15 Free Football Streaming Apps for Android & iPhone in 2024

Today we are pleased to present you our collection of the best apps for watching sports. Here you will find super different but fascinating services that will delight you with exciting games. You may also appreciate the article Best Sports Betting Apps where you not only watch the game but also predict the winners.

American football streaming apps

1. ESPN: Live Sports & Scores

This service offers a huge flow of information, but its structure is user-friendly. So, to begin with, the latest news from popular sports sections is published here. In addition, there are sections on various popular topics. Moreover, you can watch live broadcasts, programs, movies, and much more.

For example, you can watch live sports broadcasts without any subscriptions. In addition, users here not only watch different sports but also use them for betting on sports. After all, here you can watch a variety of leagues, not only soccer but hockey or basketball. In addition, you can find statistics about past matches, teams, and individual players.

In general, there are sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer, NCAAM, MMA, and Tennis. Also, it has boxing. In addition, there are schedules of upcoming games with the ability to search for games in the calendar. Also, you can select teams and monitor their news.

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2. Yahoo Sports

This program allows you to be always engaged in the game. Its main advantage is that it has personalized prognoses and exciting news columns. In addition, it has a unique notification system that offers its users the opportunity to follow all the events of their favorite teams without much difficulty.

You can set them up so that you can be notified when a live broadcast, match, or player swap starts. All in all, it all depends on your imagination. In addition, you can also customize the sports, teams, and players you want to follow. You can also get statistics about the team lineup and the position of players on the field.

Yahoo Sports2
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3. CBS Sports App: Scores & News

This is a modern sports streaming app where you can follow your favorite teams. As soon as you download the app and register, the service will prompt you to select your favorite sports club. After that, the app will start providing instant notifications about all of your team’s results, lineups, and stats.

In addition, you can watch live matches and get access to the news feed, which publishes the latest news about all sports events around the world. In addition, the application has additional features to help you watch your favorite matches in comfort. One such feature allows you to follow at least 8 games simultaneously on one screen.

Also, expert betting tips are published inside the app so that you can predict future matches. You can also adjust the appearance of the app to your preferences and watch your favorite teams.

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4. theScore: Sports News & Scores

This app is one of the top-rated apps thanks to its extensive functionality and intuitive interface. The application covers many sports events, which you can view at any time. Also, thanks to the news feed, you can find out a lot of fresh useful information. In addition, you can customize the feed so that only your favorite teams and leagues are displayed.

In addition, the app has several useful tools, including comprehensive pre-match analytics. Experts publish daily analytics on various matches that you can preview.

In addition, the app allows you to follow hot topics among fans. When viewing a match, the app provides detailed statistics about teams and players, odds and lines, as well as the latest news.

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5. FanCred

This app gives you access to live events from your phone or tablet. You can also easily view your friends’ news and share what is on your mind as well. You can also view everything that is currently on the air. There are not only sports. Go to the On Air tab and you will see many popular channels that are currently broadcasting.

Also, there are chat rooms dedicated to a particular sport where users from all over the world chat. In addition, you can personalize your account and have an active discussion with your followers. Users can also choose their favorite teams and follow their matches and news.

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European football streaming apps

6. Live Soccer TV: Scores & Stats

This application is suitable for those who love soccer. The advantage of this app is that there are different teams, both men’s and women’s. In addition, here you can view the statistics of the teams, their current position, and future matches. In addition, there is plenty of news and trending topics to discuss.

You can use filters here to search for topics that you are interested in. Besides, there are a lot of streams and live broadcasts for all tastes. In addition, you can also save broadcasts to your favorites and search by category. In order not to miss out the program offers you to use their notification system.

Also, you can add them to your calendar and keep track of upcoming matches. In addition, the program supports Dark Mode for more comfortable use at night

Live Soccer TV6
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7. SuperSport

With this app, you can enjoy streaming matches including tennis, cricket, rugby, and soccer. The app has a clear interface that allows you to find the match or team you want. While watching a match, you will be able to chat with other fans as well as view group chats.

Even if you miss a match you wanted to watch, the app will give you the highlights of the match in video format when the game is over. In addition, you will be able to customize the app according to your preferences and receive instant updates about your favorite teams.

Also, the app gives you notifications as a reminder of the upcoming match with the date and time, so you will not miss the broadcast you are interested in. In addition, you can share and view cool matches with your friends directly via the app.

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8. Fox Sports

An alternative for watching football can be this service. There is a large number of broadcasts relevant to you. Here you can also choose teams and follow their progress. There is a small summary of the players and their abilities. Also, some users use this app as a betting tool.

After all, there are statistics about upcoming matches that help analyze the situation on the field. In addition, the program offers a wide range of news collected for your taste.

Fox Sports8
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9. 365Scores – Live Scores 

This service is your personal sports channel and assistant. First of all, here are the online results of matches and everything that happens on the field. Also, users are instantly notified of the most minor changes in the course of the game. In addition, you can take advantage of detailed statistics about each player on the field.

On top of that, all content will be tailored to your interests and preferences. It can also be displayed in a widget window, which is convenient. In addition, the app contains different sports. You can watch both tennis and basketball. Also, there are short video clips of the special best moments of the game.

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10. Livestream

This is a great app that offers you to watch live broadcasts online. In addition, you can watch live football matches of good quality. Moreover, the search engine is easy to use. All you have to do is type in what you are interested in. There are also many other broadcasts from all over the world.

So, you can just go to the category you are most excited about and find what is relevant to you. After all, users are sharing different videos and their opinions in the app. You can subscribe to channels and discuss sports news with fans just like you.

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This app has become one of the leading sports broadcasts in the world for fans. Some sports include soccer, rugby, basketball, tennis, wrestling, boxing, tennis, and more. Besides, both professional and college leagues are broadcast here.

In addition, the best moments of the matches are published here, which you can re-watch several times. So, apart from the broadcasts, there are also matches you might have missed. In addition, the app is suitable for keeping track of upcoming matches and events. Also, you can create a personal account to keep up to date with the news.

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12. ‎The Athletic: Sports News

This is a fairly well-known sports portal. It covers all the latest and hottest news from the world of sports. Here you can choose topics, teams, and magazines that interest you. So, the program will get to know more about your tastes and suggest what might be of interest to you.

Also, you can keep track of the games you were planning to watch. The service will regularly advise you on where to watch a particular game. Overall, this is a good app with a nice interface that will never leave you without your favorite football game.

The Athletic: Sports News12
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13. Startimes on

This is another service with some interesting features. First of all, you can follow news from the world of sports that interests you. Also, you can personalize the app so that it will show you only certain news from portals that you are interested in. Here you can also subscribe to channels and follow their columns.

In addition, there are always broadcasts of exciting games. Even if you miss a game, you do not have to worry. After all, there is a collection of the best game-changing moments here. In addition, you can view many other broadcasts as well. For example, there is a collection of reality shows, news, movies, and serials for all tastes.

Startimes on13
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14. BBC Sport

This app is a prominent news portal that covers sports news from around the world. Its peculiarity is that the news here is reliable and up-to-date. In addition, there is a selection of the best moments of the game. Also, here you can create a personal account. Then, the app will suggest you personalize your newsfeed.

This way, you will not miss a single match. In addition, you can also read about the events of the sports world and certain teams you are interested in. In addition, the app has a user interface.

So it is easy to navigate through the tabs, view statistics, open live broadcasts, and follow the game. As for the statistics, they are the most accurate here. You can find out the smallest details of the game and predict the winners.

BBC Sport14
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15. ‎LiveScore: Live Sports Scores

This is another app that sports fans, especially foosball, have been using for a long time. After all, there are many advantages not only for watching but also for taking a more professional approach to the game. First of all, of course, there is live streaming. Also, you can watch the highlights of the game.

Secondly, you can find analytics, team line-ups, and formations. Also, there is more detailed data that will be of interest to sophisticated viewers. Finally, the program impresses with the amount of news and personalized articles. In addition, you can be among the first to catch up on breaking news and reports.

Everything will be displayed on the main page of the app. Also, you can customize news, favorite teams, players, and news portals. In addition, it has all the features of a modern app that focuses on the quality experience of watching sports.

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