11 Best Caller Tracker Apps 2024 for Android & iPhone

A smartphone’s location is not only useful for navigation. After all, thanks to such a function you can find a lost device or track the current position of loved ones. Therefore, today we have collected the best applications for tracking your phone.

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1. Truecaller: Caller ID & Block

This application will help you to identify users who call you, as well as to block spam calls or SMS from unknown users. It positions itself as a number finder. When an unknown caller calls your phone, the screen will display the user’s name, if it is in the database of the application. Also, unknown numbers are marked with tags such as bank, scammer, etc.

In addition, the application has a handy feature to block spam and telephone sales agents who offer their services or products. There is also a feature to record the conversation, which you can listen to after the end of the conversation. The database of scammers and numbers is constantly updated, which will help you identify any user who calls you.

In addition, you can add your numbers and information about callers. It is also possible to save the history of calls and your contacts in the cloud storage of Google Drive. Besides, you can select which calls to block and which to keep. The application will also keep statistics of blocking, where you can find the blocked users.

The app will also offer you a paid version that will improve the app’s functionality and help you block all the ads on your device. Plus, you can get a premium icon to show up on your profile. So, you may find out who’s been viewing your profile in one click.

Truecaller: Caller ID & Block1
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2. Phone Number Locator Caller id

With this application, you can easily track the location of your caller from anywhere in the world and block spam calls with one click. The main function of this application is to identify the number of the person who called you, even if it is not in your phone book.

When someone you do not know calls you, the application will instantly identify the user as well as show you information about them. You can also find information about the caller and locate the caller in real-time on the map. Besides the application has huge functionality and allows you to block spam calls and SMS from unknown users.

The application has a huge book of scammers and spam users, thanks to which you can save your time from calls from unknown users.

It is worth noting that the locator will not show the actual location of the user, but only indicate to you the city from which the call was made. Besides, the application does not save and does not transmit users’ confidential data.

Phone Number Locator Caller id2
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3. ‎Caller ID & Number Locator

This application has quite extensive functionality that will help you identify users who call you, as well as enable you to search and find information about users by their phone number. In addition, you will be able to add your friends to the application and track their location in real-time.

Just enter your friend’s number, and then the app will give you the user’s location. It is worth noting that the app does not show the location of users without their approval and does not transmit users’ confidential data. Also, the app shows information about the user when you call an unknown caller and protects you from spam calls from scammers.

You can block unwanted calls directly in the app by simply entering the caller’s number. The app will also keep your spam book, allowing you to keep track of your call information. In addition, the app provides codes for over 13,000 cities to dial the caller’s number to get detailed information about the location of the phone number.

Caller ID & Number Locator3
Google Play

4. mSpy: Find my Friends Phone 

This application allows you to stay safe with your loved ones at all times and monitor their location in real-time. This application has quite a lot of functionality that will allow you to check the GPS location of your relatives in real-time at any moment. The location of users added to the application will be updated every 20 minutes.

In addition, you can track where your loved ones have been during the day and get detailed information about the past locations for the last 3 months. Also, you can set virtual fences so that you can know when a tracked device enters or leaves your zone.

You may also be able to find out who your children are talking to and find out about people you do not know personally. This feature is designed specifically to keep your kids safe and save your nerves. Add a panic button to your relatives’ phone so that with just one push of a button you will be notified that your relatives need your urgent attention.

mSpy: Find my Friends Phone4
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5. Eyezy – Kids Location Tracker

This is an app for tracking your family’s location, and its purpose is to keep your family informed of your location in real-time. With this app, you will be able to share your location as well as track your family members’ past location history.

You can set up virtual location fences so that you can receive automatic notifications when your family members leave or arrive at their destination. In addition, you can set up help alerts when your relatives are in danger and need your support.

The app also positions itself as a messenger with which you can communicate. Besides, you can get detailed information about yourself and see where and how long you have been.

Eyezy – Kids Location Tracker5
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6. GEOfinder

It is a very simple application that only requires you to enter your phone number. So, right after registering you will see a line where you have to enter your phone number. So, after a couple of seconds, you will get the approximate location of the contact on the map.

To check the number, the app collects numbers in a huge database, which displays various subscribers, such as banks or suspicious organizations. In general, this app will be useful if you do not want to call back unknown numbers. So, this app will help you quickly identify the caller.

Google Play

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7. Find My

This functional app locates devices even without Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, using other nearby iPhones, iPads, and Macs. This app keeps all your devices safe by monitoring your phone, tablet, or laptop. So, by turning on the app on all your Apple devices, you can see the current location of any device on an interactive map.

Moreover, there is a hybrid map. In addition, you can track even turned-off devices. For example, if a device’s battery is low or has been turned off, you can still find it when it is near another Apple device.

In addition, there is a left app alert feature that can let you know if a phone or tablet is staying behind, alerting you on one of the other devices that are with you. Besides, you can track not only your devices but also a friend or family member.

So, it shows continuous streaming updates about their location. Your family members or friends can easily add you to the tracked list.

Find My7
App Store

8. Google Find My Device

This is an app that helps you find and, if necessary, remotely lock your smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch, or even delete your device data in case it is stolen or after you get discouraged from finding it. Moreover, you can sign in with your Google account.

Since the app works with your Google account, in case you lose your smartphone, it will be enough to go to the link. Then you may enter the username and password of the account used on your smartphone. So you can use all the functions of the service without any problems.

In addition, you can track multiple devices at once by simply clicking on them in tabs. The app also helps you keep track of your phone’s battery percentage.

You can also add other users and track the locations of their smartphones. So you always know the location of family or friends. In addition, you can customize the app directly through your smartphone settings.

Google Find My Device8
Google Play

9. Glympse-Share your location 

This program is incredibly simple. Once you install the app on your mobile device you can start sharing your location with friends or family. All you have to do to send your location is just select the desired contact from the list. In addition, you can even send your location to your computer using social networks to multiple people at once.

Moreover, the app takes care of your security, so you can fully control the process of geo-tagging. So you can determine users who can see you and set a time limit. Furthermore, you can even attach a text message regarding the specific data you need. In addition, you do not have to register, because you can use the application as a guest.

However, if you sign in, you will be able to share your data via social networks or messengers. The app will also be useful for families. So you can create a private group in which all participants can see each other’s location.

Glympse -Share your location9
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10. Life360

This is another locator that families use the most. It has become popular among those who want to stay in touch with the people who are most important to them. First of all, the app offers a limited number of place and person alerts in the free version. Secondly, there is a special function to help drivers on the road.

If you get in trouble you can even send a rescue signal that can save your life. Moreover, this locator is available on different devices, such as a tablet or a smartphone. This is a very handy program which will be especially useful for parents of schoolchildren. However, it is also used just to see where your loved one is.

It identifies the location on the map, whether it is a building or a street. The program itself is very simple to use, everything is quite clear even for a newcomer. And, it is even straightforward to connect to this program. So you get a special invitation, which sends a group code in which you add the people you want.

So if the one to whom you sent the code is referred to, he becomes part of your team and you can see each other. In addition, you can even see the phone charge in percentage.

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11. Find my Phone – Family Locator 

This program is a private social network that gathers only the people important to you. First of all, the application allows you to view information about the whereabouts of your loved ones without much effort. Also, you get a clear map, where you can see important places and buildings in the city.

Secondly, the application has a built-in messenger in which you can correspond with your friends. In addition, you can view not only the location of your friend in real-time but also see the places where your loved ones have passed in sequence. In addition, you can get a notification if a person leaves a specific geo-position.

Moreover, the application has a nice interface with beautiful icons for displaying people. You can also identify undesirable locations in the city that you do not want your child to visit. This way you will also get a notification, for example, if your child walked into the wrong area after school.

Find my Phone - Family Locator11
App Store
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