documents are easy to navigate. For this purpose, there is a special keyword search.

CamScanner - PDF Scanner App4
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5. ‎‎Notability

This app presents itself as a practical tool for students. And indeed, the developers have tried to bring out the idea of a must-have for a student. There are a lot of useful especially cool features available. For example, you can create audio notes and listen to them later. Many features are valid for taking notes.

So the application is pleased with the ability to use the Apple Pencil to write text and edit it. In addition, you can add not only the text by hand and print but also pictures and files. In general, there is a cool text recognition feature as well. It will suit everyone who is faced with the learning process and the incredible flow of information.

Moreover, this application is multitasking. Here you can make full use of the screen split. Also, there are several backgrounds for the text. So you can take notes on the standard white screen or try exciting prints such as checkered or linear like in regular copybooks.

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6. Pen to Print – Handwriting OCR

This application will allow you to use an OCR scanner that will let you convert handwritten notes into digital text. It is worth noting that the app uses Cloud Storage so that all your notes remain with you at all times. Also, the app can automatically detect the borders and correct the text you have written when you create your handwritten notes.

In addition, the app gives you a lot of functionality so that you can edit your text, save it into files and send it immediately via email to yourself or other users. The app can also convert different types of handwriting into text, and nothing is more important.

Besides, the app only supports text recognition in other languages. Also, the app is reasonable for archiving and organizing documents. You can track and store all your scanned documents directly in the app and have them available at any time.

Pen to Print - Handwriting OCR6
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7. Handwriting To Text Recognizer 

This application supports several languages you can use to recognize text on pictures, documents, or electronic whiteboards, to convert text into digital format. The application is very straightforward to use and has an easy-to-understand interface.

When you enter the application, you are greeted by a split screen that will allow you to convert your pictures with text into a digital file. In addition, when you scan your text, the app will automatically detect the frames. You will also be able to define for yourself which text you want to convert into a digital format.

It is worth noting that the application does not alter your written text and retains paragraphs and punctuation marks. Also, when you convert text to digital format, you can immediately send the file to where you need it. Besides, the application allows you to edit the text you are scanning.

Handwriting To Text Recognizer7
App Store

8. Adobe Scan

This application will help you recognize written text and save it as digital files. The app allows you to scan anything, receipts, business cards, electronic whiteboards, photos and IDs, and more. When you enter the app, you are greeted by a nice interface and the camera on your smartphone.

Using this app is pretty easy, just point your smartphone camera at the document you want to scan or upload a photo of. The app also uses advanced processing of scanned files so that the app detects borders, aligns the image, and adds contrast to the text.

It is also handy in the fact that any document can be cropped or placed in a format you are comfortable with, such as A4, A3, Letter, and so on. Besides, the application provides you with high-quality scanning with further file processing.

Moreover, it has a convenient tool that will allow you to leave notes of absolutely different colors in any fragment of the file. Also, all documents will be automatically sent to the Adobe Document Cloud, which means you will always have access to your files from any device.

The essential requirement of this application is that you have to have an Adobe account. However, the application offers complete features for free and there are no built-in ads.

Adobe Scan8
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9. Handwriting to Text & Speech

This application contains handwriting recognition and text recognition with optical character recognition function. The application supports many languages that you will be able to use to recognize your text. To use this application, you will need to take a photo of a section of written text that you will need to transfer into electronic text.

The application will give you an electronic version of the text, which you will be able to read. Also, it is worth noting that the application supports mixed or multiple languages in the text and does not alter your text.

In addition, the app picks up symbols, dashes, parentheses, slashes, etc. Besides, the app gives you the ability to produce your text in audio. You can also edit the resulting text directly in the app.

Handwriting to Text & Speech9
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