11 Best Book Summary Apps for Android & iOS

Book summaries are good not only for students and high school students who do not want to read, but they are also beneficial for busy people. Today we have collected the best apps that provide a brief version of the most popular, classic, sci-fi, and other books.

This way you can read tons of great works in just a couple of minutes. We also offer Free Voice Aloud Reader Apps so you can listen to books anytime you like.

1. Blinkist: Big Ideas in 15 Min

This app offers you brief reviews of the world’s best popular science books, as well as short articles to help you get the most useful information out of them. You are greeted by a pleasant interface and user-friendly functionality when you log in to the app.

This service gives you a free trial period during which you will be able to evaluate all the functionality of the app. There are 3 tabs on the main page: new books, categories, and curated. In the tab Curated you can find exciting books sorted by topics of interest.

Moreover, the service has selected more than 5000 books, which you can enjoy reading. All books are divided into chapters, which have both full content and a short description of the chapter. When reading books, you can edit the interface by changing the font, and the brightness of the screen, as well as putting a light or dark theme.

There is also an opportunity to read books offline. Besides, the app gives you a progression bar at the bottom that will show you the reading’s progress. In addition, this app provides you with the option to save your favorite books or author quotes so that you may return to the book again using the Highlights tab.

It is also possible to listen to audio versions of books on the go. In addition, here you may see podcasts by actual creators of the show.

Blinkist: Big Ideas in 15 Min1
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2. getAbstract: Book Summaries

This app will help you get a lot of useful information from more than 25,000 of the best science and business books, articles, and speeches. The key point of this application is that the service selects some of the best books and writes short articles that help you read the book quickly and get only the most important information.

In addition, the application provides you with expert channels, subdivided into topics, you can choose your favorite channel and read many new news articles. If you are reading a book you can choose to read the original version or just a summary to help you sort out the information and get only the essentials.

You can change the book’s background and the font for comfortable reading. The service also provides audio reviews for each book so you can listen to the book on the go. In addition, the app can help you learn a new language. The application provides you with English, German, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and other languages.

getAbstract: Book Summaries2
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3. ‎Instaread: Learn Something New

This popular service gives you the chance to read tons of the best popular books selected by experts. In addition, the program offers a pleasant interface for selecting the best books according to your interests divided into sub-sections for reading. Moreover, reading a book is accompanied by great functionality.

You will be able to choose a summary of the book or read the full original one. In addition, there is an option to read all popular quotes from the book with the help of Cards. It contains the best quotes that users liked. There is also an opportunity to download the book and read it offline.

When you are checking out a book you will be able to change the background and font or add books and authors’ phrases to the Favorites folder. It has everything for comfortable reading. In addition, the service provides you with audio reviews for each book, which you can listen to.

Moreover, the service offers audio tracks, with the ability to move through fragments of text. In addition, there are beautiful book covers to please you.

Instaread: Learn Something New3
App Store

4. Fabula: Read & Listen & Learn

With Fabula, you will find your favorite book. This service provides you with a collection of books divided into categories.
In addition, there is a learning feed that can help you to understand the functionality of the service. Besides you can choose to read a short version or read the original version of the book.

There is also a description of each part of each book to help you get acquainted with the book. You can also save each book you have read. In addition, you can add quotes from authors or titles you want to read later to your favorites.

The app displays a list of books you want to read along with quotes from authors or books you want to read later. In addition, it is possible to play books in audio format.

Fabula: Read & Listen & Learn4
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Google Play

5. Retell – Books Summaries

This app will help you learn a lot of useful information as well as read a lot of the latest non-fiction literature. When you enter the application, you are greeted by a guide, as well as a sign-up sheet, thanks to which the service will determine your taste and select custom books just for you.

In addition, the application is extremely easy to use with user-friendly functionality. The app has several tabs that you can use. Using the Browse tab, you can find the newest books and select books by categories you like. You can also listen to the audiobook, and the main feature is that you can listen to it from the point where you left.

Moreover, each book is divided into chapters, providing detailed information that allows you to learn more about the book. After you read a book, you can save it in your library and continue reading it later.

All saved books will be saved under categories, which can help you sort all books by genre. In addition, you can view the amount of time you spent reading books in your profile and your reading progress.

Retell - Books Summaries5
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6. Deepstash: Smarter Every Day!

This app will help you form your library and learn something new in just a few minutes, by gaining knowledge from books. The app is styled in a minimalist style and has user-friendly functionality.

You can add books from the feed, as well as use the search. It is worth noting that the app takes your taste into account and gives you the books that are more relevant to you. Besides, the app provides you with news and updates on the latest books.

In addition, the service provides you with a news feed, where you can find educational articles, and expert opinions. Moreover, you can choose the audio playback and listen to your favorite book right on the go while reading the article. You can also save ideas in your profile and create your library of quotes, information, or facts.

Deepstash: Smarter Every Day6
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7. 12min: Book Summaries & Ideas

This app claims that just 12 minutes a day is enough to learn more about our world. In addition, it gathers together many areas of life, whether related to self-development, career, or business. And there are not only short retellings of fiction, science, and non-fiction but also reviews of popular books and articles.

You can also read and listen to the books you like. The choice of books here is based on your taste preferences. Just moving through the categories you will get more and more new works of the masters. In addition, the app offers you new authors or podcasts, creating a selection just for you.

It is also worth noting that your listening will always be comfortable because the application is equipped with a player, which has the basic necessary features.

12min: Book Summaries & Ideas7
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8. Readwise

This is an interesting app that syncs all your news resources, such as Kindle, Twitter, Pocket, and others. It is also a resource that allows you to keep all your books in one place. In addition, you can scan your books just by pointing at your phone’s camera. This is much more than book and chapter synopses.

As well, you can find study guides for everything from the biology of living organisms to the economics of states. Likewise, you are going to get daily reading tips. In addition, there is a handy book search. On top of that, the service is great for storing your favorite quotes and expressions from the best pieces in your library.

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9. Refind: Get Smarter Every Day

This is an app designed to consume new information daily. It takes an average of 10-15 minutes to get through a summary. There are handy headings by author, culture, and rubric. A distinctive feature of this service is that there are also articles that you can enjoy at any convenient time.

In addition, there are news clippings from major channels and newspapers. Moreover, there is a quiz that will determine your interests for better support of information. All you have to do is choose the topics that you like. Then the service will offer the best articles gathered from all over the Internet. In addition, you can not only read but also listen.

In addition, the program selects topics to develop your horizons, offering articles on a wide range of activities. The program will also be practical for tracking your daily reading progress in percentages. In addition, It displays your days of activity.

Refind: Get Smarter Every Day9
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10. QuickRead – Book Summaries

This is another service that in just a couple of minutes per day offers to expand your knowledge in completely different areas. So there are literature pieces dedicated to philosophy, linguistics, science, health, prosperity, and much more. Also, there are handy tools for listening to e-books.

All books are divided into chapters, which you can navigate through without much difficulty. You can also choose your reading speed or set a sleep timer. So, you can listen to books for a certain amount of time before you go to sleep. In addition, you can not only search for books in the regular search but also navigate by genres and areas of books.

There is also your library where books are arranged by special criteria, such as unfinished, finished, downloaded, or uninteresting. In addition, you can read or listen to classics on trips where you do not have access to the Internet.

QuickRead - Book Summaries10
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11. Mentorist: Skills From Books 

This is another service with a summary of books in a user-friendly format. Most of it is self-development and motivation literature, but there are also classics. Moreover, the platform is convenient for building a reading habit. Thus, there are special tools that adjust to your capabilities and desires.

The program is based on your areas of life and offers a comfortable mode of spending time with books. Also, you will be able to track your progress in that there is a tab on your profile, which displays the number of books read and time spent.

In addition, the resource offers books that you may like or just popular ones among users. This is a handy service if you want to get a daily portion of engaging work. In addition, each book is accompanied by reviews, ratings, and so much more.

Mentorist: Skills From Books11
App Store
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