9 Free Workout Of The Day (WOD) Apps 2024 (Android & iOS)

We have gathered the most practical workout sets of the day in this article. Some of the presented applications provide workouts that can only be performed in the gym, while others offer exercises that require no special equipment, but a simple horizontal bar, hoop, or jump rope.

In addition, these apps suggest different training modes for people of different physical strengths. Also, we advise you to check out the article 11 Best Pilates Apps, which includes some of the best training routines that can be performed at home.

1. SmartWOD Timer – WOD timer for HIIT workouts

This app for home workouts will strengthen muscles without external medications. In addition, the app has excellent reviews from advanced athletes. First of all, this app has everything you need to train without the help of a trainer or special equipment. Specifically, it has various kinds of special timers that will be with you in all workout stages.

In addition, this fitness app features four different types of workouts that are typical for WOD. For example, some trainings are designed for a maximum number of repetitions or require a lot of effort and strict time control. There are complexes and workout variations suitable for both beginners and professional athletes.

You will be able to choose the optimal and most effective training program. Secondly, the app offers you to track your results based on your workouts. You will get a mini-review that contains all of your successes.

It is also worth mentioning that the app will praise you for your efforts with a motivational sound that will be played at the end of each workout. Thus, you will not have to constantly monitor what is happening on the screen, as the sounds can guide you.

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2. SmartWOD Workout Generator

SmartWOD is an app from the creators of the previous one. However, it performs slightly different functions and is designed for sports equipment you have at home. It has 21 pieces of equipment, including dumbbells, rings, pull up bar, jump rope, rope, and some others. In addition, the app also offers a variety of exercise routines.

The second thing is that this app is great for those who are having trouble deciding on their exercise routine. After all, SmartWOD can randomly compose your workout on its own. For example, in the AMRAP timer, you can try to do as many sets of reps or rounds in a fixed workout time.

Exercises will be designed for specific muscle groups, such as biceps, triceps, abs, and calf muscles. In addition, the AMRAP timer keeps working automatically in the background mode. You can also test your speed with the For Time mode.

All trainings have to be performed as fast as you can while the timer is counting down. The interval training will also beep every time one interval ends and the next one starts.

SmartWOD Workout Generator2
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This is a balanced fitness app that gives you several productive features. First of all, this app has detailed workouts available. In addition, they are designed for different cases of life, such as rehabilitation, muscle growth, or health maintenance. Also, it is worth mentioning that there are training videos that will accompany you during your workout.

In addition, there is a written description of how to perform the exercises correctly. Secondly, you can add your preferred exercises to your favorite ones. Thirdly, the app offers an opportunity to evaluate your body’s capabilities. You will get a detailed analysis at the end of your workouts, which will contribute to your physical development.

The app offers you three types of analysis, such as a daily one, before and after your workout. Moreover, they adjust to workouts in the gym and at home. Also, the app features the ability to track your progress statistics. This should motivate you to keep working out.

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4. WOD Roulette

WOD Roulette is an app that is perfect for those who are fed up with standard workouts and would like to find a unique set of exercises. The app presents over 100,000 training routines in the CrossFit style. You can easily find a specific workout and regularly complete a workout based on it. Just shake your phone or tap on the roulette and the app will instantly show you the workout.

The app also includes couples workouts, which allow you to share your exercise routine with someone else and make it more enjoyable. There are several activity styles available in the app, ranging from strength exercises to body lifting. In addition to stamina exercises, the app has a workout system suitable for travel and hotels.

WOD Roulette4
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5. Wodstalk – CrossFit WOD & RM tracker

It is extremely intuitive and a fun-to-use program. You can easily find a workout of the day that matches your needs. Besides, you can save your results immediately after each workout and compare them with your past performance. This will allow you to compare your results and increase your motivation to keep training.

All your results will be kept in the cloud, which will allow you to enter the app offline. Moreover, you can send your workout results to another device and train via it. It’s worth noting that the app offers you a very nice feature. It allows you to create your workouts based on AMRAP and time.

Wodstalk - CrossFit WOD & RM tracker5
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6. Hero WOD: Crossfit WOD Creator

This is another fascinating free app that is made for champions. This program is suitable for self-training for beginners. First of all, it appeals to the variability of the workouts that you can schedule yourself. The app has three types of filters, which are based on equipment, movements, and category.

The nice thing is that all this is presented in the form of handy icons, by clicking on which you will get information on the percentage of available workouts. In addition, there is a wide range of sports equipment, among which there are regular indoor and outdoor ones. The outdoor range of sports equipment includes a running area, benches, sled, and swim area.

This way, you can choose which muscles need to be trained. It is worth pointing out that the exercises collected here have detailed instructions, and various video guides on how to perform. It is also notable for its settings, for example, you can enable or disable the sound signals during exercises. Moreover, there are as many as six exercise categories, unlike other applications.

Hero WOD: Crossfit WOD Creator6
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7. btwb: WOD Tracking

This is a tool that not only contains a base with plenty of proper fitness programs but also acts as your activity diary. In fact, it has everything you need to lead an athletic lifestyle. First of all, the app is perfect for keeping track of your workouts and their quality. The app has a notable calendar where you can record your workouts in the gym or at home.

Second, it is also good for analysis. You will immediately get a brief overview of your capabilities, weaknesses, and strengths. Track your results in a convenient format. The app will make graphs and tables of your progress.

Finally, this app is like a mini-community in which athletes share all their challenges and insights. After performing a set of exercises, you can take notes along with pictures. So, you have the chance to share your best workouts right in the app to motivate other users.

btwb: WOD Tracking7
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8. Seven: 7 Minute HIIT Workout

The WOD is suitable for everyone. This app will prove it. Seven can help people who do not have any special fitness skills. It offers you just seven minutes of exercise per day. All workouts are accompanied by a user-friendly and simple interface. The app has a mini-guide at the beginning.

Here you can set your goal, according to which the app will automatically pick up the workout. Among them are calorie-burning, muscle building, and health care. You will also be able to set up workout days, and the app will remind you to dedicate seven minutes to your fitness routine. In addition, the app is impressive in its usage potential.

There are daily tasks from the coach, done playfully. It also features cardio, stretching, and fat-burning challenges. The app is also great for those who want to focus on a specific body part. In addition, there is a section with the most popular workouts of the day.

Seven: 7 Minute HIIT Workout8
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9. SugarWOD

This app is a kind of community for people involved in sports. It is also characterized by the possibility to join the community of your gym club. This highly-rated app is a social network in which you can share your workouts with reports and photos. Also, you can add friends and compete with them.

Moreover, the app is suitable for tracking your progress. In addition, you can create your workouts and be a coach for other users as an independent athlete. This way, your workout of the day can become unique. Users from all over the world are constantly adding more and more activities.

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