D’scover App Review

The most important in our life is family. We always try to stay in touch with our close people. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to stay with each other, but we always want to be sure they are okay. It is to solve this problem that a D’scover app was released: that will allow you to stay in touch with all your family members.

Before we move on to the direct use of the service, you need to register in the application. Registration is quite simple and quick. Upon successful completion of registration, you will receive a welcome email. And then you could invite your relatives or continue using the service alone.

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If you are going to invite someone, you only need to enter their contacts. Once everything is ready, we will get inside the application. It looks like a map on which you and your family members will be marked with tags. Markers are displayed on the map in real-time.

Therefore, you will always be aware of where your family members and friends are. That’s why we would like to provide for you our personal recommendation of this app that is truly worth your attention. It’s called ” D’scover ” and now we’re going to tell you why this application is so useful and comfortable.


First, with this app, you can find out where your friends and family are at the moment. There is also a free chat in the application in which all family members can communicate. All your close people will be concentrated in one place. Secondly, if you are in danger, there is a dedicated SOS button.

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When you press on it, the signal will be sent to each member of your family. And also there is an opportunity to share any information at once with all family members or share your travel plans. To sum up all the points, D’scover is the best family application we have ever seen.