7 Best Clue Game Apps for Android & iOS

Do you like puzzles and mysteries? This article is dedicated to all those who like to play guessing games. If you are a real strategist and like to get to the bottom of things, these apps are perfect for you. After all, clue games are designed to investigate a crime or some other cases. As a result, one can feel like a real detective.

Users will be able to find small clues, play mini-games and solve mysteries. You will be completely immersed in the history of the case. Read the article below if you want to know more details. Here we will tell you the most popular games among users. People who like brainstorming games we recommend you to put your attention into these puzzle apps.

1. Clue

Almost everyone has heard of such a popular board game as Clue. The smartphone version has been available for a long time on both iOS and Android. You will find yourself trapped in an ancient mansion. There you will have to find out who is the murderer among you.

You will face the murder of Mr. Boddy. So, you are going to investigate the case and its details. Who is the assassin? Where was the crime committed? With the help of what? This is all for you to find out. Notes and guesses can be written down in a notebook. The game appeals with its design and well-developed 3d graphics.

Moreover, the action will be accompanied by great atmospheric music that will immerse you in a mysterious crime. In addition, you will be able to play Clue with your friends online. Consequently, you will have to explore a mysterious mansion, walk through the rooms, solve puzzles and search for items there.

You can choose which character you want to play for. The app has room for up to six players. So that means you can always play the board game with your friends right on your phones. Fans of the solo game can try the single-player version of the app.

clue 1

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2. Clue Detective board game

This app is a great version of the game Clue. Here you will also encounter a crime. You will find yourself trapped in a huge mansion with an assassin. The mansion itself has nine rooms. All of which are filled with clues. You move through the rooms according to the scores on the dice. Roll the dice and see where to go.

The player must get to the truth by playing mini-games and writing down his or her guesses. While moving around the house, look for hidden objects. At the same time, you cross out people who are not under suspicion. Clue Detective can be played more than once. After all, each new party is chosen randomly.

This means that the murders will take place in different rooms using certain weapons and by a particular person in this game. You can make assumptions about the murderer and provide pieces of evidence to the detective. Play with friends or with completely unfamiliar people online.

Clue Detective board game 2

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3. Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game

Challenge yourself with Mysterium. The events of the investigative game take place at the beginning of the twentieth century. A team of psychics has to solve a mysterious crime. It is also necessary to find out all the details of the crime: the method, the place, and the murder weapon.

This app is an adaptation of the famous board game. According to the critics, it is perfectly designed. You can enjoy excellent character and location drawing. Indeed, you can always play together with friends by just downloading the app. Otherwise, play it alone against the computer or with strangers online. Each option is interesting in its own way.

The developers also took into account the depth of the game’s story. Therefore, the Mysterium not only investigates the crime but also tells about the events of each medium’s background. Choose the character you like and play as him or her. The app gives you the opportunity to become a detective.

Mysterium A Psychic Clue Game 3

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4. Hidden Objects: Mystery Society Crime Solving

You will become a detective in this game, who will be investigating a series of robberies. For decades, detectives have been trying to figure out who the thief is. You can try it now. Mystery Society Crime Solving does not require an internet connection, so your phone’s charge will remain safe and sound. Welcome to a city full of riddles and mysteries.

There a user can also play a variety of mini-games, such as solitaire, various puzzles, and so on. By completing these tasks you will move forward in helping the citizens of Europe to get rid of annoying thieves. During the play, you will receive tips in the form of bonuses for a good game.

The app is already played by millions of users, so you can try it from now on. That way you will know which place in the tournament table will be yours.

Hidden Objects Mystery Society Crime Solving 4 Hidden Objects Mystery Society Crime Solving 4

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5. Crime Mysteries: Find objects

Crime Mysteries is a place where you have to solve crimes all over the magnificent city of Los Angeles. Your partners will be detectives Cash and Blunt who will help you in solving mysterious crimes. You can also try your skills in puzzle games, such as “three in a row”.

During the crime, investigation players find hidden objects and analyze all of them. You will want to play the Crime Mysteries more than once as there are regular updates. That way you will be able to immerse yourself in different missions and various new locations. You will not get bored at all.

We offer all users to appreciate the quality of the game’s graphics, its elegance, and its brightness. You can download the trendy app in the App Store and on Google Play in order to enjoy the investigation of crimes.

Crime Mysteries Find objects 5

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6. Who Is The Killer?

The next clue game is aimed at solving some cases. The plot is a classic English detective. Who Is The Killer? gives you a week to discover the identity of the murderer. Significantly, all characters have their own motive.

You have to hurry up to solve the case, as someone dies every day. In case you fail to succeed, the denouement risks not developing toward a happy ending. Make your way through the plot to explore the different story endings which the developers had planned. Play mini-games and look for suspicious items.

It is the only way you can find out who the killer is. The whole game will be accompanied by cups of coffee, which take the role of your energy. Make sure you complete all the tasks before you run out of them.

Who Is The Killer 6

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7. Broken Sword: Director’s Cut

There is a murder in the wonderful city of Paris in the autumn. You, as the player, have to solve the mysterious case. To solve the crime, you need to stroll through the city and collect items to solve the crime.

There are little clues to help you with this. The entire story is interactive. Now you have a chance to become a detective. You will feel all the charms of the graphic apps made in the tradition of clue games.

In the course of the plot, you will have to solve tricks and devote your time to mini-games. Most users like Broken Sword for its colorful plot and simple controls. You will intuitively solve problems as you move around Paris.

Broken Sword 7

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