10 Best Birthday Cake Apps to Add a Name on Cake

Is the birthday of your relative or friend coming soon? Regardless of her or his tastes and preferences, we have a nice option for a birthday present. It will be an image of a birthday cake with a celebrant’s name on it.

To do this, you will not need to bake a cake by yourself. The thing is that there are dozens of apps with pre-loaded images of cakes. They support adding lettering that will look so life-like. So this image with an individual cake can become a good alternative to birthday cards.

In this list, you will find the best birthday cake apps to write a name on a cake. Available on the App Store or Google Play, these tools will make your congratulations special.

1. Name On Birthday Cake & Photo

Name On Birthday Cake & PhotoThe first app we are going to review is called Name on Birthday Cake. Why is it worth being put on the top of our list?

To begin with, the app has a large collection of nice-looking cakes to be used as templates. Each of them has preset words, like Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, or Congratulations. So it will remain to write a birthday person’s name on a cake.

To make the lettering look realistic, the app will automatically adjust it. At the same time, the manual setting will be also possible. This feature will make your digital cake flawless!

If you need more comprehensive congratulations, you can also add greetings to this birthday card with a cake. Just type whatever you want and choose a font to be applied. By the way, the choice of them will surprise you, too. The last step will be decorating an image with thematical stickers.

After all, you will be able to save the result on your SD card as well as share it via social media.

Name On Birthday Cake & Photo


2. Write Name on Birthday Cakes

Write Name on Birthday CakesWhen it comes to considering an app for iOS, we so appreciate the one called Write Name on Birthday Cake. Though it is far from being top-rated, it fully meets your requirements.

To decorate a cake with a birthday person’s name, just type it, adjust the color and font, and that’s in. As a result, you will have a cake that is perfectly designed.

The developers claim that the app lets users create their own cakes.

In general, you can rotate text so that the name appears most realistic on it. In addition, you can add a variety of brightly colored stickers to decorate your photo a bit.

Write Name on Birthday Cakes

App Store

3. Name on Cake (NOC)

Name on Cake (NOC)Name on Cake (NOC) is also one of the leading apps of this category. Install it to make sure it is quite cool.

As usual, the app contains images of cakes that can be used as templates. In this case, the choice won’t be so wide. At the same time, every pie will look so quaint.

With no difficulty, you will be able to apply a person’s name on a cake. In addition, every user will have a chance to decorate an image or a cake itself with colorful stickers.

Plus, the app will provide you with access to birthday and anniversary text messages. Each of them will be full of love and best wishes. They can be attached to a photo while sending it to your friends or relatives.

As for sharing an image, you will be able to send it instantly via email or messengers. What is more, it is also compatible with Twitter.

Name on Cake (NOC)


4. Name On Birthday Cake

Name On Birthday CakeAs for an alternative from the App Store, we recommend the Name On Birthday Cake app as well.

After installing, you will have access to the app’s templates representing wonderful cakes. Within several taps, you will be able to put a birthday person’s name on a cake. The lettering will look as if it was hand-written.

As for minor advantages, the text will be adjustable. Thus, you will be able to choose a color and font to make it fit a cake.

Finally, you can share this unusual birthday card directly from the app.

Name On Birthday Cake

App Store

5. Name Picture on Birthday Cake

Name Picture on Birthday CakeWhen it comes to considering more apps from Google Play, Name Picture on Birthday Cake will also be a good choice for you.

The key to the app’s success is a great collection of cakes to choose from. After selecting a cake, you will have an opportunity to apply a birthday person’s name on its surface. Adjusting the letterings will be possible as well.

As for distinguishing features, the app supports adding a photo on a cake. Whether it will be a birthday person’s portray or just a holiday pattern, the result will be so enjoyable.

In case you still not happy with the decoration, you can also add the app’s built-in stickers. With them, your virtual cake will become an object of admiration.

As usual, this creative birthday card will be available for instant sharing via social media or saving on a camera roll.

Name Picture on Birthday Cake


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6. Name Photo On Cake

Name Photo On CakeName Photo On Cake is the next tool to be reviewed. Though it doesn’t support adding a text with a person’s name on a cake, we have a solution to this problem.

The app is capable of applying photos on a cake. That’s why you can find a lovely image with a birthday person’s name, upload it to the app, adjust as you wish, and enjoy the result.

The choice of cakes will be quite wide. What is more, each of them has a beautiful fitting background. Also, some cakes are completed with a Happy Birthday/Anniversary lettering.

Besides, you will also have stickers at your fingertips. With them, your birthday card will become even brighter.

Like all apps mentioned above, this one also supports instant sharing of a created image via social media.

Name Photo On Cake

App Store

7. Name Photo On Birthday Cake

Name Photo On Birthday CakeName Photo On Birthday Cake is the app that worth being included in our list as well. If you are searching for a multifunctional app, this one is what you need.

To begin with, the app supports both adding a photo and text to a birthday cake. So whether it will be an image or lettering with a person’s name, you will admire the result for sure.

Each of the parameters will be so easy to adjust. That’s why a photo and text will meet your requirements.

What about a cake? Well, the app includes a large collection of them. Install this tool to make yourself sure hoe nice-looking they are.

Apart from this, there are some additional features that make the app outstanding. Firstly, you will be able to complete this birthday card with a song! As a result, a birthday person will receive a digital music greeting card with an individual cake.

Secondly, this congratulation can be also completed by a ready-to-use birthday message. The app contains a great selection of them. That’s why the app is considered to be all-in-one.

Depending on the details you choose, the birthday cake greeting card can be saved as an image, gif, or video. One way or another, the file can be instantly sent to your friends or relatives.

As a bonus, the app also includes a built-in age calculator. It is capable of counting the total years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds since a person’s birthday. Also, the app suits perfectly for keeping track of upcoming birthdays. These features make the app even more marvelous.

Name Photo On Birthday Cake


8. Birthday Cake With Photo

Birthday Cake With PhotoOne more option to be tried is from the App Store. It is called Birthday Cake With Photo.

As it is clear from the tool’s name, it supports adding not only a text but also a photo. So you can combine both person’s name and his or her photo, or add a text only. Alternatively, find an image with a name on the internet, upload it to the app, and apply on a cake. We guess that all variants will look so amazing.

As usual, the app will also provide you with access to cool built-in stickers and filters. So there is no need to use other apps for applying them.

Of course, the app will allow you to share your masterpiece instantly via all popular social media and messengers.

Birthday Cake With Photo

App Store

9. Name Birthday Cakes (Offline)

Name Birthday Cakes (Offline)Now it’s high time to review the app called Name Birthday Cakes (Offline). As usual, we find a tool very handy.

The app contains up to 35 birthday cake templates available for users. After choosing a cake, you will be able to create a lettering with the name of a birthday person. Everything will look extremely realistic.

Apart from this, a cake can be also decorated with funny stickers. This feature will make the receiver so excited.

As for tech details, each element in the app is adjustable. So you will be able to change the color and font of a text as well as choose a position of stickers.

The last step will be saving an image to SD card, sharing it via messengers, or posting on social media.

Name Birthday Cakes (Offline)


10. Name On Happy Birthday Cake

Name On Happy Birthday CakeThe last but not least app is for iOS device users. With the Name On Happy Birthday Cake app, you can make your dream cake come true.

The app will let you put a birthday person’s name in two ways: by applying an image with a name or by adding a name as lettering. Both images and text will be adjustable on various parameters. No matter which option you will choose, the result will be great.

As for the cakes, there will be more than 20 of them. What is more, the range of them is so wide. Whatever your taste, you will surely find something appropriate for you.

Lastly, add some stickers, if you wish, then save a photo, or send it to a birthday person directly from the app.

Name On Happy Birthday Cake

App Store

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