7 Best Foundation Match Apps for Android & iOS

Perfect makeup is impossible without a special foundation. There is a tremendous number of such products in today’s beauty industry. So before you make a successful purchase, it is a good idea to figure out which one is right for you. Therefore, we are going to break down the top best apps for finding the perfect foundation in today’s article.

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1. ‎ColourMatch – Microskin

If you decide to find out what is the best makeup foundation, you have to match it to your skin type. That is what this app does. In just a few steps, the app will tell you what your skin tone is and what suits you best. In addition, there is a quick tutorial with a photo to help you understand how the app works.

So, you have to open the app and take a picture of your hand and a blank piece of paper. This is how you will get your skin tone. Also, you can use this app more than once. So you can go back to the beginning and scan your face skin to see which product is fitting for that particular zone of skin.

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2. ‎MakeupMatcher – Foundation

This is another app without which online product selection is difficult. So, you just need to take selfies or upload a photo from the gallery. And then the app does the rest for you. So, you will see the tone that matches your skin. You can also check the tone of each part of your skin.

After all, there is a unique tool that you can move around the smartphone screen. In addition, after you get the actual name of the colors used by modern cosmetic brands. Also, you can pick up other products that will suit your skin. So, here you can choose the shade of lipstick that suits your cheeks best.

Also, this app works with other products for perfect makeup. Here you can pick skin care products or perfumes. Once you have chosen your makeup products and picked your tone, you can make a pdf slide with all the recommendations. So, you can save it to your device or print it out and go shopping with it.

MakeupMatcher - Foundation2
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3. ‎‎YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor

It is the perfect application to help you change your appearance in real time, apply virtual makeup, enhance your face, even out skin tone, erase imperfections, and highlight virtues. All in all, it has everything to retouch your face and improve your selfies. However, you can also use it as a makeup foundation tool.

It has an advanced tool that analyzes your skin condition and automatically picks up something that is right for you. You can also use this app if you want to take selfies but you do not want to cosmetics at all.

So, after taking a photo, you can apply your makeup. In addition, there are more than a dozen ready-to-use makeup options that you can quickly apply to your face. Plus, it looks pretty natural.

‎YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor3
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4. Slapp.

This is where the beauty products are most comfortable to choose from. In addition, there is even an online store that will help you find products to match your skin tone. On top of that, there are all kinds of skin colors whether it is light or dark. There are also notable sections to help you find a brand or type of product.

Plus, you may read popular reports and share them with your friends and family. In addition, the procedure of determining the tone here takes only a couple of steps. You only need to use the camera.

Moreover, you can even share your makeup experience here. So, you can upload a video where you describe your routine. Also, once you have picked up what you need, you can share your discoveries on Instagram or Twitter.

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5. ‎My Best Colors

This program selects colors depending on their harmony with each other. Based on a single pic, you can determine the colors that suit you best. In addition, this app will show you the official name of the colors and how to combine them. In addition, this application can also be used as a clothing or interior color picker.

Also, you can create your palettes here, or download them from the Internet. As for the color, you can pick up a realistic preview, such as whether it is fabric, wood, or hair. In addition, right on your photo, you can mix colors and create something quite new and creative.

My Best Colors5
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6. TroveSkin

This app is like a diary of your skin and your skincare. It can give you a somewhat accurate report on your health. However, much here depends on the quality of the photos you provide to the app. Consequently, there is also a function for comparing images of different parts of the face over time.

Thus, the app invites you to track the positive changes that occur in your body and with your appearance. Of course, there is also a tool to help you find your makeup foundation, even if you do not know anything about it. In addition, many articles should have a cheerful effect on your skincare, makeup selection, and general health.

There are also all kinds of tools for setting goals. For example, to get rid of acne in two months or to improve your skin color.

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7. MakeupPlus – Virtual Makeup

This app will let you try on several makeup looks, as well as try on an enormous number of looks for selfies. The app has user-friendly functionality and a beautiful design. When you enter the app, you are greeted by a front camera that you can use to take photos directly from the app.

Also, there is a giant amount of ready-made images that you can try on. In addition, the application has an extremely attractive and friendly function store. Here you will be able to choose any lipstick, set of shadows, blush, and others that are right for you.

After that, the app will open the front camera, where you can see how other products look on you. In the Retouch tab, you can put any makeup you enjoy on your makeup-free photo.

Also, the app lets you change your facial features and try to play with your color settings. The app is great for makeup artists who want to practice and for those who just want to play around with facial makeup.

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