DOSPRN Software Review

DOSPRN will be the real savior of your old DOS programs. These days, many laser and inkjet printers have powerful features but cannot print plain text with formatting precision. In addition, some inexpensive printers cannot print in text mode at all.

The DOSPRN program will allow you to use old DOS programs with new printers, regardless of their type. For example, USB and network printers, print servers, and PDF printers.

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What’s more, DOSPRN supports Epson and HP PCL print control languages emulation, various international code pages, landscape and portrait printing, color text conversion, full positioning, and many other functions.

Another argument in support of DOSPRN is that the program has a support system. Many users may have questions or problems. Compose your question and send it to the support specialists and they will definitely answer you.

The developer’s website will allow users to get acquainted with more detailed information and principles of work.

You can start DOSPRN using a shortcut on the Desktop or in the “DOSPRN” folder in the Windows main menu.

If you put the program in a startup, then the DOSPRN program can start automatically together in the operating system from the “Startup” folder. After starting DOSPRN, you can find the program icon in the system tray area.


The program has the following menu options. Open – opens the main window with DOSPRN settings. Print File – This allows you to select and print a text file.

Print – prints documents from the queue. Orientation — Changes the orientation of the paper when printing. Clear Queue – removes documents from the queue. Cancel – closes the menu. Exit – exits DOSPRN.

The program has an intuitive and clear interface with a convenient location of the necessary buttons for control. It will not be difficult to understand the essence of the work. You can see additional guides for using the program.

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In general, DOSPRN will help users print plain text with formatting precision. You can use it with your DOS program by customizing it for yourself. Moreover, the program can work with any type of printer.