9 Best intuition trainer apps (Android & iOS)

Human intuition is one is the hottest topics for numerous discussions and arguments in our society. And since the esoteric sciences are becoming more popular, the issue of intuition also is. What is intuition in fact? The ability of one to have an extraordinary sense regarding the events that will happen? Or is it just the basic safety instinct that we have inherited from our ancestors?

Can humans use the intuition in the real-life or better to always apply to your common sense? Nowadays, there are lots of tips on how to develop your intuition, how to learn to listen to it and so on. But how to understand when and where you can turn to your intuition?

Some people are simply going crazy with it starting applying to intuition with each case possible which makes no sense as well. But is it true that some of us have better intuition than others? According to which criteria then you estimate it?

As you can see, this vigorous things called “intuition” causes more questions than answers, and we have a long way ahead of studying what this intuitive feeling really is. But still, is you want to upgrade your intuition skills which, who knows, could maybe have a fatal influence on your life, then check out this list of the apps below.


Even though the question on how exactly to train your intuition is still opened, there are pretty popular apps on the market dedicated to that. INTU is one of the apps that are easy and interesting to use. Even if you are not that much into all these esoteric practices, you will definitely have fun by using this app.

The app doubts the idea of rational thinking that is cherished in the modern world and urges us to switch our focus to our inner gut and explore our inner world. There are various exercises which will help you to train your intuition. You will have to answer the questions, guess the pictures when there are no reasonable tips for the right answer.

The app also has the inbuilt timer that will tell you the right amount of time that you can take to make your decision. INTU will also help you to better understand the emotional nature of a human being and learn how to understand your own feelings, and, what is more important, the feelings of others.

This app also claims to provide you with a more harmonized life. Moreover, there was a research conducted which had shown that of 165 CEOs examined, just 25% of those with a low intuition score managed to double the size of their business over a five year period. For those with a high intuition score, the figure leaped to 81%.

Another advantage of this app is that it is actually doesn’t consume a lot of your personal time. You don’t have to spend hours on this app, like meditation, trying to train your intuition. 10-15 minutes each day – and you’re good.



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2. Extra Sense

There is a theory that women’s intuition is always better than men’s. Well, you’ve probably heard about it, it is a quite popular statement. The rational explanation can be that women are more often tend to rely on their feelings rather than on cold thinking. No one can say for sure if it’s good or not.

But men can develop their intuitive feeling as well. Actually, there is no gender discrimination in this sense – all it takes is just practice. And this intuition trainer for Android suggests not only to do that but also to have a fun time playing various games.

In total, there are 9 different games that you can easily play when you are doing something else, like watching a video or cooking. The games are endless and meditative. But since they are games, the complexity of them grows from level to level, along with the growth of your sensitivity.

The interface of the app could’ve looked better but for the main goal – developing intuition, the design is not the fatal point. At the end of each game you will see how much of a score you gained and what aspects do you still need to work on.



3. Intuition Pro

To be honest, at first sight, this app looks rather like a financial analytics app than an intuition trainer. But it immediately proves that this software will be a perfect choice for those who are taking their intuition seriously and are really ready to work on it along with tracking their progress.

Intuition Pro offers you unlimited and free access to training quizzes to improve your predictive anticipatory skills. The more training you do, the more aware you become of your subconscious body reactions, and the more you enhance your ability to anticipate future events.

The app conducts the full statistics of your activities and shows all the results in percentage ratios. There are different exercises that will help you train and develop your intuition. By the way, there is a part of the truth, when speaking about the fact that this app looks like a financial analytics one.

The thing is that one of the main goals of the app is to train your intuition for financial decisions and investment. And that makes great sense since often in the stock trade world it is impossible to predict how the events are going to be and all that is left is to rely on the gut feeling.

Therefore, this app will mostly suit those who want to develop specifically the business intuition. Not a bad choice at all – when you have a certain goal to become the best at your craft, all tools are good.




4. Intuition game

This app is more simple and will suit those who want to have a good time more than to train their intuition (or mix these 2 activities together). The app includes only one game where you have to guess the location of a circle on the picture.

You need to click on the black circle as many times as possible. The number of attempts is the number of points you scored. The tricky part here is that the time of the game is limited down to 20 seconds so you have to learn to fully rely on your feelings and make decisions fast.

For each click on the black ball, 2 seconds are added. The main goal of the game is to guess where the black circle is as many times as possible. But once again, if you want a multi-functional app with lots of sections and exercises, this app isn’t your first choice.



5. Magic Intuition

Ok for those who still want to have more than just a mediocre intuition game app, this is a great one with a bunch of interesting and useful games. You can roll the dice, you can play the card game, you can play the planet game. The design may be may seem simple, but it is just performed in the minimalistic style and thus doesn’t distract your attention from the main aspect – improving your intuition.

Moreover, this app will suit everyone – whether you are just a person who likes games like these or a businessman who would like to train his 6th sense to be successful in the stock trade. The games in Magin Intuition will also help you to learn more about yourself, the way you make a decision and your true feelings.

All games are separated into several rounds. The rounds themselves are not that long, but you also have to make the decisions quickly and don’t hesitate too much. Eventually, you’re just training. There are various levels of complexity in each game so as you’re becoming more advanced you’re going to a higher level.

The app collects the statistics of your progress. An interesting feature here is that it tracks not only yours but also the statistics among the players all around the world so you can compare your results to the others’. By the way, the app has quite a specific sound theme so you’ll either get used to it or you can set the vibration mode.

Among games represented here, you will find Soccer Betting (a game of chance), Zener Cards (a tool from early 1930-s tests the extrasensory perception), Space Game (there you will need to save you and your team on a spaceship) and many more.

And another interesting feature that the app even has the display of Forex current ratios in the real-time mode. There are 9 pairs of currencies. But don’t worry all your data is going to be well protected (at least the developers promise that).


6. ESP Trainer

This app actually is one of the most popular intuition trainer apps. As you can see, there are not so many good intuition trainers on the market which would really serve their purpose and, what is more, wouldn’t be boring. Besides, ESP Trainer differs from all the apps that we have observed in our list previously.

Here you rather have to solve the tasks with symbols with different colors. You will have to guess which symbol you need without any information given. The game works like a kaleidoscope where you have to guess which slide will come next.

One significant thing here nice to mark is the interface of the app. If in previous apps the developers seemed not to pay that much attention to it, then here you can enjoy all the graphical aesthetics. ESP Trainer tracks your progress and makes the statistic on all your games as well.


7. Are You Psychic

Another interesting app that seems to have appeared on the market quite recently, but will probably gain some success in the future. And even if it’s called in a little bit different way, it is still an intuition trainer. Just, in this case, the app is dedicated more to defining the level of your intuition.

The game itself is super simple – you just go through the cards with the symbols. Each time you see a new symbol you must guess what it is and what it means. When you are ready to answer you just tap on the screen and hear the answer. See if you’re right or wrong.

A distinctive feature of the app is that, unlike all those apps we had before, in this one you don’t have the time frames for making the correct answer. You can take your time and think as long as you wish. Moreover, the overall design of the symbols looks pretty nice.

Are You Psychic7

8. Intuitive Life Coaching Oracle

If you are looking for a traditional intuition trainer like games and exercises then this app is not your choice. Intuitive Life Coaching Oracle is more a guide to the world of intuition.

It will be especially helpful for beginners, a.k.a. for those who only start their journey with exploring the 6th sense and here they will find many interesting facts and practices. The main idea of these texts is to live up your conscious mind.

Once you have identified your emotional challenges and brought them into your awareness, it frees you up to make new choices, and to live a life that you design consciously – instead of the one you unconsciously accept as your reality. You will find out about all the gifts and strengths you possess and will learn to appreciate them.

Here you will find different tips on how to act in various life situations, which path to choose. And, the main thing, you will find out how to trust your heart and use your feeling in the right way. You decide, you make the choices and ultimately you experience the consequences of your actions.

In that respect, Intuitive Life Coaching Oracle Cards guide you with daily wisdom. There are two versions, the first one is free, but the second one contains more information and got all the texts unlocked. In this version you will also get a complete deck of 77 cards, beautifully illustrated, covering many topics regarding daily issues.


9. Intuition Training

So as you can see there are lots of ways in which intuition can be applied in daily life. It’s totally your choice whether to believe in it or not. You can play intuition training games for fun or you can track your progress trying really to improve your 6th sense. Later you will see the results if it works or not.

The last app on our list may not be the best one, but it’s the classic intuition trainer game that has been on a market for a while. It has its specific features, like for example. its design which is performed in a simple style. It is a super straightforward game where you just have to guess the square.

The advantage of this app is that it won’t occupy much of the memory space of your phone.

Intuition Training9

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