11 Best Animal Face Photo Apps for Android & iOS

Are you wondering how you would look if you were an animal? In case it is relevant for you, our post is what you’ve been searching for.

The Apppearl team has chosen the coolest animal face photo apps. As you can see, they are capable of turning one’s face on a photo into an animal’s muzzle. You can’t imagine how funny it will be.

Within several taps only, you can install the tools below from the App Store or Google Play. After that, feel free to apply the animal masks to your photo to make it look awesome.

1. Animal Face Photo App

Animal Face Photo AppWe are going to start with Animal Face Photo App. Whether you are an Android or iOS device user, this very app will be a good choice for you.

In this case, the animals’ masks will be in the form of colorful stickers. At the same time, every sticker has cut for eyes. One more thing that makes these masks look real is adjusting. Thus, you will be able to zoom in and out, flip, rotate, change the opacity, and color the stickers.

As for the choice of masks, the app will surprise you a lot. So you will be able to turn yourself into a tiger, lion, dog, zebra, monkey, bear, and many other animals. If it is a group photo, you can apply the stickers to your friends, too. What is more, masks of various animals can be used.

As a bonus, the app will allow you to add text to a photo. Moreover, it will be fully customizable. By it, we mean an opportunity of choosing a font, color, pattern, location, and so on. Believe us that the added writings will look so unusual.

Finally, after editing a photo, you will be able to share it instantly via social media and messengers.

Animal Face Photo App

GooglePlay App Store

2. YouCam Fun – Snap Live Selfie Filters & Share Pics

YouCam FunYouCam Fun is one more app available on both platforms at once. It has a great collection of masks, including animal muzzles.

To begin with, the app is famous for its outstanding collection of masks. By using the app’s masks, you will have a chance to reincarnate into dozens of well-known characters. One more cool feature is the AR effect the app supports. We suppose you can definitely benefit from it. However, as you are especially interested in animal faces, we are going to review this very feature in detail.

The choice of animals’ muzzles will be wide. Panda, tiger, raccoon, owl, and many other animals are presented in the app. What is more, the form of masks differs depending on an animal. For example, you will be able to apply a part of a muzzle (eyes and nose) as well as a whole muzzle to your face. With this feature, your friends can easily recognize you.

One more advantage is that some masks will be completed by additional elements specific to this or that animal. Thus, when using a mask of a squirrel, the app will also add tine paws holding a nut. That is a thing that makes each photo look so creative.

One more distinguishing feature is that these stickers will be available to use while recording a video in the app. The masks will look as realistic as possible.

Besides, both photo and video will be available for editing. Thus, you can deal with backgrounds, frames, light leaks, and so on.

YouCam Fun

GooglePlay App Store

3. Beauty Face Plus : face morphing

Beauty Face PlusBeauty Face Plus is an app available on Google Play only. With it, you will have a chance to make yourself look like an animal.

First of all, the app’s collection of masks is really great. Whatever your taste, you will surely find an animal you like in the app. Totally, you will have access to more than 50 masks of a cat, lion, monkey, and other animals.

The app supports 5 types of applying a mask: face-off, face morph (4 options), part face, split effect, face blend. That’s why the result will fully meet your requirements.

As for an alternative, the app will provide you with an Eraser tool. It will give you many more opportunities for customization.

Would you like to turn yourself into a weird creature? If you do, the app will help you in this matter. The thing is that it also has a collection of particular parts, like eyes, noses, mouths, and so on. Choose them and add them to a photo as many elements as you wish.

Apart from this, the app’s users like the animal eyes feature. You will have more of 40 of them at your fingertips. That sounds cool, doesn’t it?

After finishing your masterpiece, you can share it instantly via Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Beauty Face Plus


4. Animal Face Tune

Animal Face TuneWhat about an app from iOS? If you are interested in installing such a tool, the Animal Face Tune is what we recommend.

The app will provide you with access to more than 20 masks of various popular animals. Also, there will be exotic ones. To apply a mask on a photo, you will need just drag it. Then, cropping, rotating, scaling, and erasing will make a mask look so realistic.

Besides, the app will let you add text to any photo. It includes several nice fonts to be applied. So there is no need to use other apps for this.

The last step will be sharing an extraordinary photo via social media. Who knows, maybe it will attract more followers.

Animal Face Tune

App Store

5. Animal Face Changer

Animal Face ChangerGoing back to the apps for Android, here is one more application that worth being installed. It is called Animal Face Changer.

Though the number of masks won’t be so great in this case, there is still a quite good choice of them. However, the content is updated regularly. Also, we can’t help mentioning the range of animals, too. Elephant, wolf, koala, and that’s not half of the story.

As for applying these masks, they will be available for both scaling and rotating. At the same time, people will still easily recognize you. The thing is that each mask has cuts for eyes. That’s why you won’t need to erase particular parts.

Talking about additional features, it must be said that the app also supports changing a background on a photo. So it can perfectly substitute other apps.

Just like in previous cases, this very app is capable of instant sharing via social media. Alternatively, saving it on SD card will be also possible.

Animal Face Changer


Would you like to have your and your friend’s faces swapped? If you answer positively, here is the list with the apps to do this.

6. Animal Face changer funny pics

Animal Face changerThe next app we are going to review is called Animal Face changer. Like the tools above, this one is so appreciated by users across the globe.

You will be able to apply up to 25 animal masks as well as particular parts (noses, eyes, ears, tongues, etc.). To make them fit a photo. the app will provide you with tools to adjust exposure, contrast, brightness, shadows, and other parameters.

Animal Face changer

App Store

7. Beauty Face:animal face

Beauty Face: animal faceDo you need more cool stuff? If you do, here is one more app called Beauty Face: animal face.

The app contains a small number of masks (10) representing heads of various animals. So you will have a chance to reincarnate into a panda, tiger, cat, fox, etc.

Every mask will be available for adjusting. This feature will make your photo look very harmonious.

As for distinguishing features, you will have access to a refresh button. Due to it, the app will swap faces on a photo with an animal face randomly. It will be a nice idea to have fun with your crew.

Again, the app supports instant sharing of a photo with your friends and family.

Beauty Face: animal face


8. Animal Face – Cat stickers for your photos and more

Animal FaceAre you searching for an app with an outstanding collection of animal masks? If you give an affirmative answer, this app is what you need.

Firstly, the Animal Face app contains 200 colorful stickers of animals, fishes, and even insects (butterfly, snail, etc.). Talking about animals, you will have access to the masks of chameleons, monkeys, lions, owls, dogs (up to 20 breeds!), and so on. As you can see, the variety is so exceptional.

Probably, you are interested in masks, regarding insects. Well, to be more precise, they will be presented not via heads but via specific parts like shells or wings. One way or another, that sounds interesting.

Plus, the app supports adding some basic frames, text, and filters to a photo. That’s why the app is considered to be all-in-one.

The last step will be instant sharing or saving a photo on your phone scroll.

Animal Face

App Store

9. Animal Face

Animal FaceHere is one more app that worth being included in our review. The Animal Face tool will become a good option for all Android users.

Before we start, just look at the screenshots below. All these photos look quite fashionable. The secret of this effect is a great collection of animal face masks available in the app. Thus, you will be able to reincarnate into lions, leopards, tigers, pandas, etc.

By the way, applying several masks on a group photo will be also possible. So it will be a good idea to turn your gathering into a powerful horde.

Each mask will be available for adjusting. Apart from this, you can also erase some areas to make it look cooler.

The things that will complete your photo will be dozens of frames and filters. We are sure that you will definitely find something to your taste.

Do not forget to share your amazing photo via social media. The app will help you to do this with no efforts at all.

Animal Face


10. Animal Faces Photo Editor – Animal Faces Booth

Animal Faces Photo EditorAnimal Faces Photo Editor is an app with no-frills. However, in this case, it is only an advantage.

With this app, you can apply any of the pre-loaded animal face stickers to your photo. Stickers can be represented as masks or particular parts. Also, some masks have cuts for eyes.

As usual, the masks can be adjusted according to your needs. Changing the opacity will be also possible.

The app has no additional features. In this case, simplicity and convenience are great pros.

Animal Faces Photo Editor

App Store

11. SWAG Animal Face Photo Editor

SWAG Animal Face Photo EditorWhat about one more tool to pump your photo up? You can hardly find an app more classy than SWAG Animal Face Photo Editor.

The app has a built-in face recognition system. That’s why by tapping only one button, all the faces on a photo will be swapped with animal muzzles randomly. However, after applying a mask, you will be able to adjust it by rotating and resizing.

As a bonus, the app’s algorithm also applies sunglasses and hats to complete a mask. This feature will make your photo look even hotter.

Finally, you will be able to save a photo to your phone gallery as well as share it.

SWAG Animal Face Photo Editor


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