13 Best palm reading apps for Android & iOS

The art of hand-reading has always attracted the interest of mankind. This allowed chiromancy to exist and develop for many millennia.

Chiromancy is one of the oldest and most popular fortune-telling systems. It bases on reading the lines and shapes of the hands, the appearance of the hand and the back of the hand.

According to chiromancy, you can predict a lot about the future of man on his hand.

This list includes the best palm reading apps, with which you can learn more about yourself and your future.

1. Palm Reading Insights — Palmistry Palm Reader App

Palm Reading Insights — Palmistry Palm Reader AppThe Palm Reading Insights — Palmistry Palm Reader App will help you read the information in your palm lines. It looks simple and it is good. The pictures are simple and clear, the font is readable.

The app Palm Reading Insights — Palmistry Palm Reader gives something like a chiromancy test.

You are offered several palm shapes and asked to choose the one you think is most like yours. The same goes for the lines of your hand.

You correlate your lines with a picture and choose the right one.

Along the way, the app Palm Reading Insights — Palmistry Palm Reader will give you comments that will give you a general idea of how to read the lines.

Palm Reading Insights — Palmistry Palm Reader App Palm Reading Insights — Palmistry Palm Reader App

As to the large party of the app both a kind of line. Their characteristics quite correspond to the standard and verified centuries. The variability of lines here is very diverse. Thus, you can find here “your” palm lines.

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2. Palm Reading Personality Test

Palm Reading Personality TestThe Palm Reading Personality Test app will give you access to articles on chiromancy.

It also allows you to read the lines of fate in the palm of your hand. Here you will find the most comprehensive set of articles, arranged by topic.

The app promises to reveal the mystery of fate. It can read all the information that is embedded in the lines of your palm.

It also requires a connection to the Internet at the first opening, when all the texts are downloaded. But then you can read offline, and this is good.

It contains a lot of information, which is arranged by topic.

This app can fascinate a person and encourage him to study his hand on the basis of verified sources. And this is a fascinating activity that has many benefits.

An unusual approach is used to present information. For each feature of the character was created its own animation. Each animation is complemented by carefully designed text descriptions.

Information is presented from the perspective of the inner and outer world of the person. Here you can feel the contrast of both sides of your character.

Palm Reading Personality Test Palm Reading Personality Test

Besides, the app Palm Reading Personality Test has a section “Information”, where you can learn all about the app.

Google Play

3. Palm Reading – Connect with Personal Palm Readers

Palm Reading - Connect with Personal Palm ReadersThe Hand-reading Palm Reading – Connect with Personal Palm Readers application looks like a game and even starts with the start button.

It prompts you to take a picture of both palms. Then it turns on the so-called hand scanner and gives you something like a prophecy.

The app promises to scan your palms through the photo. It may ask you to retake your hands several times, as the application may not see the lines the first time.

The ready-made information is presented in three main sections: Me, Relationship and Profession.

I – reveals the personality of the character. Relationship – describes the characteristics of the character, manifested in interpersonal relationships. Profession – describes professional qualities.

The application interface is very interesting and unusual. For example, there are no buttons “Back”, everything is realized by long pressing on the screen.

Fears about the collection of data for identification are unfounded. The application Palm Reading – Connect with Personal Palm Readers sends photos of users’ hands to its server, but only with your direct consent.

Palm Reading - Connect with Personal Palm Readers Palm Reading - Connect with Personal Palm Readers

You can remove the checkmark about sending photos. This is done for statistics and improvements to the handheld image processing.

Google Play

4. Palm Reader

Palm ReaderThe point of the Palm Reader app is in processing and analyzing photos of hands and fingers.

It displays all the necessary information about the character. It also has an esoteric focus. They can even tell you about future events.

To do this, it is necessary to photograph your hands and fingers in strict accordance. The requirements go with you during the shooting.

Photos are processed in real-time. Only basic information is determined by photos. Finger sizes and phalanges, palm lengths, widths, and lengths of main lines.

After that, you will see brief information about your character which is very interesting.

Do not be afraid that your data will leak into the network or will be used by intelligence agencies.

Palm Reader

Besides, there is a lot of esoteric knowledge that will help broaden your horizons.

Google Play

5. Free Palm Reading Chart – Palmistry Secrets

Free Palm Reading Chart - Palmistry SecretsThe Free Palm Reading Chart – Palmistry Secrets app contains detailed information to help you use chiromancy.

Analyze your dominant hand. This test was created using the best methods of reading lines on your hands.

In this app, you need to take a picture of your hand. It quickly scans it and produces almost instantaneous results. Chiromancy displays a photo of your palm and explains the meaning of each line.

The app Free Palm Reading Chart – Palmistry Secrets is sure to be the best entertainment in a big company – fun and entertaining.

If you trust horoscopes, believe in fate, predictions, this app is necessary for you. And the accuracy of the result is very high. Try to check.

From now on, you do not need to conduct many hours of sessions with fortune-tellers. Make layouts on bones, stones, collect many hours of solitaire and memorize the value of runes. Your best helper will always be with you, at a distance of one click.

Free Palm Reading Chart - Palmistry Secrets Free Palm Reading Chart - Palmistry Secrets

This is a free application that works without restrictions. There is no annoying advertising and built-in shopping.

Google Play

6. Palm Reader Scanner

Palm Reader ScannerThe Palm Reader Scanner app will allow you to get a detailed description of your fate and character.

It is very concise and easy to use.

You need to answer 4 questions of the questionnaire. All questions are accompanied by pictures.

  1. Choose the shape of your hand that is most like yours:
  • your palm is much longer than your fingers
  • square palm, finger length is equal to or greater than the palm length
  • the length of the fingers is equal to or greater than the palm of the hand
  • wide square palm, strong fingers, few lines in the palm of your hand
  • the brush has a spade-shaped shape
  • the brush has an oval shape
  1. Select the ratio of the index finger to nameless finger:
  • the index finger is longer than the untitled finger
  • the ring finger is longer than the index finger
  • coincide
  1. Look carefully at the middle finger. Which way is it more curved?
  • towards the index finger
  • in the direction of the ring finger
  • the middle finger is absolutely straight
  1. Relax your hand and look at the position of your little finger:
  • pinkie is away from the rest of your fingers
  • the little finger fits snugly or even fits onto the ring finger

Palm Reader Scanner Palm Reader Scanner

After you have answered all the questions, you will receive a detailed report. It includes items such as privacy, character, relationships, and more.

Google Play

7. palm reading

palm readingMystical things like chiromancy and horoscope have always excited people’s minds. After all, the secret knowledge of ancient centuries allows you to live more prudently.

The meaning of lines and detailed chiromancy for beginners are described in the app Astroscope Palm Reading, Numerology, and Tarot Card.

Get the information about fortune-telling along the lines of the hands. Use this application to understand the ancient science of chiromancy.

Become closer to a narrow circle of dedicated people.

With the free app, you will learn how to understand the meaning of each line in your palm.

Besides, the modern guide in this app will help you to find all the important lines. This is not a general discussion of chiromancy.

palm reading

You will be able to predict the fate of your own or just study this interesting science from the past.

Google Play

8. PalmistryHD – Palm Reading & Daily Horoscope

PalmistryHD - Palm Reading & Daily HoroscopePalmistryHD – Palm Reading & Daily Horoscope is a hand-reading application and a free handbook.

The application can work offline. The first time you start it, it will ask you to download the database so you don’t have to use the Internet anymore.

The application interface includes several tabs. The History tab contains all the articles you have downloaded or viewed.

You can add your favorite articles to the “Favorites” section. To do this, click the asterisk button. These lists can be edited or completely cleared.

It will help you free up your phone memory. In the settings, you can change the design of the application PalmistryHD – Palm Reading & Daily Horoscope.

Here you can change the application theme and font of the displayed text. Also available here is the “Random article of the day” feature. Thus, you will receive a random article about chiromancy every day at the time of your choice.

A horoscope should be combined with other types of predictions for the future. Astrology and zodiac horoscope. Predictions on the stars are popular since ancient times.

The zodiacal horoscope takes into account your birth and the location of the planets.

PalmistryHD - Palm Reading & Daily Horoscope PalmistryHD - Palm Reading & Daily Horoscope

Knowing this, you can make a horoscope for today, tomorrow, as well as a horoscope for a month and a horoscope for a year. But the horoscope is especially popular for every day.

Google Play

9. Palmistry – Real Palm readers

Palmistry - Real Palm readersThe Palmistry is an app to scan hands and read their meaning. It will answer all your questions.

The Palmistry works very simply. It also provides access to background information on chiromancy.

You will learn how to read your friend’s palm and what features to look out for. You will also be able to ask questions of experts in the field using a special tab.

The app offers you a fast but effective scanner that will tell you more about your features, destiny and possible future events.

Besides, there’s a whole list of experts in palm reading here. You can find a specialist who is suitable for you. And even if you have difficulties, the app will tell you which expert you should contact.

Palmistry - Real Palm readers

This free application works without restrictions and has no built-in advertising.

Google Play

10. Life Palmistry – Palm&Gender

Life Palmistry - Palm&Gender

The Life Palmistry app is designed to be your handbook.

It can help you understand the meaning of the lines on your palms. In this way, you can reveal your esoteric knowledge of the lines in your hands.

The application can correctly interpret the chiromancy lines and use the information obtained.

This is a source of knowledge, which is always with you.

Thanks to this app, chiromancy will not cause difficulties in reading lines in your hands. For convenience, all information is systematized by category and main sections.

In these sections, it is quite easy to find the facts you are interested in using the search engine. Chiromancy with explanations will help you to find and read special signs in your hands.

It does not need special education or certificates of attendance.

Life Palmistry - Palm&Gender

The app can scan and give information about all possible areas of life, such as finances, love, and health.

Google Play

11. Palm reading- Live Palm Reader

Palm reading- Live Palm ReaderThe Palm Reading app allows you to read your palm quickly and easily.

For this purpose, a special questionnaire has been created here, which you need to answer. This will help the application to make the result more accurate.

Find your lifeline in the palm of your hand and characterize it.

Also, here you can learn more about the signs of the zodiac and their peculiarities. This way, you can get closer to yourself and your loved ones.

Palm reading- Live Palm Reader

This free application will give you accurate information about your character. You will get useful recommendations based on the lines of your hand.

Google Play

12. Palm Reading Plus

Palm Reading PlusThe Palm Reading Plus app learns how to read lines in the palm of your hand.

You can interpret the different predictions that each hand offers for your destiny. You will learn how to read the palm of your hand freely.

You will learn how to read the future and you will learn the meaning of the palm lines and how to interpret them.

Chiromancy is the science of astrology or Tarot for those who can think and analyze. Fortune-telling does not need knowledge in medicine, so everyone can do it for free.

Thanks to this app, you can interpret the characteristics that each hand offers.

You can share your future with friends or analyze their palms.

There are many ways to understand the future and predict it as what will happen soon. One of the best ways to understand the future is chiromancy is strength and the ability to read the palm lines.

Palm Reading Plus Palm Reading Plus

Reading your hands is extremely simple and has different steps. This application also offers you the best training videos with steps. Use them to make everything more than right and perfect.

Google Play

13. AstroSoul


AstroSoul app will give you access to forecasts for each day, week, month or year that are based on reading your hands.

Besides, here you will find the exact compatibility of zodiac signs. As well as the advice and prediction of an astrologer.

In the app, you will receive such things as a horoscope by date of birth. some predictions for the day, compatibility of zodiac signs, both love, and general. personal oracle horoscope and so many fascinating things.

Having learned the prediction you will know about the upcoming events. You will be ready for them. Chiromancy and horoscopes will be more clear for you with this app


Fortune-telling and chiromancy have been used to find out what the future holds.

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