11 Best Last Seen Tracker Apps for Android & iOS

Do you constantly check WhatsApp ‘last seen’? If you do, you may think that the data provided by the messenger is not enough. To have more detailed reports at your fingertips, we highly recommend you install one of the last seen tracker apps.

This very post includes reviews on the best apps of this category. You will need to choose the most appropriate tool and install it from the App Store or Google Play.

1. Tracker for WhatsApp Usage

Tracker for WhatsApp UsageTracker for WhatsApp Usage is a powerful tool for Android device users. Though it is with no-frills, it perfectly does its work.

The app will provide you with detailed statistics on a person’s WhatsApp sessions. Thus, you will be aware of the exact time he or she opens the messenger and the duration of each session. What is more, the time will be shown with an accuracy of a second.

Apart from this, the app will let you track several users. As it will notify you when a person is online, you will be able to choose the notification sounds for each contact.

Tracker for WhatsApp Usage


2. Wstat – Online Tracking

WstatIf you are searching for an app for iOS, Wstat is what you need. On the platform, it is the most top-rated one in this category.

The app is capable of generating reports with graphic elements, which makes the data more convenient to view. The reports include information on a user’s activity in WhatsApp during a day. Also, you will be able to choose two dates to make the app create a report for a particular period.

As for notifications, the app will tell you every time a person opens or closes the app. Apart from this, you will know when a daily report is formed.

One more advantage is that the app’s data is encrypted with a login and PIN. That’s why you will keep the reports protected.

However, there is a fly in the ointment. The fact is that the app must be installed on a tracked person’s gadget. One more requirement is receiving permission for viewing activity by adding his or her as a friend in the app. That’s why it will be especially appropriate for parents who need to control their children. By the way, tracking several users is possible with this app.

But if these requirements seem impossible to implement, you’d better install another tool.



3. Familog – WhatsApp Online Last Seen Tracker

FamilogAs for an alternative from Google Play, we highly recommend you install the app called Familog. Again, it will be suitable for users to monitor the activity of their family members.

As usual, you will be notified when a person is offline and online. If you need more exact statistics, the app will suit you too. The thing is that it will form hourly, daily, monthly charts. Besides, there will be available several variants of graphs.

In this case, you will have a chance to track several people at once. Furthermore, the app will allow you to compare their time spent online and offline in WhatsApp. That sounds really cool.



4. WA Report – Online Tracker

WA ReportOne more awesome tool from the App Store is called WA Report. Let’s review it in detail.

Well, the app is powerful to track users in WhatsApp. Every time she or he offline or online, you will be notified by the app. Of course, it is not enough.

For comprehensive analyses, you will also have access to reports with the exact time a person uses WhatsApp.

As for minor disadvantages, you will need to have this app installed on the phone of a person tracked. So again, you will need to receive permission. Consequently, if you want to catch the cheater, this very app is not the best choice for you.

WA Report


5. WaStat – WhatsApp tracker

WaStatHere is one more cool tool for Android. We can’t help including it on this list as well.

In this case, the WaStat app will be suitable for those who just want to be notified and have brief reports at their fingertips.

Well, due to the app’s notifications, you will stay aware of every WhatsApp session of another user. That fully meets your requirements.

Apart from this, you will have access to the online session history presented as reports. Though they will be not so detailed, you will be surprised by their accuracy.

It must be mentioned that the app has one distinguishing feature. Thus, it will let you track up to ten users in WhatsApp. That’s what makes the app so exclusive.



As you have access to last seen time statistics, you will need to take a screenshot. To do it within several taps, here is the list of the best snipping tool apps for Android & iOS.

6. Trackly

Trackly Going back to the tools from the App Store, Trackly is the one that should be tried as well. Why do we think so?

The reason for it is the app’s awesome abilities in tracking last seen time. Just like the tools above, you will be notified when a person changes his or her status from offline to online, or vice versa. Besides, tracking several users will be available.

Apart from this, the app will provide you with access to daily reports on online sessions of users tracked. You will be able to follow two people at once. By the way, when the reports will be generated, the app will notify you about it. However, if you don’t want to receive notifications, it will be so easy to disable them.

One more cool thing about the app is that you will be able to compare the two numbers you track. This very tool surely knows what they have in common.



7. WhatStat : Last Seen – Online Tracker

WhatStatHere is the next app that worth attention. Its name is WhatStat.

First of all, the tool will allow you to track up to 3 users at once. To be more precise, you will receive notifications when this or that person opens and closes the app.

In addition, you can view reports with comprehensive statistics on online session time. Moreover, you can export it as a file via email.

Finally, keep in mind that the app is paid. However, you will be given a free trial period that lasts 24 hours.



8. WaRadar – App Usage Tracker

WaRadarOne more must-have tool for tracking the last seen time is called WaRadar. Does it really meet your needs?

Yes, the app will become your assistant in tracking how much time this or that person spends online. What is more, in this case, the app collaborates not only with WhatsApp but also with other messengers.

To be more precise, you will receive instant notifications every time a user is online. As for the number of users, the app is capable of tracking several people at once.

At the same time, by the end of every week, you will be able to view reports that will reveal every secret. That’s definitely what you need!



9. LogWhat Online Last Seen Tracker

LogWhatLogWhat is a quite good analog to the apps above. So if you are an owner of an Android device, you can try this very tool as well.

As always, after you install the app, it will start spying upon the numbers you want to track. Thus, it will tell you every time he or she online/offline.

Also, you will have access to detailed reports that represent an online session history. Moreover, a user can choose a date range as well as view the activities during the day with a clock chart.

Plus, as it was mentioned above, the app perfectly deals with tracking several numbers. As a result, you can compare the online sessions of users. There is no need to do it manually. The app will form the statistics by itself. Your task will be just to choose the date range.



10. WTrack – Online Tracker

WTrack Here is the tool from the App Store. Why is it worth bring tried?

To begin with, the WTrack app has minimum features. However, it does its work, letting you track last seen time and online sessions. Monitoring three users at once will be possible here.



11. WaRadar: online last seen tracker

WaRadarHere is the last but not least last seen tracker app. Is it efficient as well?

Yes, it is. The WaRadar tool will allow you to check the last seen time in WhatsApp. Apart from this, you will be able to view the minutes a user spent online. In addition, it will be available to check how many times the app has been opened a day.

These very features substitute reports very well. And the main thing is that you can track several numbers at once. However, if you need to compare their online sessions, you will need to do it by yourself.

Lastly, we can’t imagine an app of this type without instant notifications. In this case, this feature is also supported. As a result, you will know about every time a user changes offline or online status. By the way, you can always adjust the notifications by disabling or enabling them.



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