AlphaBlur Image Effects App Review

Do you want your pictures to look like they’re taken by a professional photographer? And actually, do you know the reason why professional photos deliver that strong effect of presence? That’s all because of the right focus. You can achieve that effect in your pictures as well if you apply the blurring effect correctly.

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This is exactly what AlphaBlur is about. It is a photo editor that detects the background on the picture automatically and applies the blur effect, so the main focus is on the person. What is more, in AlphaBlur you will discover lots of other useful effects, for example, filters or color corrections, that you can also use during the photo editing process.


And in its best traditions, AlphaBlur is compatible with absolutely all versions of iOS. You don’t need to worry that your phone is too old for this app – it works everywhere. It works well with devices, which do not support Dual Cameras or TrueDepth hardware features. Ideally suits portrait photo shooting.

With AlphaBlur you can create pictures as you want – change or split backgrounds, apply magnificent filters, add blurs or focus, and adjust photo settings. This photo edit app carries out different photo tasks and features a massive amount of editing tools: blur options, bokeh and focus effects, highlights, contrast, shadows, and so on.


After adding the blur effect by this app and also applying the color correction you will get completely authentic pictures to show to the world. The hallmark of AlphaBlur is that it truly can add personality to the photos.

Besides, it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional photographer or just a beginner – everyone will find this app extremely easy in usage. Now you are able to edit your photos in the way you want it.

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Searching for an easy-to-use and multifunctional photo edit app? Check this option on the App Store, and you will be fully satisfied. Highly recommended!