11 Best Apps To Learn ASL Faster (Android & iOS)

First and foremost, sign language is a means of communication essential for proper conversation and mutual understanding. It allows people born with hearing loss fully communicate, receive education, as well as be part of society.

Today we have collected the best apps to help you learn this language through hand movements and facial expressions faster. In addition, we recommend you build your study program. For this purpose, we can offer you the article Best Planner Apps For iPad.

1. The ASL App

This app is for learning sign language. This ASL app wants to help you learn sign language simply, as well as to help you control your own pace. This platform offers you video tutorials and unique signs to master. This service has a lot of functionality that you can take advantage of.

Among the nice features of this application is the search index. If you need to know what someone is saying, you can capture their gestures, and the application will instantly give you some information. You also do not need to download each video separately, they are packaged and by selecting a topic you can find your lesson.

The videos are of super high quality and there is the ability to use valuable features such as scrolling back, slowing down, or pausing. Also, you will be guided by a teacher and a text file while watching the video lessons, so you can understand what the teacher is saying in sign language.

In addition, you will be able to save the signs to your favorites folder and review them again. Besides, the program offers you to take advantage of premium features that will expand your functionality and help you learn new signs.

The ASL App1
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Google Play

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2. ASL Sign Langauge Pocket Sign

This app can help you learn sign language and let you communicate with people in your community. This application has many features for learning sign language, thanks to which you can talk to people. The service offers you more than 100 sign language video tutorials packed into small lessons.

As you go through the lessons, you will receive rewards as well as fill in the scale of the material you have learned. In addition, you will be able to choose a course that works best for you and review the material. As you pass the lessons, there will be assignments for you to solve with your teacher.

The application also offers you a search engine, where you can type in any word or sentence and the program will give you the sign you need. Also, you can practice your sign language alphabet and practice as much as you want. Moreover, you can use hints when you go through the exercises as well as practice material again.

ASL Sign Langauge Pocket Sign2
App Store
Google Play

3. ASL American Sign Language App

If you have been looking for a way to learn or improve your sign language skills, this app is perfect for you. This app provides you with expert-led video lessons that present information engagingly and creatively. The instructors will also show you how to use your hands precisely during speaking.

This app will give you plenty of examples that will make your signing much better. As you learn sign languages, there are several learning options you can use. You can solve problems as well as watch video tutorials. Besides, while passing the material, you are awarded points as well as the progression of your learning scale.

A huge perk of this app is that you will be able to learn sign language within your level. You will not have to solve assignments that you know perfectly well. The app also offers a huge resource you can take advantage of. Whether it is learning the manual alphabet or the names of the months.

The app will also provide customized solutions, tips, and services that can help you in your everyday life. In addition, you can save any courses or video tutorials that you want to review in your Favorites folder.

ASL American Sign Language App3
App Store

4. ‎ASL Kids – Sign Language

This app is great for children because it is designed to be used without the help of an adult. This application will help your child learn sign language/ Besides, this service is completely free from ads and external links that may prevent your child from learning a new language. The application does not require an internet connection and works offline.

When you enter the application you are greeted with an intuitive interface, which is important for a child to learn. Also, this service offers you a variety of learning methods. A child can solve problems or watch video lessons, there are also mini-games. During video playback, there is an opportunity to stop the video or play it again.

Also, while solving problems, the text is written very simply, which will allow the child to easily read the information. In addition, the app offers parental help, you can listen to what your child says, as well as use the search for gesture recognition.

‎ASL Kids - Sign Language4
App Store
Google Play

5. Hands On ASL 

This service offers an interactive application that will help everyone learn the basics of sign languages. A great advantage of this application is its graphics. The service uses 3D models that you can rotate through 360 degrees, as well as see the shape of the hands from all sides.

The app offers several learning options. One of them is a game-style quiz. You will be able to practice in real-time with letters and words of different lengths as well as writing speeds. In addition, your score will be recorded when you solve problems and you will need to break your sign language record.

If you beat your record, you get a variety of awards that will help in future studies. In addition, the app offers you more than 26 hand gestures to learn the alphabet. You can customize each hand. For instance, you can set unique skin tones on any hand.

Also, you will level up as you pass the quizzes and you will not stand in one place, but always evolve. It is possible to choose different quizzes that suit you and adjust the speed and length of the words.

Hands On ASL5
App Store

6. ‎ASL Bloom – Learn ASL

This app guides you on how to start learning sign language and how to make learning fast, easy, and fun. In general, it is similar to language-learning programs. You start learning here by playing a game, where you get bonuses for correct answers. Moreover, the information is presented with text, as well as video and animation.

At first, all the tasks may seem to you simple and easy to remember they will surely attract your attention. In addition, the application has a pleasant color scheme and custom graphics.

Also, it is worth noting that the training is divided into sections, for example, as a beginner, you can pass numbers, letters, days of the week, household items, and so on. Their complexity gradually increases. In addition, there are tasks in which you will be able to assess the degree of mastering the program by pressing the corresponding buttons.

Also, there is a dictionary for new unfamiliar words, where you will find all the necessary information. In addition, this program is for people with hearing loss, so there is no musical accompaniment.

 ‎ASL Bloom - Learn ASL6
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Google Play

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7. Lingvano: Sign Language – ASL

If you want to learn sign language, you might like this program. It offers you just a few minutes a day to learn the language. Moreover, the application is suitable for beginners as well as for those who are already familiar with the basics. After all, there are plenty of signs for you to learn.

In addition, most of the material is accompanied by a tutorial video, text, or picture. Also, it is worth mentioning that there is a dictionary for writing down new words. In addition, there is quite a lot of vocabulary for everyday speech.

This way, the program will suggest you participate in improvised dialogues, where you have to interact by choosing the right words.

Lingvano: Sign Language - ASL7
App Store
Google Play

8. ASL American Sign Language

ASL is another foreign language that you can learn with this app. It is suitable for those who are already set up to learn but do not know how to start. This way, you can find out what some hand or facial movements mean. So, you will be able to compose whole words or sentences. In addition, there are several useful charts for learning.

For example, there are alphabet, numbers, useful phrases for communication, signs of respect and friendliness, and so on. There are also videos on specific topics that you can view on your device without downloading. In addition, there are topics on certain areas of life, such as school, groceries, holidays, and so on.

Also, you are going to gradually get more and more difficult lessons as you pass the levels. The more points you get, the faster you move on to the next step.

ASL American Sign Language8
App Store
Google Play

9. Sign ASL

This is one of the assistant applications for learning ASL. Its special feature comes from the fact that you can use it to browse through variations of words and phrases. And each word in the app has several versions of displaying with the help of signs. So you can choose the video that is right for you.

Overall, this is a great option for those who want to strengthen their knowledge. Also, the app will be useful as a dictionary, where you can look up signs that you may have forgotten. In addition, the app is completely free and there are no ads.

Sign ASL9
App Store
Google Play

10. ASL Study

This is an American Sign Language app to help people with hearing impairment communicate with perfect ease. This app provides a tremendous resource for everyday conversations that you will be able to benefit from.

You will also have a teacher with many years of experience to guide you along your learning journey, explaining each sign language in detail, as well as the meaning. As you watch the video tutorials, you will be able to pause or scroll to repeat what you have learned.

Also, the application provides a tremendous amount of functionality that will help you quickly master the basic knowledge of English sign language. In addition, this program is not only suitable for beginners, but also advanced users.

The application provides you with a free resource and you will be able to start with your sign language level. After viewing the video lessons, you will be able to add them to your bookmarks and view them later to repeat the material. Each video lesson has detailed information on each sign language featured in the video.

ASL Study10
App Store
Google Play

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11. Sign Language for Beginners Guide

This app provides you with a beginner’s guide to sign language. The app gives you a course with pictures and a tutorial to help you learn the basics of sign language. The service is completely free and requires no investment to start learning. When you log into the app, you are greeted with an intuitive interface and user-friendly functionality.

The app offers a resource on sign language for you to take advantage of. There is also an alphabet for each letter in sign language. In addition, there is detailed information about each sign.

Also, you will be guided along your learning path by pictures that will help you adapt faster and practice more intensively. The pictures are of good quality so that you can see even the smallest details.

Sign Language for Beginners Guide11
Google Play