5 Best Apps to Learn Game Development on Android & iOS

Have you ever thought of how games are developed? Did you ever wonder what skills you need to develop a game of your own imagination? Well, if you thought of developing a game, then these applications will help you with acquiring skills needed for such development.

In general “all” you have to do is just to create a concept, transfer it into a code that actually works, and then finalize your game and market it to Google Play, or App Store, or both. In reality, one should do much more and need much more knowledge than this. You can learn these skills in the following apps:

1. Udemy

Udemy isn’t entirely an app to learn game creation. In fact, this is a platform where you can study any course you want and one of them could be game development. This platform is trusted by many big and small companies and has courses provided by top specialists in the needed area.

In terms of game development, it has lots of interesting courses, some of which are “Unreal Engine C++” and “Complete C# Unity”. These courses are being delivered to the user by graduates from the University of Cambridge and Imperial College of London, which as you can guess adds some credibility to the course and the level of knowledge you will receive by completing this course.

These courses will help you to know everything you need to for successful game creation. The good thing about the platform is that synchronizes between your mobile phone and your laptop version of Udemy.

The cost of learning is quite expensive – starting from $90 per course, but for new students, the platform has discounts – lowering the price to $17. Although the price may still look very, high think about the amount of knowledge you get and compare this to medium-level universities in the US or the UK.

Application has quite a nice user interface, so this way you can easily find the course you study at the moment and also you can easily find your previous courses in case you need them – all courses are saved for you to return to them, forever.


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2. Learn Game Development with Unity and C#

If you search for an app that will teach you only game development and nothing else, then this app might suit your needs. This application is designed for beginners and has lots of tutorials about Unity and C-sharp coding.

Unity and C# are the most commonly used programming languages in the video gaming industry. C# is generally used as a language of programming for most of the games that are developed for PCs. With unity, most mobile games are developed, as statistics say in the 10 years of the development engine more than 500 notable games were developed,

Although most of the games are developed using the C++ coding language, C# – the main language taught by this application – is much easier and much more suitable for beginners to learn some basics of game coding and programming.

This app hasn’t got only tutorials, but it also has some practical training, so that after one learns some theory he or she can put it to practice and make something work. Moreover, this app has certificates for course completion that are shareable with other websites, helping you in getting the job after course completion.

On top of that it’s got some useful practicals, so while you are studying you will gain some practice experience making your knowledge actually work.

programming hub1

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3. SoloLearn

Well, this isn’t entirely an app for game coding, instead, this is an app for learning coding languages, such as Python, JavaScript, and others. This is a quite useful application for your phone as it works the same way as DuoLingo. You go through the lessons, gain points, open some practicals and it goes on for a long, long time.

So, the courses are separated by levels. As a user enters the app, message pop-ups to register in the system of the application. After this small task is completed, the user is asked which programming language does he want to study: Python, JavaScript, or C+.

Beginners usually choose Python as it is quite wide in use, multi-level, and relatively easy language to start from. So, then the app offers you to choose your level of programming: beginner, amateur, professional. We will stick to the beginner level.

As we press the beginner level program creates for us our course that suits our needs and level. The first question is about Python and is quite easily done. Then we arrive at the tree of the course and we can start from the first level – all the others are locked.

The first lesson we are given is to acknowledge the “print” function of the language. After the theoretical information, we are given a question where we have to choose which function is used for the program to type a certain phrase. As we go on all of the theoretical information will be supported with such questions for the user to stick their knowledge in the head.

Also, as we go on through the course we can do some practicals. For example, the first practical user meets with – write a program that finds days in the year, month, etc. These practicals can be opened using the points received through the course or if the user buys the subscription for $14.99. From personal experience – no need for this subscription.


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4. Codecademy Go

This is another app to learn coding in different languages such as Python, JavaScript, and others. By knowing these languages you will be able to code your own game and construct it.

This app is free with in-app purchases of courses. This application has both lectures with theoretical knowledge given to the students in a clear and easily accessible manner. The practical side of the application with nice and fully accessible hints will be your assistance throughout your gaming journey and will help you to improve.

The app is free to download and syncs with other devices such as laptops, computers and etc., however, there is a Pro subscription that will give you even more features. Notifications about practice sessions are available, so you don’t miss any day without practicing.


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5. Algorithm City: Coding Game

This is a game that actually teaches you simple basics by just playing a game. This can be very useful for young programmers as this will make them love coding. One has to complete levels and gain points, hence going on for the next level.

This app won’t suit experienced programmers or those who want to progress fast, quickly, and gain lots of knowledge, but for infants, this will be definitely an interesting solution to the problem of learning attitude.

This app is completely free and will definitely be suitable for youngsters that want to start their journey through the programming field.


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