Velocibox Game Review

If the point of the game is to get you to play, Velocibox does a great job. Users get glued to their Vita by playing several times. And if you look at the overall stats, your average playing time for all of the above can be about nine seconds. Yes. Nine measly seconds.

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Velocibox is a ripping game taken to the absolute extreme. Pronounced as “an intense game designed for a hardcore audience,” the goal of Velocibox is simple: guide the eponymous velociraptor, a square block, through a tunnel filled with hazards, avoiding collisions with barriers and colored tiles and collecting other square blocks to increase your score. As we’ve said before, it’s simple.

However, achieving this goal is an incredibly difficult task. The speed at which the velomobile rushes through the tunnel is precipitous to say the least, and the dangers are many, the walls and floor lined so that you can barely squeeze through.

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But you have to squeeze through, as you duck left and right and use the jump button to move across the ceiling. However, when you jump, instead of bouncing to the ceiling, the screen rotates so that the ceiling becomes the floor.

This actually makes avoidance a little more difficult, because as the screen rotates, an object that was on your left is suddenly on your right–to avoid it, you have to be prepared to do the opposite of what your brain told you to do just a few nanoseconds before.

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