12 Best holiday wallpaper apps for Android & iOS

Is this or that holiday coming soon? If you take care of every little detail and want to fill the enjoyable atmosphere of a holiday, applying a new thematic wallpaper will be a brilliant idea.

Your gadget’s built-in wallpapers and themes very rarely meet your requirements. Furthermore, the choice is not so wide. That’s why we suggest you holiday wallpaper apps where you can surely find a wallpaper of your dream.

The post includes wallpaper apps devoted to such holidays as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, and Independence Day. By following links below, install apps from the App Store or Google Play, and take joy in your new wallpaper.

1. Snowfalling Live Wallpaper

Snowfalling Live WallpaperThe first app that we highly recommend you to install is called Snowfalling Live Wallpaper. You can’t imagine how magical the atmosphere will become.

Christmas is one of several holidays that are celebrated worldwide. Maybe it is a reason why this app is so in demand. At the same time, we guess that its popularity has been caused by the app’s awesome features.

Well, the app will provide you with only one wallpaper. In the picture, you will see a Christmas landscape with a cozy atmosphere. But there is more to come. The thing is that this wallpaper will have many options. Thus, it will be animated; with falling snow, smoke going up a chimney, and other moving objects. Also, this image will be completed by wonderful piano music.

What is more, everything will be absolutely adjustable. You will be able to turn on or off the lights of a Christmas tree and light in windows. If you wish, you can switch off the song. Finally, you will be able to set snowfall’s intensity, direction, and speed.

As for the snowfall, it can be applied even to photos from your gallery. That’s why you will have something like a photo editor at your fingertips.

By the way, the wallpaper will look fantastic on screens of both phones and tablets.

P.S. The app’s developer has many analogs to this excellent app. They have the same features, the only difference is the landscape pictured.

Snowfalling Live Wallpaper


2. Christmas Wallpapers !!

Christmas Wallpapers !!The next app with Christmas wallpapers will be appropriate for iOS device users. Well, let’s review it.

Christmas Wallpapers !! will provide you with hundreds of Christmas wallpapers of HD quality. Believe us that the choice will be surprisingly great.

Apart from this, whatever your device size is, every wallpaper will look flawless.

Additionally, the app has a good collection of themes. Every theme includes a wallpaper for Home Screen as well as a Lock screen. They will suit each other very well.

For your convenience, the app has the preview feature. It will let you avoid hesitating between several wallpapers and save your precious time.

Christmas Wallpapers !!

App Store

3. Christmas Santa Launcher Theme

Christmas Santa Launcher ThemeSanta Claus is an essential part of Christmas. So, we can’t help mentioning an app from Google Play that contains wallpapers with this character.

With Christmas Santa Launcher Theme, you will have access to a wallpaper with Santa Clause and a cute deer on it.

Apart from wallpaper, all icons on your Home Screen will become Christmas-style. This feature will be so appropriate for those who pay attention to every little detail.

Plus, your Lock Screen will be changed as well. Every time you unlock the screen of your gadget, the friendly Santa Clause will welcome you.

So totally, you will get a whole colorful X-mas theme.

Christmas Santa Launcher Theme


4. Christmas Beautiful Wallpapers

Christmas Beautiful Wallpapers One more app with a great collection of Christmas wallpapers is from the App Store. Let us introduce the Christmas Beautiful Wallpapers app.

You will have a chance to discover hundreds of Christmas wallpapers of great quality. Moreover, they will be further divided into subcategories depending on your gender, age, preferences, etc.

The app includes not only wallpapers but themes as well. That’s why you will definitely find something dear to your taste.

The app is compatible with all iOS devices regardless of screen size.

As for additional features, you will be able to share any theme of wallpaper with your friends via popular social media.

Christmas Beautiful Wallpapers

App Store

5. Halloween Wallpaper

Halloween Wallpaper Now it’s high time to talk about Halloween. This holiday is also considered to be wide-spread in the world.

Due to Halloween Wallpaper, you will be able to choose from 10 thousand Haloween images. The gallery with the app’s Halloween wallpapers will instantly bring you into admiration. For quicker access to wallpapers you like the most, you can always add them to favorites.

Just like in the previous app, you will be able to share your favorite backgrounds via social media directly from the app.

Also, the app has one distinguishing feature. The wallpapers can be used without distortion even in a horizontal orientation.

As a bonus, additionally, you will have access to other wallpapers from 33 categories. This feature will become actual just after Halloween.

Halloween Wallpaper


6. Halloween Backgrounds & Halloween Wallpapers HD

Halloween Backgrounds & Halloween Wallpapers HD Are you ready for even more scary things? Install Halloween Backgrounds & Halloween Wallpapers HD then!

The app has a rich collection of wallpapers devoted to Halloween. What is more, it is completed by icons as well as themes. That’s why it won’t be so easy to choose from.

The thing that will simplify the process of choosing is the Slideshow feature. The backgrounds will be scrolled automatically. When you see an appealing wallpaper, you will be able to add it to favorites as well as to save to your phone gallery. The sharing feature will be available as well.

Besides, this app also contains bonus categories with wallpapers of other themes.

Halloween Backgrounds & Halloween Wallpapers HD

App Store

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7. Halloween Live Wallpaper

Halloween Live WallpaperThe wallpapers of our next app will send cold shivers down. Install Halloween Live Wallpaper to make yourself sure of it.

The app has 10 HD wallpapers capable of scaring anyone. Their 3D content quite different, but anyway, it’s so impressive.

The thing that will make these wallpapers even more frightening is the effects that can be applied to them. It can be a heavy fog, dark leaf fall, waterdrops, and many others. One more feature that will deepen the impression of the app’s wallpapers is flickering lights. In this case, you will be able to adjust them bu switching on or off.

As for devices compatible, wallpapers can be used on phones as well as tablets.

Halloween Live Wallpaper


8. HD Halloween Wallpapers & Backgrounds Free

HD Halloween Wallpapers & Backgrounds Free Are you searching for an app with an enormous gallery of Haloween wallpapers? If you are, the HD Halloween Wallpapers & Backgrounds Free app exactly is what you need.

The app includes more than 10 000 Haloween wallpapers and themes. That sounds impressive, isn’t it?

Every wallpaper and theme can be previewed on any iOS gadget, So you will surely understand are they good enough for your Home screen and Lock Screen.

HD Halloween Wallpapers & Backgrounds Free

App Store

9. Thanksgiving day wallpapers 4K

Thanksgiving day wallpapers 4KNow let’s talk about Thanksgiving day wallpapers. Our first app to be reviewed is called Thanksgiving day wallpapers 4K.

In this app, you will find dozens of cozy wallpapers with turkey, autumn leaves, harvest, and so on. We can’t help admiring the cute wallpapers of this app.

The app is also famous for its user-friendly interface. Moreover, the sharing feature will be also available to you.

Thanksgiving day wallpapers 4K


10. Thanksgiving Wallpapers & Thanksgiving Backgrounds

Thanksgiving Wallpapers & Thanksgiving BackgroundsAs for the alternative from the App Store, we highly recommend you to install Thanksgiving Wallpapers & Thanksgiving Backgrounds. We are sure that you will appreciate this app just like thousands of other users do.

The app will provide you with access to hundreds of stylish wallpapers devoted to Thanksgiving Day. Byt how to choose the best one?

Well, the wallpapers will be scrolled automatically. You can choose any you like and apply it as your Home screen background. Otherwise, add it to favorites in order to choose among several variants.

The app also includes a great choice of icons and even complete themes.

As usual, you will be able to share any wallpaper via social media.

As for compatible devices, you can apply themes and wallpapers to all iOS gadgets.

Thanksgiving Wallpapers & Thanksgiving Backgrounds

App Store

11. Saint Patrick’s day Wallpaper

Saint Patrick's day WallpaperBelieve it or not, an Android apps developer has an app devoted to Saint Patrick’s Day.

In Saint Patrick’s Day Wallpapers, you will find dozens of wonderful wallpapers full of green color. Moreover, some of them are decorated with the Irish flag.

Saint Patrick's day Wallpaper


12. USA Independence Day Wallpaper

USA Independence Day WallpaperOf course, we didn’t forget about Independence Day. Here is the app where you can find colorful wallpapers devoted to this very holiday.

Well, in USA Independence Day Wallpaper, you will find some animated wallpapers. By the way, there will be the flag of the USA on each image.

As for animation, the app will allow you to adjust it. Thus, you will be able to set the desirable density. As you can see, the developers have done their best to make you like the app’s wallpapers.

USA Independence Day Wallpaper


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