15 Best Carb Calculator Apps & Websites 2024

If you are concerned about a healthy lifestyle and are willing for changes, then our selection is especially for you. Today we have gathered the top of the best apps and websites that will help you quickly learn more about carbohydrates.

In addition, we want to offer you the Best Farmers Market Apps for the USA. This way you can keep yourself satisfied with fresh local products.

1. YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracker

This app will estimate your calorie requirement based on your preferences. You will be able to choose the amount of weight you want to lose per week and the result you want to get. You can also enter your measures. All your meals are divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Each of your meals has the recommended amount of calories to be consumed. In addition, the program has a handy selection of what you can eat that already has a calorie program. From there, you can learn a variety of unusual dishes as well as tasty recipes.

In addition, the app has a very handy feature that will help you figure out the nutritional value of each food. You will need a cooking scale and a turned-on app for the calculation. It will require you to weigh each of the meals that you want to cook or eat. The program will then give you the caloric information for each item you eat.

The most important and convenient function of the tracker is that you can see your protein fats and carbohydrate intake. The app has detailed statistics about each food that you have eaten and gives you the results in a chart.

YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracker1
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2. Carb Manager—Keto Diet Tracker

This thing is suitable for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional who has used many diet apps. This app has unusual functionality and will help you calculate carbohydrates, calories, and macroelements in the food you eat.

In addition, the app provides you with a versatile personal assistant to help you live a fit lifestyle on a low-carbohydrate, high-fat nourishing. The app provides you with articles on diets, as well as forums, recipes, a meal planner, and video courses to help you reach your dreams.

In addition, the app has a food diary where you can find products and their nutritional information. The service is loaded with more than 3 million products and meals, so you can always find out their total calories. In addition, you will be able to graph your poundage loss and your body mass index. The app is linked to the Health app so you can read about your movements, steps, body weight, blood glucose levels, and nutritional records.

Carb Manager—Keto Diet Tracker2
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3. Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet

This app is more than just a regular calorie counter. In the app, you can keep a complete food diary and chat with an assistant who will help you choose a diet. It will offer to improve your health or to lose extra pounds.

Then you have to specify your gender and fill out a personal card with some information so the app can match you with a nourishing plan. The food diary in the app is designed to help you change your eating habits and easily switch to more beneficial nutrition. In addition, there are many recipes in the app that you can prepare with detailed instructions.

Also, the app provides calorie counts and which foods are used for each dish. The app has a micronutrient tracker and food ranking, so you can find more appropriate food for you. In addition, the app has interval fasting charts. When you are on an interval dieting, the app will give you different tips as well as monitor your well-being.

One of the convenient features of this app is that you will be able to scan the food and not need to manually enter it. The app will instantly give you the caloric value as well as a description and rating of the product.

Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet3
App Store
Google Play

4. Calorie Counter by FatSecret 

When you sign in to the app, you will need to go through a brief sign-up form, through which the app will understand your ideals and how many pounds you want to lose or maintain your current state. The app will ask you to select one of three plans: lose weight, maintain your current weight, or gain weight.

The service will then provide you with the information you need to reach the goal you have chosen. You will know about the number of calories you consume and how to change your diet to achieve the desired results. After that, the app will send you personalized tips.

Also, the app will calculate the recommended daily amount of calories you should stick to. Thanks to the app, you will be able to use a special list, thanks to which you will be able to find any food or product that you need to calculate its calorie content.

Also, the app has a lot of people blogging, so you can get motivated and connect with other users. In addition, you will be able to make individual meal plans and monitor your water intake. Besides this, the app has a personal assistant who will help you solve your questions and choose more effective dieting for you.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret4
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5. Calorie Counter – EasyFit

The bright design and dynamic details of this app will not let you get bored and will make you want to go back and open the app every day. The menu in the application is made in the form of bright icons. Each user of this application can customize the interface, as you can choose a color theme in the settings.

The app contains all the standard nutrition tracking features: a large food database, the ability to set a goal, and tracking statistics. Also, a huge plus of this app is that it can work without the internet. You will be able to create your meals and automatically read calories.

In addition, there are many diets in the app, through which you will be able to maintain a nutritional lifestyle. Also, you will be able to connect the app to your watch. The app will send data about your menu, such as dietary energy, protein, carbohydrates, fat, weight loss statistics, and more.

Calorie Counter - EasyFit5
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6. Diet: Weight loss Healthy food

This application has very useful functionality and fits those who want to monitor their body as well as improve their self-image. When you enter the application, you will need to fill in data about yourself, as well as information about your body and what results you want to achieve.

The app will then create a customized program for you, with personalized, ready-made meal plans. In addition, you can create your plan according to what you enjoy eating. Also, the app automatically calculates the nutrients for each meal to help you control your resources.

In addition, the app provides a nice table where you can see how many calories you are consuming. You can also, see detailed statistics for a month or even a year to evaluate your progress.

Also, the app provides you with a personal notebook that you can use when shopping in stores. You will be able to mark the products you want to buy, and the app will automatically give you information about the product and its calories.

Diet: Weight loss Healthy food6
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7. Keto. app – Keto diet tracker

This app is one of the best for the keto diet. The best thing about this app is that it comes with a vast collection of recipes that you can try at home. It also includes information about each recipe, including ingredients, directions, and nutrition. In addition, the app allows you to create your shopping list based on your favorite foods.

And then you can view the products you should avoid so you can keep up with your daily goals. Furthermore, you will be able to track the amount of water you drink throughout the day. The app will describe in detail how certain foods affect your body and the way you should consume your food to reach your goals.

In addition, the app offers you different types of diets and interval fasts, including intermittent 16:8 and 18:6 fasts. As you progress toward your goal, the app will give you various motivational tips that will cheer you up and boost your motivation to move toward your goal.

Also, you can link the app to Health or other sports apps, which will make it easier for you to exercise and track calories burned and steps are taken.

Keto.app - Keto diet tracker7
App Store
Google Play

8. ‎Kompanion: Fasting Tracker App

This app has a very interesting design and also takes into account the total calories, and the number of consumed proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Also, the app offers you a large database of products, in which you can find dishes from popular restaurant chains.

In addition to proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, the program takes into account the amount of sugar, fiber, sodium, and cholesterol. Moreover, you will also be able to count your calorie intake by choosing from several activities that the app provides you with.

In addition, the app has a friend who will walk beside you and motivate you to achieve your dream plans. There is also a timer in the app in which you can track your nourishing record. You can start and end your fasts with the timer button.

Moreover, you will be able to review the most appropriate interval fasting plans for your physical condition. You may also create your plan according to your needs and lifestyle.

Kompanion: Fasting Tracker App8
App Store
Google Play

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9. ‎Calory: Nutrition, Diet Coach

This app provides you with a calorie counter and a quick way to count, track, and summarize calories throughout the day. The app contains many useful features. One is that you can add calories consumed to your diary so that the app will correctly calculate your calories for the entire day.

In addition, you can use the food search, which contains almost all of the foods that exist. Each food has a detailed description as well as calories. You will be able to use Siri to register the food you have eaten during the day. In addition, the app offers you daily, weekly, and yearly reports on your progress and food consumption.

In addition, you can track micronutrient goals and your daily water intake. You can also connect your Smart Watch and Health with this app. Then you can track the steps you walk per day and how many calories you burn while exercising or walking.

Calory: Nutrition, Diet Coach9
App Store

10. Carbohydrate Calculator

This is a handy online calculator that will tell you a little more about your nutrition. It will also give you brief tips on how to improve your health. In addition, it has a fairly simple interface that does not distract you from your main goal.

For example, on the home page, you will see a short form where you have to indicate your age, sex, height, weight, and movement level. In addition, the site is different in that it has various metric systems for recording your data. Also, it offers you different evaluation formulas that determine your current state of health.

There is even a line where you can enter the percentage of fat in your body if you have such data. Also, this website is great for calculating more than just carbohydrates. After all, several other calculators will tell you about calories, proteins, and fats. The convenient thing is that you just choose what you need and get detailed data.

Carbohydrate Calculator10

To visit the site, click here

11. ‎GIGACalculator

This is a website for counting carbohydrates when it is important for you to keep track of your nourishment and the amount of energy you get from food. So, you can enter the foods you eat into a table, and the website automatically calculates how much was eaten and displays the amount in kilocalories.

This is an easy way to track your menu in precise detail and in the clearest way. You can also track your progress and how the food you eat affects your body changes. Also, there is a super detailed guide on how to use this calculator. In addition, there are a couple of articles here that will tell you more about nourishing, proteins, fats, and carbs.

Also, there are picks with personal recommendations needed for daily living. In addition, you can get quick answers to your questions about the number of calories you need per day. The site will immediately calculate the percentage of carbohydrates you need to take to maintain weight, lose weight or gain weight.


To visit the site, click here

12. Carb Calculator – Calculate Carbohydrate Intake

And this website will be useful for those who want quick results. If you are wondering how many carbs you need, all you have to do is enter brief data about your age, weight, and so on. In addition, there are some advanced data that you can enter into the calculator. So, for example, there are several systems for calculating data.

And you can also enter your body fat percentage. In addition, the site is different in that you can share the results of the calculator with your friends and family. Also, many other calculators will be useful for calculating other data related to nourishing and nutrition.

Once you have your results, you can briefly review the section that will tell you more about healthiness and nutrition. You will also learn more about how you should balance proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Carb Calculator - Calculate Carbohydrate Intake12

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13. freedieting

This versatile website is designed especially for lovers of different diets and meal plans. Therefore, here you will find the latest articles on all aspects of nutritive living and weight loss. You can alike use various macronutrient calculators, depending on your plans.

In general, the website only requires you to provide information about your body and lifestyle. As a result, you get a rough image of your ideal eating habits. Also, here you will learn more about the food content and macronutrients needed for a balanced menu.

In addition, there is a section with various tips, clicking here you will see a list of popular questions that may be of relevance to you. You can even find free nutrition plans for your lifestyle, training, age, and body type.


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14. eLoad Sport Nutrition

If you are an active lifestyle enthusiast and are ready for a change, this site is probably for you. After all, all sports fans find answers to their questions here. First of all, there is a convenient division into different activities, calculators, and articles.

Secondly, for all the calculators, there are clear instructions that will tell you the right steps and the importance of your data. In addition, all the trackers here are designed specifically for athletes, so there are not only standard measurements, but furthermore some special ones.

For example, the heart rate, the type of regular sports, your workouts, and their duration are taken into account. So you can know how many carbohydrates you need to take in for a nourishing and energetic workout in the gym and outdoors.

eLoad Sport Nutrition14

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15. wholesomeyum.com

This site will help you use a free carb and keto macro calculator. The service provides detailed instructions on how to calculate macronutrients and again provides detailed information on weight loss and diets. To use the calculator, you will need to enter your personal information.

The service will then calculate your muscle mass, as well as give a detailed description of your body. In addition, the application provides many articles describing your skin type, weight loss, interval fasting, and more.

In addition, depending on what you have chosen in the calculator, the service will advise you as to how to achieve your plans and what it will take to do so. The site will put you in touch with a support team who can answer your questions. You will even have the opportunity to communicate with other users of the service and discuss topics of concern to you.


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