11 Best Horror Movie Streaming Apps for Android & iOS

Today’s article will appeal to those who adore scary slashers, creepy horror, and suspense thrillers. Now we will tell you all about the best apps that contain a whole collection of such movies and series.

In addition, we also present you Free Movie Apps. There you will find services that offer modern cinematographic hits without any subscriptions or fees.

1. ‎Shudder

The fantastic thing about this streaming service is that it is especially for horror fans. Here you can enjoy entire collections of horror films and series. In addition, there are many related genres such as thrillers, science fiction, psychological horror, zombie movies, serial killers, gothic chorus, cyber horror, and many others.

The service also offers many selections from hardcore horror fans, filmmakers, and actors. Fans of terrible movies can enjoy both modern films and highly classic pieces of cinema, which are so popular on Halloween. You can also check out some relatively obscure but interesting films. In addition, there are even so-called movies about movies.

That means there is a selection of documentaries about great horror films or directors and screenwriters. There is also a trial period to try out all the features of the service. In addition, it is available on multiple platforms.

For example, you can watch content from the official website on your PC or laptop. There is also a mobile app and you can also watch it on a TV or console.

App Store
Google Play

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2. ‎Tubi

There are a lot of great horror films on this service. The service is full of a massive number of horror films that should appeal to even the most demanding tastes. Those looking for something honestly terrifying will find this service practical. The impressive thing is that, unlike its larger competitors, it is free to use the app and watch.

The payment is replaced by ads here. Users report that there are relatively short commercial breaks that are fairly reasonable for a free service. Moreover, the platform is comfy to use on different devices. For example, the service offers apps built into phones, tablets, streaming devices, and smart TVs that can improve your streaming experience.

Also, unlike other services, there is no registration requirement, which speeds up your access to content greatly. The streaming service also has a gigantic collection of films and series available. You will discover many of the films available on other leading online media services.

App Store
Google Play

3. ‎HBO Max

This is another service that offers some of the most popular series and films. It is a fairly intuitive and user-friendly app. Some many categories and sections are easy to navigate through. In general, everything here is similar to other popular apps. You can also download movies to watch them offline.

Also, there is a large enough selection of films where you can find suitable content for every taste. In addition, every member of your family can use the service. There are personal accounts that collect all the content that is suitable for a particular user.

In addition, the software selects the content you like based on your search and the films you watch. Also, there is a whole variety of genres. You can find horror movies and series, thrilling scary anime, horrifying movies, and much more.

HBO Max3
App Store
Google Play

4. ‎Crackle

This is another free streaming service with a horror collection. Unlike many other apps, there is no subscription or payment, only short ads that make the service work. In addition, the service is distinguished by the fact that it can stream movies on many other devices.

So you can watch your favorite content on smartphones, Smart TVs, consoles, and tablets. In addition, there is a comfortable movie search. You can find your favorite movies and shows on the home page. In addition, it is also possible to sort them by recently added, most popular, or by genre, or in alphabetical order.

In addition, you can view trailers to evaluate a film before you watch it. Plus, you do not need to create an account to use the program. However, by creating an account you will be able to create separate folders for sorting movies and shows.

App Store
Google Play

5. ‎Prime Video

We are pleased to present another significant project, which offers a variety of content available today. The registration process in this program is absolutely without problems and similar to its analogs. To get acquainted with the service you have a whole week of surfing this fascinating content.

Since the service is relatively young, it has little original content of its own. However, this drawback is covered by the fact that there are a lot of cinematic products. In addition, there is a lot of content with subtitles and audio in different languages. You can also view trailers and add movies to the Watch Later tab.

In addition, there is a somewhat detailed description of the film and the cast. On top of that, there are many channels here, which makes it more comfortable to get access to exclusive content.

Prime Video5
App Store
Google Play

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6. ‎Netflix

This is a frankly powerful service that gives you a lot of films and series of good quality. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the service is significantly effortless to use and has a stunning interface. For example, whenever you point to a movie bar, the movie trailer comes on in the background making it look amazing.

Also, the app has a handy player for watching films and series. The service itself will scroll through episodes and skip an intro of shows. In addition, the app always remembers where you stopped watching. The app prompts you to watch the film on the home screen. Many of the films are HD, 4k, and HDR compatible.

You will also be able to connect an android set-top box and stream a film or series on a big-screen TV. It is worth noting that Netflix makes its films and series that are as good as the rest of the movies that are released in cinemas. Based on your viewing habits, the service will find films or series that you like.

You can also use filters to find a movie or use the search engine to find the top film. While viewing a movie, the service will give you a short description and an IMDb score. You can also write your review of the film or series and share your impressions.

Almost all of the films and series uploaded to the service have translations for different languages and various dubbing. Furthermore, the application provides subtitles for each film or series. In addition, the app allows you to download films and series and watch them offline.

App Store
Google Play

7. ‎Hulu

This app provides you with a variety of horror films and series that you can watch in good quality. The app has many useful features that will help you use its feathers with no problems. In addition, the app has quite a lot of content that you will be able to watch. You can also get a lot of old TV shows of good quality.

The service keeps track of content that you may like and only provides you with films that suit your taste. Moreover, you can create up to 6 profiles in the app and watch films from a single subscription. This is a very convenient feature that allows you to watch horror films and series and share your accounts with your family.

You can save films and series to your profile to continue watching from where you stopped. In addition, the app allows you to connect the service to different consoles and your TV, allowing you to watch films with the whole family.

You can also check out reviews for each film and series and write your review so you can describe your feelings. In addition, each movie has a rating so that you can judge the film by its ratings from critics.

App Store
Google Play

8. ‎Paramount+

The service is a relatively new streaming service but has already established a reputation in the last year since it was launched. It is worth noting that the streaming service was previously known as CBS ALL Access. The service used to provide only exclusive shows from the channels, but it never gained popularity.

Now, the app provides many films and shows that you can watch with the whole family. You can also save files to your favorites and keep track of which ones you have already watched. In addition, the app is available on almost all devices and you can stream a movie to your big-screen TV or even a projector.

Also, the app gives you the option to download films and watch them offline within the app. This is a very handy feature when you go on vacation and you do not have access to the Internet. In addition, the app provides many popular television shows and you can watch them continuously for 24 hours every day.

App Store
Google Play

9. ‎Roku Channel

This app provides you with unusual functionality and high-quality horror films and series. In addition, it offers you a remote control. It is worth noting that the remote control only supports Roku devices and will help you use your voice or the keyboard to quickly find films or series.

In addition, you can play audio directly on your phone while streaming a film or series on your TV. You can also use the service to search for movies and TV series. You also have the option to view movie ratings and short descriptions. Each film or series has a trailer that you can watch before you watch it.

Also, the app will keep track of where you stopped, so you can return to watch it later. In addition, you will be able to add films to your favorite list, and watched films will be saved in a separate folder.

‎Roku Channel9
App Store
Google Play

10. ‎Screambox

This online service brings you only horror films and series, allowing you to browse your beloved genre and find new films for you. The app has a beautiful interface and a user-friendly feature set. When you enter the app you will see a signup sheet, you will be able to enter the app using your mobile phone number.

The app allows you to browse through various films and serials and use filters to find the film you want. For each film, the app provides a trailer that will be played in the background. It looks quite nice when you read the movie details. Also, the app provides subtitles and different dubbing for each film, allowing you to enjoy the movie.

Furthermore, the service will remember where you stopped and will show the watching film on the main page of the application. You will also add the film to your favorites or read reviews about it. It is worth noting that the app will remember your taste in films and will provide you with movies and series that are more suitable for you.

App Store
Google Play

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This service is quite popular and delivers you various films and series with famous actors. The app is designed with an admirable interface and makes it easy to get to understand its functionality. There are many films and serials with different genres in the app. You can use the search and filter to find the genre you want.

In addition, each movie is accompanied by a list of similar titles that you can view. Also, you can find the actors who were in the movie and view which movies they were in. There are also various ratings of films and actors that you can check to see which genre or film you are interested in.

Moreover, the service offers to broadcast the film or series to any device that supports Bluetooth. It is worth noting that the service takes note of your taste and provides more suitable films by the genre you prefer.

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Google Play