7 Best Emoji Translator Apps & Websites

Emoji are beautiful creatures from Japan, which are loved by all people on our planet for their colorfulness and emotionality. So what do they mean? That is the question we are going to answer today. In our article, you will find the top apps and websites that will tell you more about them.

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1. ‎‎Yandex Translate

This is a relatively well-known online translator, functioning with about a hundred languages. Now it also has an emoji translation feature. For example, if you have always wondered what the most common emoji on your keyboard means, you can try to find out what they are.

In addition, you can translate text into emojis. And this feature works with all languages offered, not only English. Moreover, this program can work offline. You only need to download an emoji pack to keep them at your fingertips at all times. In addition, the program works quite efficiently with no bugs, therefore the translation is automatic and pleasant.

Yandex Translate1
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2. ‎EmojiCoder

This application has a simple interface and user-friendly functionality that allows you to use the main functions of the service with comfort. When you enter the app, you are greeted by a translator and you can translate text and emojis.

In addition, the app supports two-way translation, so you can even translate the emoji into text. Moreover, you can send the translated emoji via Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, and email. In addition, there is an instant copy function, so you do not need to copy the text.

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3. ‎Emoji Translator: Text & Emoji

This is a full-featured application that provides you with a text-to-emoji converter and vice versa. The app supports more than 99 languages, allowing you to translate text from any language. In addition, the program translates text, sentences, and even speech texts. It is rather straightforward to use and decode your text as you type.

Also, you can see what words the app translates into emojis and choose the emoji that you want. In addition, you can instantly copy the emoji in the app and send them to your friends. In addition, the app supports random text input, so you can evaluate the translator and select the emoji you want.

Emoji Translator: Text & Emoji3
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4. superemojitranslator.com

This service provides you with a website where you can translate text into emojis. The website has a beautiful design and user interface. Also, you can see on the page detailed instructions on how to use the translator and what it is intended for.

To translate your text into emoji, you merely need to enter the text, and after that, the service will instantly give you the emoji. It is worth noting that the service provides a good translation and presents emojis that are easy to interpret.


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5. Monica’s Emoji Translate Tool

This is an extraordinary site for you and your friends. Here you compose a text, and the program itself adds emojis to it. However, there is one unique feature.

The program itself chooses which part of the text to convert to emoji, and what to save without changing. In addition, there is a handy button to copy the text, so it is even easier to keep the text and send it to your friends.

Monica’s Emoji Translate Tool5

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6. ‎Fun Translations

This is a rather remarkable website that presents a lot of text-processing options. All of the translators here have certain features. You can choose what works best for you. In addition, all translators are categorized. On the main screen, you can choose what is suitable for you.

For example, there are translators related to movies and TV series, unique texts, and dialects. Here you can create some sort of emoji with your favorite book characters, Marvel heroes, or Game of Thrones.

Fun Translations6

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7. LingoJam Emoji

This is another service that offers a chance to try the features of unusual text typing. In addition, this translator selects the text to be translated.

This way, you will get a funny message with emojis that you can forward to your friends and family. You can also generate a random note. So you can not only test the abilities of the service but also generate random funny messages.

LingoJam Emoji7

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