AltaMail app review

AltaMail app provides a new way to view and manage your email. This program will allow you to collect e-mail from various accounts in a single mailbox, view the history of correspondence with the selected contact, save, open and even (when installing additional software) print letters and attachments.

AltaMail, unlike the native mail program, does not read all letters at once, but only shows their headers. The main part of the letter is loaded only when you open it. When composing a letter, AltaMail has additional convenient formatting functions.

A huge number of settings give you the opportunity to work with a variety of fonts, colors, styles, shortcuts, smart folders, marks, and notifications. The application allows you to set various filters, create advanced search queries, mixed styles for the inbox, mass mailings and much more.

Let’s look at the main features of the application:

Balance of work and personal life

You can group and view your email in different categories, for example, work, personal, sports, etc.

The “location” function allows you to automatically view work letters at work, and home – at home. Or you can arrange letters according to your location. A convenient feature is the ability to program the sending of letters at a specific time.

Quick mail management

Swipe by letter controls fast actions. For example, move the letter, mark it as spam or read, delete, quickly reply with a template, postpone/set reminders and many others!

The calendar

Program events on your calendar so you don’t miss a single appointment.

Bulk mailing and templates

Create templates for group letters/mass mailings. Create a contact group and send them emails. You can also use templates for automatic response.


The application supports two-factor authentication. Therefore, you can not worry that your data will become available to anyone. All email is encrypted on your device.

Push notifications

Set notifications about new inboxes, configure filtering by sounds, addresses, themes, etc.

A convenient feature is the ability to view the history of correspondence with a separate contact.

As for attachments, AltaMail allows you to view the formats doc, docx, rtf, xls, xlsx, txt, html, pdf and many others, including audio and video. At the same time, the application can unpack zip archives and archive files. AltaMail also caches scanned emails and attachments, which ensures convenient work with the application and without an Internet connection.

However, this is far from all the features of the AltaMail application:

  • search by contact group;
  • improved Exchange performance;
  • unused mail folders;
  • quick delete and move;
  • several “From” addresses;
  • email Rules;
  • email Server Search;
  • click on the number of unread emails to view all unread emails;
  • set calendar reminders to keep track of email
  • Icloud, Dropbox, SugarSync, SkyDrive, etc.

The AltaMail application is an indispensable tool on your gadget that will make the process of working with mail easier and more functional!

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