9 Best My Track Cost Calculator Apps in 2024 (Android & iOS)

Finance literacy is so necessary in today’s world, and it helps to keep track of expenses and income, reduce spontaneous and unnecessary spending, and save money for future dreams and plans. For this purpose, so many innovative apps have been developed for smartphones, which are easy to use and extremely convenient for financial calculations and analysis.

Now, we are going to talk about managing your life’s expenses in this article. You can also find a selection of Best Second Hand Sale Apps helpful to save a bit more money. So, it is time to start the review.

1. Cost Track – Expense Tracker & Budget Manager

Cost Track is a rather elaborate app for convenient expense tracking. One of its features is the ability to add a comment, location, and photo to each expense. In addition, you can even attach an audio recording if you do not have time to write exactly what you spent your money on. The app also allows you to manage several budgets at the same time.

Conveniently, you can divide your expenses into categories, for example, you can create your own or use the suggested ones. The app is quite handy for managing a family budget. There are many expense and income categories with simple but beautiful icons. Also, this app will help you easily filter your financial statistics by time, category, and location.

In general, the app will help you create a plan for your financial transactions. It will also give tips on how to set aside money for an expensive purchase faster and easier. The user, in turn, should clarify their monthly income and all obligatory expenses, as well as planned spending.

The main advantage of the application is the ability to keep records in different currencies. Almost all currencies are available: dollars, euros, pounds sterling, and others. By the way, you can also keep a budget in bitcoins.

Cost Track - Expense Tracker & Budget Manager1
Cost Track - Expense Tracker & Budget Manager1
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2. Money Manager

Money Manager is a tool that allows you to control your income, expenses, total cash flow on a monthly basis and generate statistical data.

Therefore, in contrast to many applications, Money Manager allows you to view all your data not only from your cell phone but also from your PC. It is enough to use a Wi-Fi connection to edit and sort out transactions, categories of income and expenses, groups of accounts, and other data directly on your computer.

Well, another advantage is that you can manage both debit and credit cards in the app. In addition, you can simply set a date of repayment here to make sure you do not miss a payday. It is also possible to set up an automatic transfer of funds to the card. In addition, you can send your budget data immediately to your email automatically.

Moreover, the application has its calculator, which speeds up the process of working with it. Also, along with all transactions, you can add comments and photos. Besides, you can view all of your expense categories on the main screen in percentages.

Money Manager2
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3. CoinKeeper — expense tracker

This application is one of the most demanded and well-liked ways to keep track of your finances. It is incredibly straightforward: you need to add several ways of receiving income, choose your expenses, and the icons that fit them. You have an option to set a password, use a fingerprint, or even a face to keep your data safe.

The main advantage of this app is the ability to keep track of overspending. Each category of spending should have a limit, when the user exceeds the limit, the icon of the particular category begins to glow red. This handy coin-shaped widget can be dragged and used to add transactions to an expense item.

Also, there is synchronization and data export, which allows you to make joint calculations and transfer information to other devices. CoinKeeper combines several of these functions. You should be guided by your personal preferences and choose what you need: complex charts or manual input of expenses. Besides, it has everything you need on one screen.

So, you can track the income and expense months. Also, you will see the categories on which the most money was spent. In addition, you can see the available balances of your accounts here as well. This app is great for those who manage a family budget and those who constantly use more than one bank card.

CoinKeeper — expense tracker3
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4. Zenmoney: expense tracker

This is another extremely simple and intuitive service with a minimalist design. You can create so many categories of expenses in Zenmoney: groceries, utilities, loans, taxes, and more. It analyzes expenses and makes a detailed report, where you can see how much money you spent in one category or another.

Also, you can add a bank card to the app, and it will automatically record all card transactions. In addition, this app is suitable for planning not only personal but also family budgets. A family account allows multiple family members to use the same account. Each user will have their login to the system, personal accounts, and different settings for comfortable app usage.

In addition, there is a handy check scanning feature that will help you record your expenses even faster. The app is great for those who are just starting to keep track of their income and expenses because Zenmoney has a simple and intuitive interface.

Zenmoney: expense tracker4
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5. Monefy – Budget Manager and Expense Tracker

Monefy is a minimalist, very simple, and intuitive application that is suitable for even beginners. This is where you will be able to record your income and expenses. There are two buttons on the main screen of the application: plus and minus. You need to click on one of them, enter the amount and select the desired category.

So, there is a customizable ring chart of expenses on the main screen where you can set the display of spending per day, week, or month. It automatically displays all the categories, and tapping on them will give you more detailed information on when and where the money was spent.

This app also cares about your security, so personal information can be protected by a password. Moreover, there are handy widgets that you can use on your lock screen.

Monefy - Budget Manager and Expense Tracker5
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6. Money Lover

Money Lover is an easy and convenient way to manage your expenses. So, you can track your expenses and plan your budget. With Money Lover, you can add financial details like income from wages, prizes or sales, loans, or part-time jobs. You can also label your expenses in different categories, from vehicle expenses to traveling and your expense categories.

When you record a specific expense, you can select a date and enter a note. Money Lover can work as a financial calendar because it has the function of reminding about debts and transactions. You can also work with different types of currencies, there are 45 of them, from USD to YEN.

You do not have to fear that your expenses will disappear because you can save them and restore them using your account. Also, this handy app always shows the balance you have today, taking income and expenses into account. Moreover, it can show your weekly or monthly balance by category of your expenses.

You can check the income-expenses statistics for the month at any time. The app shows your expenses by category, the gap in income and expenses compared to the previous month, and the biggest expense of the month. You will know exactly how much your family spends on food, utilities, and other things.

Money Lover6
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7. Moneon

This is one of the most straightforward budget planning applications, where you can set up desired categories of both expenses and income on your own. Its distinctive feature is the possibility for each user to create multiple wallets at the same time. Moneon is very useful when finances are spread across different accounts.

Also, Moneon is capable of adding expenses via voice. This will be suitable when hands are not free, you can ask, and the system will do everything on its own. In addition, the app has the ability to keep a budget in multiple currencies, track debts with a spreadsheet, and distribute the money among wallets.

If you want to keep track of your income and expenses as well as want to understand how much you spend and earn per month, then this app is right for you. After all, all statistics will be available in the form of a handy classic chart here. Moreover, access to Moneon is protected by a fingerprint scanner, Face ID, or a password.

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8. Expensify

The main task of the Expensify app is to store and recognize checks. In order to add a specific expense to the app, all you have to do is take a picture of the receipt. Thanks to SmartScan technology, the app enters the expenses on its own, analyzes them, and builds graphs.

Moreover, all receipts can be sent immediately to any person, for example to your boss. So, the app will also be convenient for those who run a business. After all, you can analyze expenses and income reports even faster here. Also, the app offers to use a credit card, with which all expenses and income will be automatically recorded in the app.

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9. Mint

Mint is a feature-rich app that will help your budget. Not only can you add expenses and income, but you can also track your credit score. Also, this app will help you keep track of small expenses that are harmful to your wallet in the long run. For instance, you can analyze spending on your subscriptions.

Also, the app will help you track changes in the payment of your debts. It will even improve the way you organize your finances. You can see a colorful pie chart with all your spending. It also includes many handy tools such as invoices and groups of bills, lists of categories, scheduled payments, smart budgets, flexible and customizable reports, and much more.

On top of that, the app is suitable for everyone, because it lets users control cash, bank accounts, and credit cards.

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