11 Best mafia game apps (Android & iOS)

If you are not afraid to face the cool adventures and unpredictable stories, this kind of game will be a valuable find for you. There’s a top list of mafia games for your device:

Crime Coast HD: Mob vs Mafia

Crime Coast HD logoThe Crime Coast project is presented by a real-time strategy, developing on the same principles as Clash of Clans. Players are given an empty piece of land, a set of initial resources and indestructible power, and then allowed to apply any action that could lead to success.

You can, for example, increase the number of combat sorties or pay maximum attention to economic development, bribe the police or join an allied guild for additional privileges – to win any method is good!

Crime Coast HD

The main, albeit not quite obvious, the game goal is to reach the top of the criminal power. There are various ways to achieve this goal, but there is no way without combat operations – enemies will be destroyed and punished, other people’s bases will be destroyed, and the power will gradually accumulate. In addition, try to build a friendship with the law and order guards – a little bribery and so many bonuses!

The Crime Coast project is primarily a multiplayer one, so players will have to constantly cooperate or fight with other players – gain experience, earn a reputation or enter into alliances. Download the Crime Coast is recommended for diligent players – it’s a long way to go to build a business!

Crime Coast HD app

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Mafia City

Mafia City logoMafia City is a fascinating strategy that tells about the adventures of a gangster.

The story begins in the distant 1930s when the criminal world of America was rapidly developing, there were a lot of gangs, which caused fear to the ordinary people.

With Mafia City game you will plunge into those times and feel yourself a real hero. The player will feel like a real member of the gang and live by the unwritten laws of criminal gangs. You will need to act quickly and decisively, perform complex tasks and of course make money.

In the center of the plot of the game an ordinary American guy, who was involved in a gangster group by the will of fate. He has no choice but to live by the rules of the criminal world.

Mafia City app

Of course, at first, it’s very hard for the hero, because the rules are actually harsh and ruthless. After some time, the young man will learn to live by the new laws, can earn enough money to provide a better life for his family. Besides, he has no other choice, there is no way back either.

Graphics here are extremely high quality, perfectly detailed, the animation is smooth. As soon as you open the game for the first time, the training will immediately begin. Start building your mafia empire, increase your influence. Start building a biker camp, and start to train your fighters there.

The basis of the gameplay is the construction of various buildings that extract resources for the user. In addition to the player in the world of strategy, there are a huge number of other users, so there will be occasional skirmishes, up to bloody shootings.

To minimize losses, you need to join clans and unite with other users for mutual benefit. For communication, there is a convenient chat, available to all participants of the game.

The mafia never sleeps and is constantly terrifying the people of the city. Take advantage of all the features of the application, try to achieve your goals, that’s when your hero will win.

Mafia City

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Mafia Game – Gangsters, Mobs and Families

Mafia Game logoThe mafia from all over the country is gathering in Vegas. Destroy your competitors and become a Sin City Don!

In Mafia Game, you’ll experience the thrilling adventures of the ’50s. Gain experience and upgrade your skills in this role-playing game to defeat bloodthirsty opponents. Unite with your friends to create your own gang.

Mafia Game

Las Vegas awaits you with beauties, fast cars and plenty of opportunities to turn your handful of dollars into millions. The New York Family and the Chicago Organization are fighting to control the casino. Join the Family and pass all the way to the gangster boss. But don’t get caught in the middle!

Basic game features:

  • 90 quests in 9 different locations;
  • Over 70 unique abilities and cars;
  • Battles with other players;
  • Gang wars;
  • Weekly ratings with special prizes;
  • Comprehensive training program for an easy start.

Mafia Game app

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Mafioso: Gangster Paradise

Mafioso logoMafioso: Gangster Paradise is a multiplayer strategy that can captivate the player with its exciting gameplay.

The story tells the story of a world in which cities are captured by criminal gangs. They manage all local affairs and own most of the most important resources, so people close to them, have a lot of money and power.

The player’s goal is to create his own clan and get approval from the most influential mobsters, and then recruit them. It’s necessary to become the most influential and wealthy person first in a small town, and then in the whole world, getting the ubiquitous power and resources.


Rising to a certain level of skill, you can unite with your friends and fight with the rival clans together, defeating them and earning popularity.

Beautiful graphics and well-chosen soundtrack will plunge the user into the world of criminal games, in which you need to apply all its cunning, logic and charisma to circumvent the powerful people and take a cozy place at the top of the criminal hierarchy.

Mafioso app

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Grand Gangsters 3D

Grand Gangsters 3D logoGrand Gangsters 3D – in this world, you will have to show all the abilities to get out of difficult situations. Appearing on the streets of a big city, you will be lucky to start a difficult, but very interesting career of real gangster, with all the resulting bonuses and dangers.

To begin with, you will have to acquire the simplest firearm. But it’s not the main part of the fight. There will be many situations, where you will have to show your wit and logic.

Grand Gangsters 3D app

You will have to quickly delve into these situations: steal cars, collect on a debt, and in the end, to achieve total control over each piece of land. The Grand Gangsters 3D offers a bunch of exciting missions. The main character of the game will receive additional prizes, expensive gifts, and money as a reward for completing them.

With enough game currency, the character can visit the shop, where the coolest types of firearms will be presented. Each type has a different set of characteristics.

The character will open up new areas of the huge metropolis. In each area, the player will be waiting for a new mission package, as well as more and more dangerous and cunning opponents who don’t like the way you do business.

Are you interested? Then download Grand Gangsters 3D and start the game in a truly realistic city! Show this metropolis, who is in charge!

Grand Gangsters 3D

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Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas logoThe game Gangstar Vegas is a real action game that takes place in Vegas, and the main character is still a petty criminal. You will have to immerse yourself in the world of illegal transactions and try to achieve the highest position among the others.

There are no restrictions, you can do what you want on the streets of a large metropolis: attack passers-by or just make money illegally.

In the arsenal of the hero, there are many different types of weapons that can be used at any time. But at the same time, don’t forget about your own fists, which sometimes turn out to be much more reliable.

Gangstar Vegas

You will also be able to perform tasks, which initially will include simple hijackings or the massacre of other criminals. This way you will be able to earn respect and get more complex tasks, which later will lead you to the top.

During the game, the hero will meet a lot of different characters that will have their own interesting story and unique character.  A large selection of various cars, as well as a huge system of skills that allows you to perform a variety of tricks. But also don’t forget that your life can also be in danger because in the big metropolis of Vegas everything happens overnight.

Immerse yourself in the exciting and addictive world of gangland warfare.

Gangstar Vegas app

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Real Gangster Crime

Real Gangster Crime logoReal Gangster Crime is an exciting car thief simulator, which not only takes your breath away but also makes you get involved in the game.

Together with the main character of the game you will find yourself on the streets of New Vegas, which are filled with gangsters, cops and even special forces soldiers. Your incredible adventure will begin from this point.

Real Gangster Crime app

Open all the updated weapons, that appeared in the game, also find the secrets, that were hidden. Download Real Gangster Crime, and you will get new locations and tasks.

All this will help to become one of the most important persons among criminal groups. Don’t be afraid to get and use any firepower that will kill any opponent with a single blow. After all, now it has become even more powerful, and the choice is even wider.

Try every weapon to understand which one is most suitable for you. In addition to guns, transport such as tank and helicopter also was updated. You just need to download Real Gangster Crime to get full freedom in one of the most dangerous and criminal places.

The graphics in the game are excellent and bright and attracts attention from the first minutes. The special effects are so stunning, that you will want to look at them again and again. Show off your criminal talents and show off everything you can do in this fascinating game of Real Gangster Crime.

Real Gangster Crime

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Underworld Empire

Underworld Empire logoThe underworld is dangerous, but also interesting. The creators of the Underworld Empire have invented an exciting role-playing game.

By creating your own underworld empire, you can think of world domination. Besides your empire, there are many others, just as criminal, among which the diabolical CARTEL and ruthless MAFIA. In addition, the mass of street gangs are involved in the game.

Underworld Empire app

Have fun shooting other players! Your hero will become stronger, which will lead to the power of an empire. At the head of the army, you will be able to win battles against the leaders of the gangs. In the end, you will be the godfather.

The success of the game depends on the effective collection of the arsenal, among which is the legendary weapons. Destroy enemies using all sorts of weapons, as well as modern models of transport.

Among the mercenaries to defend the empire, there will be half a dozen lieutenants, each of whom has unique abilities. Lieutenants will have to deal with the destruction of their competitors, so take care to raise their level of efficiency.

Use the most powerful weapons to enhance the characteristics of your fighters in the underworld. This way you can better attack your enemies. And how many unique quests you’ll have to complete, from robbing a casino to getting your friends out of jail, or even taking over other people’s territory.

Use your skills to defeat the underworld leaders in real time and win legendary trophies.

Underworld Empire

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Stickman Mafia Gangster Gang Wars

Stickman Mafia Gangster Gang Wars logoStickman Mafia Gangster Gang Wars– action with the painted men in one of the criminal cities of the world.

Move to a big city, where you will become the most powerful man. Start small. Do missions involving bank robberies, car bombings, shootings and more.

Earn a reputation and money, buy houses, luxury cars, weapons and make powerful new friends. Move freely around the city, shoot with other criminal gangs, steal cars and try not to be seen by police cars. Grenade launchers, pistols, automatic rifles, bats and other weapons are waiting for you in the game, dozens of cars and hundreds of missions. You will not get bored!

Stickman Mafia Gangster Gang Wars

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Gang Wars: City of Mafia and C

Gang WarsGang War Mafia is a thrilling action game, with elements of a shooter. It is a GTA-style game. It’s got everything for mafia fans. And the gameplay is very similar to the famous and very popular Counter-Strike game.

If you want to try it yourself, or just to find out what is going on, then you need to download this game.

Gang Wars

At the beginning of the game, the user has a great choice, and which mode of play will take place. It can be a single battle against computer bots, a survival match, and much more. Here, everyone can find something that will be interesting to you.

Plus, here you can build your own criminal empire, counterfeit money, trade, cheat and evade your enemies.

Take part in a rivalry, try to get to the top of the rating, proving that you are the leader among all other gangs. Don’t forget to perform various tasks.

The design is very realistic. Sound accompaniment allows you to feel the whole atmosphere of shots and everything else. A huge selection of weapons and great opportunities for developing your character will help you become a confident authority among more experienced players.

Gang Wars

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Mafia Driver – Omerta

Mafia Driver - Omerta logoIf you have played a lot of Mafia games, you should remember that originally the game was a regular shooter, where driving a car was just an element in the gameplay. But the Mafia Driver – Omerta application has nothing but cars. And these cars all from the last century, when there were empty roads in the cities of America and the laws of the mafia reigned.

In the story, you will have the opportunity to become a driver of one of the cars of the Mafia. Here you will not just be a driver, but a person who has to perform the tasks of a mafia boss.

Mafia Driver - Omerta

Besides the fact that you will perform tasks in different cars, you will have limited time. And this is not that easy. That is, you need not only to drive quickly but also to promptly perform tasks.

Different missions will include getting away from the chase and driving as fast as possible on rough terrain. There are three game modes, that will help you to sharpen your skills in driving. The police chase mode is of great interest. You can play in 15 different levels. The difficulty of these levels is gradually increasing.

In the Mafia Driver – Omerta game you will enjoy the chic graphics and detailed drawing of cars. Atmosphere and diversity will reign at all levels. Pleasant sound accompaniment is also a good advantage of the game.

Mafia Driver - Omerta app

get it on google play