19 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Android in 2024

If you are not happy with the live wallpapers offered by your gadget, this very post is what you need. As you know, there are tons of live wallpaper apps on Google Play, but not all of them worth being installed on your device. However, we have chosen only the best tools of this category instead of you.

So here are the most popular apps with live wallpapers. For your convenience, the applications are divided into two groups. The first part is dedicated to the tools that represent collections of live wallpapers with hundreds of options to choose from. Then comes the selection of the apps with thematic or specific wallpapers. You may find them suitable for you as well.

There is no need to browse the applications and read dozens of reviews by yourself. Going through this post will be enough to find the most suitable app for you.

1. NoxLucky – HD Live Wallpaper, Caller Show, 4D, 4K

NoxLuckyThe first app to be reviewed is NoxLucky. As it is so multifunctional, you will definitely find the necessary feature here.

First of all, the tool contains hundreds of free live photos for the users to choose from. What is more, the content is regularly updated. The thing that makes the app so convenient in use is wallpaper division according to various parameters (categories, colors, tags, keywords, etc.). So regardless of your taste, you will find something appropriate for sure. By the way, download the wallpapers on your device is supported here as well.

Secondly, if you would like to set a photo from your gallery as a live wallpaper, the app will become your assistant in this matter. Thus, you will be asked to upload this very image. After that, the app will do its best in transforming it into a photo of great quality and making it alive. After it generates a live wallpaper with your image, just set it on your Home Screen. Apart from this, you will also have access to other users’ creations. In this section, you can get some inspiration or even choose ready-to-install live wallpapers for yourself.

Have you ever thought of setting a short video as a live wallpaper? This very application will let you do this. You will need to import a video from your gallery, TikTok, or Instagram. After that, you will be provided with handy tools to make the video look like a live wallpaper.

As for additional features, the app also includes the selection of short videos that can be set when you receive a call. Talking about Home Screen, with this tool, you will be able to set a time to make the wallpapers change. You may find this feature so useful.



2. Live Wallpapers, Screen Lock, Ringtones – W.Engine

W.EngineHere is the alternative called W.Engine. If you are in search of live wallpaper tools with frills (like ringtones), this app is what you need.

First of all, the tool will provide you with thousands of live HD wallpapers for free. What is more, the developers assure that some backgrounds will be of 4K or even 8K quality. At the same time, they won’t be so battery life-consuming. Your only task is to choose the wallpaper you like the most by browsing some of the 30 categories.

In addition, uploading your own images making them live will also be possible. As for the videos, they can be transformed into live wallpapers as well. For this, you will need to upload a video, adjust its speed and duration, and have it set on your Home Screen.

If you prefer diversity, the app will help you to adjust the wallpaper changing. As a result, they will be shown with particular intervals one by another.

Apart from this, if you are interested in ringtones or notification sounds as well, here is a feature for you. In the app directly, you will find hundreds of soundtrack options of various genres.



3. ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones

ZEDGE™ZEDGE™ is a similar app that is also admired by users across the world. What are its key features?

The application represents a collection of amazing 4K photos that can be set as wallpaper for your home screen. Most of them will be animated, which makes them live. That’s what you are interested in! Just choose the category you like the most and discover hundreds of options for you.

After you choose a suitable background, the app will suggest you apply filters or add some stickers to it. Also, if you want to make the wallpapers change, you will be able to do it on this very step. As a result, the backgrounds you choose will be shown one after another automatically.

Talking about transforming the videos into live wallpapers, the app supports this feature too. Thus, you will need to upload a file you want to see as a background. In a moment, the application will turn it into a live wallpaper.

As a bonus, you can also browse the app’s collection of ringtones. The selection includes a great choice of tracks to be applied as contact ringtones, notification sounds, or alarms. It means that there is no need to use other tools trying to find worthy sounds.

Plus, the app can be synchronized across various devices, which is an advantage.



4. Live Wallpapers HD & Backgrounds 4k/3D – WALLOOP™

Live Wallpapers HD & BackgroundsTalking about the tools with only the most necessary features, here is the one that meets these requirements. Its name is Live Wallpapers HD & Backgrounds.

The app is famous for its 4K photos of excellent quality. As many of them are moving ones, you will easily find live wallpapers for your home screen. To make the navigation easier, all the images are grouped into categories like Minimal, Dark, Cutie, Abstract, Aerial view, Animals, Dark Gray, Holidays, and so on. That’s what makes the app use so enjoyable. Moreover, some of the images will be with a 3D or even 4D effect. That’s so marvelous, isn’t it?

At the same time, if you want to convert your videos into live wallpapers, the app will assist you in this. Upload the file you want to use as a moving background, adjust its speed and duration, and have it set as a live wallpaper!

Live Wallpapers HD & Backgrounds


5. Live Wallpapers – 4K Wallpapers

Live WallpapersThe last but not least app of this type is Live Wallpapers. What does it include?

With this app, you will have thousands of wallpapers (both static and live) at your fingertips. Each of them will be of FullHd or 4K quality. Just choose the category you are interested in the most (there will be more than 30 of them) and find the background that suits you best.

Apart from this, the tool also supports wallpaper changing. In this case, you will be able to make them change automatically. As for an alternative, double-tapping on Home Screen will let you do it manually at once. Or you can adjust wallpaper changing each time you lock your device.

Live Wallpapers


It’s getting more and more trendy to set wallpapers with quotes. If you want to go with the times, here is the list of the tools to create such a background for your Home Screen.

6. Betta Fish Live Wallpaper FREE

Betta Fish Live Wallpaper FREENow it’s high time to review the apps with thematic wallpapers. As a usual thing, they are more eye-catching. The first tool to be reviewed here is Betta Fish Live Wallpaper FREE.

To begin with, the app’s wallpapers are kind of minimalistic ones. In this case, on a screen directly, you will be viewing the fish swimming to the color bubble. However, you can stop it by tapping on your home screen.

As for customization, it will be up to you to choose the shape and color of a fish, background, light, additional details, and so on.

Betta Fish Live Wallpaper FREE


7. Water Garden Live Wallpaper

Water Garden Live WallpaperHere is a similar app called Water Garden Live Wallpaper. Here is the description of the backgrounds here.

The app will turn your Home Screen into a picturesque pond with Koi fishes. Just choose the scene you want to view as wallpaper and make the background alive. What is more, the wallpapers will be interactive. Thus, you can move your finger on a screen to play with fishes. As for the graphics, it is high-definition, which makes the wallpaper look so realistic.

Water Garden Live Wallpaper


8. The real aquarium – Live Wallpaper

The real aquariumOne more app with soothing backgrounds is The real aquarium. As it is clear from the tool’s name, the app is devoted to marine life.

The app contains numerous Waterworld scenes for the users to choose from. Each scene has its own inhabitants that are so catchy. The things that make the live wallpapers so realistic are bubbles, light effects, and even adjustable sounds.

The real aquarium


9. Hypno Clock Live Wallpaper

Hypno Clock Live WallpaperHypno Clock Live Wallpaper is the next awesome app that worth your attention. Here are the reasons for installing this tool.

In the app, you will find quite many images of moving clock gears. You will be surely bewitched by all the mechanisms here. To make them look flawlessly, you will be able to adjust the color and the size of the gear and even choose a speed or make it glow. Also, enabling or disabling scrolling will be possible as well.

Hypno Clock Live Wallpaper


10. Forest Live Wallpaper

Forest Live Wallpaper If you are in search of interactive live wallpapers reflecting the environment around you, here is an app for this. It is called Forest Live Wallpaper.

With this tool, you will be able to set the live wallpapers with paper trees. The surroundings will be synchronized with your location. It means that on a screen you will be able to observe day and night cycles, weather, season, and so on. That’s really cool.

Optionally, you will be able to add stars or mountains to the wallpapers. However, hand-draw-like trees look quite cute even without additionals.

As for tech details, the app supports the parallax effect with several layers when scrolling and the 3D parallax effect when tilting the device.

Forest Live Wallpaper


11. Paperland Live Wallpaper

Paperland Live WallpaperAs for an alternative, you may also try Paperland Live Wallpaper. Again, the live background in paper style will make your home screen unique.

Well, you will have access to various landscapes that can be synchronized with a time of day or weather in your location. At the same time, setting the particular period of a day as a fixed will also be possible.

The app also has a pro version. Thus, a premium user has access to the selected themes like holidays or rare sceneries.

Paperland Live Wallpaper


12. Muzei Live Wallpaper

MuzeiThere is no doubt that Muzei is one of the most famous live wallpaper apps. What are the reasons for installing this tool?

In this case, you will be able to view the world-famous pieces of art right on your screen. Though they won’t move, you will be able to adjust the artwork changing intervals (from 15 minutes to 3 days), making the wallpapers live. At the same time, in order to stay focused on icons, the app will offer you to set the blurring, dimming, and brightness of an image. However, if you want to enjoy a picture in detail, a double-tap on your Home Screen will be enough to open the app and examine it carefully.

As for an alternative, the app will also be capable of using photos from your gallery. You will need just to upload them to the tool and set them as backgrounds.



13. Material Islands™ – Semi-live wallpapers

Material Islands™Material Islands™ is one more cool app that worth being installed on your device. How will the wallpapers look like in this case?

Well, each live background will represent a small isle with mountains, trees, skyscrapers, or other views. The isles will be synchronized with your time of day or the day’s routine. You can’t imagine how awesome they will reflect your mood. By the way, because of the minimal animations, the app isn’t considered battery life-consuming.

Material Islands™


14. Sphaera – 4K, HD Map Wallpapers & Backgrounds

SphaeraHow do you feel about installing an app where the live wallpaper is both a background and a map? If your attitude is positive, installing the tool called Sphaera will be a good idea.

Right after you open the app, you will be offered to choose your location. After that, choose one of the 30 amazing map styles. By the way, they will vary from minimalistic to detailed ones. After that, it will remain to choose some parameters (tilt, zoom, rotation), and set a map as wallpaper. Finally, when everything is done, the map wallpaper will change as your location will do.

However, if you want to set another area as a map, there is a selection of the app’s pre-chosen spots that will perfectly suit your Home Screen. At the same time, searching any location manually and setting it as a background will also be possible.



15. Device Info R Live Wallpaper

Device Info R Live WallpaperIf you are a fan of digitalization, here is the perfect choice for you. With Device Info R Live Wallpaper, you will enjoy it every time you use your device.

Well, on your Home Screen, you will be able to see all the necessary information that will be of tech style. The shown parameters will display time and date, storage and memory space remaining, battery level, device temperature, voltage, CPU load, speed in GHz, Processor cores info, and so on.

The thing that perfectly completes the information as temperature, pressure, compass, and other frills. That’s what makes the users admire this very tool.

Device Info R Live Wallpaper


16. Asteroids 3D live wallpaper

Asteroids 3D live wallpaper If you are fond of space, we highly recommend you install the app called Asteroids 3D live wallpaper. Here is what it is famous for.

This very app will provide you with access to dozens of perfectly-designed 3D live wallpapers. each of them is extremely catchy, so the tool worth being tried by you for sure.

Asteroids 3D live wallpaper


17. Space Battle Free L. Wallpaper

Space Battle Free L. WallpaperWhen it comes to speaking about space, probably a retro game about starships comes to your mind. So let’s review the Space Battle Free L. Wallpaper app with this feature.

In this application, you will find numerous backgrounds devoted to space. They look quite nice, but the cherry on the cake is the app’s background with starships. After you set it, it will look like a simple wallpaper. However, it will take you one tap on your home screen to make the game start!

Space Battle Free L. Wallpaper


18. Particle Live Wallpaper n Play

Particle Live Wallpaper n Play For those who are physics lovers, Particle Live Wallpaper n Play will be the best choice. Gere are the app’s main advanatges.

In this case, live wallpaper will consist of particles. As for customization, it will be up to you to choose the size, color, range, and background. However, you will also be able to choose one of the 10 pre-loaded modes.

As for animation, after you set the app’s wallpaper, you will be able to control the particles with taps. The tool supports touches of up to 10 fingers.

Particle Live Wallpaper n Play


19. Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper

Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper One more stunning type of wallpaper is a transparent background. It can be set with the help of the tool called Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper.

After installing the app, it will take you several seconds only to set a transparent background as a wallpaper. As for distinguishing features, the app supports the parallax effect and rotation vector sensor.

Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper


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