11 Best Packing List Apps for Android & iOS

Whether it is a family vacation, a business trip, or hiking, one can face difficulties in packing a suitcase. Usually, your brain is overloaded with information about upcoming adventure, that’s why you can simply forget put something necessary in your bag. Creating a tracking list manually won’t be so efficient too, because it all happens in a hurry, so there is a probability to lose sight of many things.

However, here is a sure-fire option for you – apps offering packing lists. Depending on many factors ( like kind of your trips, your companions, etc.) such apps are capable of generating the most suitable tracking lists. As a result, not a thing will be overlooked.

We have prepared a selection of the best packing list apps. Choose the most suitable tools, install them on your iOS or Android device, and get rid of this headache.

1. PackPoint travel packing list

PackPointPackPoint is considered the coolest packing list app available on both platforms at once. So we are going to start by reviewing this very tool.

After opening the app, you will need to tell about your trip in detail. The app will ask you about the kind of your trip, its location, and duration. Then, it will take into account whether you are going to wear clothes several times, whether you want to make use of laundry service, and so on. After that, your personal tracking list will be generated. Of course, you may edit it as you wish.

As you put the things in your suitcase, just check off the points from your list. Then, in case you want to hide the checked items, you will need to select this option in the app.

As for companions, the app doesn’t take into account your family members. So keep in mind that in this case, the packing lists are generated only for one person. Nevertheless, you will be able to tick if you travel with a baby. Also, changing the number of items on your list will be possible too.

By the way, the app supports sharing the lists via social media. Due to this feature, your companion will be aware of the things you pack.

As for other tech details, you will be able to add the app’s list on your Home Screen. In this case, it will become a widget which is completely interactive.

Also, the app is compatible with the TripIt service. So if you want the app to create the list automatically, just connect these tools to import the necessary information about your trip.


GooglePlay App Store

2. uPackinglist Packing checklist

uPackinglistThe next excellent tool for tracking packing lists is called uPackinglist. Let’s find out the way it works.

You will be able to create a packing list by yourself. To do this, the app offers more than 300 items from its digital catalog. By rolling the list of these things, it will be much easier to make a list.

In case you need assistance, the app’s Helper option will suit you best. You will need to choose the dates, destination, and purpose of your trip. Then it comes to checking the weather and companions. Considering all this information, the app will suggest its own option of the list.

No matter the list is generated manually or automatically, the items from your list can be grouped into categories available for expanding and collapsing. Moreover, you will be able to add some details about this or that thing, including the quantity required, photo, or additional notes. Finally, if you need to buy something, the app will remind it by adding this information to the list. These distinguishing features make the app so great.

Apart from this, the packing lists will be reusable. Thus, if you come back to the same location or with the same purpose, you will be offered to use the previous proper list.



3. Packing List for Travel – PackKing

PackKingHere is one more awesome app called PackKing. Due to its peculiar features, we can’t help adding it to our list.

To begin with, the app will be the most appropriate for those who want to have a packing list automatically generated. You will be offered dozens of activities (Diving, Festival, Cycling, Dog, Fishing, Wintersport, and so on), kinds of transport (Plane, Car, Camper, Public, etc.), types of weather (Mild, Rain, Hot, etc.), destination and duration of your trip. Lastly, the list will be ready.

After that, you may edit it, move the items manually, change the quantity, and of course, tick what you have put. The thing that makes navigation more convenient is the capability of creating categories. Alternatively, you will be able to create several tracking lists depending on categories and change between them. Besides, exporting a list as a PDF file or sending it to other lips will be possible, too. Plus, the list can be used multiple times.

One more advantage is that the app supports backup and restore.


GooglePlay App Store

4. MyLuggage | Packing list for every trip

MyLuggageMyLuggage is the next tool that worth being installed. Here are the features you can benefit from.

As usual, the app will create the packing list appropriate for you only. But before it, you will need to enter the destination, dates of your trip, planned activities, and so on. Totally, the app will analyze more than 100 parameters to make the list fit your trip.

As you can see, the app’s algorithm for creating a packing list is the same. However, there is one distinguishing feature in this case. The thing is that the generated list will be divided into two parts: must-have items and items you may need. So you can still customize your list.

Like any other app in this category, this one will let you know what you have put in your suitcase and what you have missed. Also, you will be able to change the quantity of any item to keep track of this as well.

Talking about additional advantages, we want to say about informative articles and tutorials the app includes. Thus, you will learn many amazing lifehacks about trips, like how to pack your suitcase more efficiently. So there is no need to surf the Internet trying to find this information. Believe us that this addition is very valuable.


GooglePlay App Store

5. Packtor – Packing List Creator

PacktorOne more app available on the App Store and Google Play at once is Packtor. Though its rating is not so high, the tool does its work quite well.

First of all, you will be asked about the destination and duration of your trip. Then, you will need to choose the kind of your trip and type of accommodation. Considering all these factors, the app will generate your personal packing list available for editing.

To be more precise, you will be able to add as well as remove items, rename the categories and the list itself, create duplicates of the list, and so on. What is more, the app supports adding your own items too. However, it will be possible if you have an account.

Finally, you will have an opportunity to share the lists via social media and even print them. What is more, if you have several devices, you will also have access to the lists with items for a trip. The reason for it is that the apps constantly synchronizes the data. However, to benefit from this feature, you will need to log in.


GooglePlay App Store

If you are planning to travel by car, you may definitely need a tool for route tracking. By following the link, you will be able to explore reviews on amazing tools that include this feature.

6. PackTeo – Travel Packing List

PackTeoNow let’s review the tools available only on one of the platforms. PackTeo is the app that refers to this category.

There are several reasons for the app’s uniqueness. First of all, it is capable of generating tracking lists in several ways. You can start from scratch and create a list by yourself. In this case, you will have the app’s catalog with over 400 items at your fingertips. What is more, you will be able to add single items as well as ready-to-use categories like Toiletries.

Alternatively, you will have access to the trip packing list templates. After you choose the activities you plan, the app will offer the items necessary for you. What is more, the choice of activities will be so wide: Winter holidays, Together, Cycling, Water, and many others. Due to it, the list will fully meet your requirements.

The last way of creating a list is Generator. You have already had a notion about this approach. In this case, you will need to specify dozens of criteria, which makes your list flawless. By knowing the destination, companions, transport, accommodation, weather, and many other parameters, the app will do its best to generate the most suitable list ever.

When it comes to considering more advantages, we also want to say about additions for each tracking list. Thus, apart from the list itself, you can also track the things that you should buy. Moreover, it includes a to-do list with the assignments to complete before the trip.

Talking about the items from your list, there is also something interesting. Firstly, you will be able to categorize the items to make the list more convenient. Secondly, changing the quantity will be also possible. Then, you can add some notes about this or that item. And finally, the app can keep the information about an item’s weight. So while forming a list, you will always know the potential weight of a whole suitcase. This feature makes the app so adorable.



7. Packing List Checklist

Packing List ChecklistHere is one more app that worth your attention. It is called Packing List Checklist.

Before we start, it must be mentioned that this very app isn’t capable of generating a packing list by itself. Instead, you will need to scroll the categories (Electronics, Food, Healthcare, Makeup, Shoes) to select the items, their quantity, and add them to your list. Many people consider this way of creating a packing list more estimable.

After you create a list, you will be able to group the items into categories. What else makes the app convenient is that you can choose the emojis for each category – like Pills for Healthcare. Due to it, your list will become more pleasant to the eye.

Apart from this, the app supports creating to-do lists. Be sure that you won’t lose sight of something important. Moreover, whether it is stuff from the to-do or to-pack list, you can set a reminder. Thus, the app will notify you if you forget to do or to pack something.

As for tech details, the app’s content can be synchronized via iCloud. So you will have access to your packing lists on multiple devices at once.

Packing List Checklist

App Store

8. Easy Pack – travel packing lists

Easy PackEasy Pack is a multifunctional tool from Google Play. How does it function?

The packing lists can be created in 3 ways: manually, using templates, or with the built-in generator.

When you create lists by yourself, you will be able to add more than 600 items from the catalog to yours. Templates will be useful when you are planing certain activities (especially connected with sport). Finally, the list can be generated automatically after you choose the destination, dates, companions, activities, and some additional details. So choose the best option to create the most suitable packing lists.

Besides, you will be able to create to-do lists and shopping lists. So there is no need to use other apps anymore.

By the way, the app also supports creating numerous packing lists and templates for various occasions. It will be a nice idea to have many ready-to-use lists whatever the occasion.

As for the items, you will be offered to add your ones if you wish. For your convenience, the app can arrange all the items of your list into categories. Moreover, as usual, a user can change the quantity of any item.

Plus, backup and restoring are two additional things that make the app even better. But there is more to come. Even if you are on way ad there is no internet, the app will still function perfectly.

Easy Pack


9. Packr Travel Packing Checklist

Packr Travel Packing ChecklistPackr Travel Packing Checklist is a well-known app from the App Store. It is so appreciated by travelers from all over the world.

The app includes 24 activities to start. By choosing the ones your trip includes, you will help the app automatically generate your packing list. Also, you will need to specify the destination, dates, transport, and type of accommodation.

If you prefer to do everything by yourself, the app will let you create a list from scratch. To do that, you will be able to add the items from a pre-loaded catalog to your packing list.

Talking about the items, you can adjust their quantity manually as well as make the app decide instead of you. Thus, depending on the duration of your trip, it will count the necessary number of this or that item. That sounds so cool.

Finally, all the data can be synchronized across the devices or shared via messengers or email. Nevertheless, these features will be available for Premium users only.

Packr Travel Packing Checklist

App Store

10. TrekPack – Packing Checklist for Trekking/Hiking

TrekPack TrekPack is a relatively new app for Android. Though it seems to be simple, after looking it over you will make sure that it is so powerful.

Like the apps above, this one will consider the activities planned, destination, and duration of your trip and generate a list of items you need. The things will be automatically divided into categories to tick the items while packing. Moreover, you will see the number of items packed for each category as well as in general. What is more, viewing the progress of packing in percentage will be possible too.

What is more, the app has several options for calculating the weight. By it, we mean that it can consider base weight (full suitcase without consumables), pack weight (full suitcase), and total weight (full suitcase and additional bags). That is what makes the app so special.

One more distinguishing feature is that a user can share a list with friends or family members, and they will have an opportunity to edit this list. So many people find this feature so useful.



11. Packing Pro

Packing ProAre you searching for an app with the most items? If you are, the Packing Pro is the tool you need.

Available on the App Store, it has more than 800 items for adding it to a packing list. You can create them manually as well as make the app generate it instead. As usual, it will consider dozens of factors to create the most appropriate list. By the way, it will also take into account if you are going to cook or wash clothes by yourself.

Of course, there will be many options for editing, viewing, managing the lists, too. That’s why from the technical point of view, the app is considered to be user-friendly. Finally, if you wish, you will be able to share it via email or print.

As for minor disadvantages, the design should be further elaborated. Because of the app’s endless lists with items and options of viewing them, one can feel¬†disoriented.

Packing Pro

App Store

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