9 Best Boondocking Apps in 2024 for USA (Android & iOS)

Camping is one of the best things you can do outdoors. In fact, there are many different ways you can camp, depending on what you want to do and how you want to travel. Boondocking is wild traveling outside of developed camping areas. In addition, it is often very cheap and fun.

To find great places for boondocking, you often need to do a lot of searching around or asking for advice, that is why we want to offer you some apps that will brighten up your adventure. You will also have to stock up on all your clothes, therefore the article the Best Packing List Apps will be useful to you.

1. The Dyrt

With this app, you can plan your first trip without any effort. All you have to do to get started with this app is to enter your location and destination, which is where you want to travel. And if you are a person who plans every part of your journey, then this app is just for you. Then you can select the type of your vehicle, e.g. car, truck, van, RV, motorhome, or motorcycle.

You can also specify the fuel type, length, and weight of the vehicle. Also, there are some specific parameters here. So the app adapts to your trip and offers you routes to choose from. For example, you want to avoid highways or tolls during your route. Also, you can set the desired spending per night here. This way the app will be able to suggest the perfect campsite for you.

So you get a colorful map with the plan of your trip. In addition, the app has other features. First of all, you can find a campsite by using many different filters. Secondly, the app has many campgrounds scattered throughout the country. So you can go camping without any special equipment at all.

Also, you can find campsites that you have heard about from your friends and check out the reviews. In addition, you will see pictures and some details about the camping area.

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2. FreeRoam

FreeRoam is a whole social network for travel enthusiasts. You will definitely find a lot of useful information here to create the perfect camping experience. First of all, the app has a map to help you find paid and free camping areas all over the country. So you can type into the search bar the name of the city you are interested in and you will get a lot of campgrounds.

There are also filters with many different options, for example, you can sort campsites by weather, closeness to stores, price and distance. The app will also show you which campsites are close to you. So if you click on a certain campsite you get detailed information and reviews from other users of the app.

It is convenient that the quality of the campsite is evaluated by occupancy, noise, cleanliness, and other important parameters. Also, you can see the weather forecast for the planned dates of the trip. In addition, there are detailed descriptions of nearby trash places, water stations, and so on.

Moreover, there are a lot of pictures, by which you can assess the quality of the campsite. In addition, as we mentioned above, this app is also a social network. Therefore, you can post your reviews and photos of places you have visited before. In addition, you can communicate with new people and make friends with the same interests.

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3. Roadtrippers

This is an app for convenient planning a road trip on U.S. roads. The main feature of this app is that it not only provides the shortest route from your location to your destination, It also offers many interesting places to visit. Here you will find parks, museums, and tourist historical places of interest.

Now there are more than 75,000 points on the map where you can diversify your route. Roadtrippers will not only get you to the right hotel or cafe and show the distance but also calculate the cost of fuel. All in all, it is a cool helper for your journey. You can mark the places you want to visit and then the app will adjust your route.

Also, there is an incredible amount of reviews, images, and news regarding the places you want to visit. Moreover, you can always post your reviews after you have visited camping or a sight. And needless to mention there are many different options and filters to search.

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4. iExit Interstate Exit Guide

This app is a real-life saver for all travelers. With its help, you can find almost everything related to the trip, such as the nearest gas station or store with tourist goods. In fact, this app tells you what to expect on the upcoming part of the road. However, this app is not for navigation, but rather for stops along the way.

For example, when you enter the app, it immediately identifies your current location and shows you nearby places such as cafes, grocery stores, hotels, and so on. Clicking on a certain location will give you detailed information with a location map. Also, the app shows you the nearest exits from the road you are driving on.

In addition, you can mark your favorite places so that they are saved in the app’s memory. Moreover, there are filters to help you search for certain places. Moreover, there is a special section for fuel, which is so important on the road.

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5. iOverlander

There are certainly many situations when you do not have access to the Internet during your trip. That is why you need the iOverlander app. After all, it works without access to the network.

So you will never get lost in the middle of nowhere or find the nearest gas station. In addition, the app has the locations of wild campsites along with their detailed information. This way, you can find out if the campsite works, its coordinates, distance, brief description, photos, and even amenities along with other users’ reviews.

In addition, the application is equipped with a handy map with a lot of filters, for example, so you can find all the hotels, tire changers, and so on.

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6. RA Camping

RA Camping is an app that helps you book public and private campgrounds. Also, it is a great help if you want to quickly find a place to stay. Besides, there are a lot of handy functions to find the right place.

It also has all your check-in and check-out information. In addition, you can check in with your car or RV. All in all, this app better organizes your lodging arrangements. It also has a handy tab for upcoming bookings. This application is loved by users because it allows them to look not only at existing bookings but also at past ones.

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7. Recreation.gov

It is also an app that helps you book your camping accommodation. However, this app has slightly more features. First of all, it has more federal camping areas. So, the app helps you save money. In addition, there are campsites that are coolly equipped and have better facilities.

Also, this is a great app because here you will find a place for your vehicle as well. After all, the application has many filters that allow you to find campsites that are exactly what you want. It also allows you to book check-in dates at the campsite. In addition, users note that the application has an excellent cancellation system.

After all, sometimes the road takes longer than you planned. There is also a tab that allows you to manage all of your reservations at once. Additionally, the app has plenty of attractions that you can visit along the way.

Also, you will see reviews from other users here, lots of useful information, and ratings. Moreover, you can buy tickets for various events, tours, and concerts right in this app.

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8. Hipcamp

Hipcamp is a fairly new app that is designed for camping. Here you will find the places you want to visit near your home. Moreover, the main feature of this app is that you can find new and unique camping sites all over the country. There are tent sites, RVs, glamping, and more. Also, here you can save the places you want to visit in the future.

Also, here you can read reviews from real tourists. And so, it is possible not only to view the places but also to reserve them. Moreover, you can find here detailed maps and photos of attractions. In addition, the application has a handy messenger that allows you to communicate directly with the staff of the campsite.

Besides, the app has campsites not only in the United States but also in Australia and Canada. There is also an incredibly handy map in the app where you can see campsites with photos right away.

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9. Campspot: RV & Tent Camping

This app shows all the spots on the map where you can stay overnight in a car, van, or motorhome with a great view and in a location that is convenient for you. In addition, you can read other people’s reviews about each location, check out photos, and find out what services are available in the area, which is often a way for travelers to find free parking.

With this app, first of all, you can find the nearest campsites and restock. Moreover, this way you can avoid places where it is forbidden to camp outside the campsite. You can also find or share campsites to picnic, rest on the road, or sleep in your vehicle.

This app is a handy version of the same website where you can quickly book a camping spot. In addition, the app has a handy interactive map of the campsite itself, where you can quickly view everything in the area of the camping, such as photos and additional information.

Also, the app has a discount system to help you save money and time. You can also optimize your search engine here to find a place that suits your needs.

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