11 Best Mountain Biking Apps for Android & iOS

Indeed, mountain biking is so exciting as far as it requires preparation. Have you just started cycling and would like to discover which apps will be your savior? Are you a professional who wants to increase your collection of knowledge? 

You seem to love extreme sports since you came to this article. We will analyze the useful functions of the applications you can easily find on the App Store or Google Play. To stay healthy you may use 10 Free air pollution checker apps.

1. Strava

Strava is the most famous app for cycling. The application itself resembles a particular social network, something like Twitter or Facebook. Here you can follow the activity of your friends, share your successes, watch other users’ publications and leave evaluations, and publish your own photo reports.

The app’s interface is extremely clear. After or during a cycling workout, you can view the route taken, the time spent, the calories expended.

Strava has an Apple Watch version. Therefore, keeping track of your hobby will be even more simple. It is also possible to track your data through your computer. Merely go to the browser version of the app in your profile.

And the paid version gives cyclists the ability to build routes, analyze performance and get real-time feedback. So what does real-time tracking mean? It is a feature that lets you see how fast you are in comparison to other users.

strava 1

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2. Relive: Run, Ride, Hike & more

Relive, like the app above, focuses on analyzing your workouts. It records distance, time, and calories spent. In comparison to similar apps, this one has a convenient interface. The app is free although it includes in-app purchases.

Furthermore, the app is not only suitable for cycling. You can adjust the app to a specific activity, such as running or practicing martial arts. What is interesting about mountain biking, for example, is that the app shows you cycling routes that are close to you. Afterward, it is possible to save preferred tracks to your favorites, to ride them again later.

When the smartwatch is running at the same time, the app increases its functionality. Relive is your real personal trainer that will motivate you to work on your hobby. Enjoy sharing your experiences in the app, add friends and stay active.


3. Map my Ride

Would you like to improve your skills and increase your motivation in cycling? In that case, try out the Map My Ride app. It is a regular map with bike routes as well as a personal trainer and many other features.

So this is a real boon for cyclists. There you can find new routes, analyze trips, note the quality of training. More interestingly, the app allows you to maintain a personal food journal. That is why keeping track of your nutrition is much easier.

As most advanced apps, Map My Ride synchronizes with your Bluetooth devices. Owners of smartwatches are in luck as the devices now sync with the app as well, showing all the basic, essential information about their workouts. Furthermore, there is an option to synchronize with your shoes, so it will automatically connect data with the app.

Map My Ride

4. Bikemap

Whether you like to travel by bike or rented a bike, the app is perfect for you. By entering the search bar you can find a lot of bike roads nearby. Explore more their quality and find out their quality and whether someone has ridden there before you.

Now more about places to ride. By picking, so to speak a particular city or area, firstly, it will show you every road nearby, population, and mapped ways. And secondly, it will describe the surface of the city.

The application is also orientated to you. Here you can find roads suited for different types of bikes, such as speed bikes and mountain bikes. In addition, it is also based on the current road preference, the distance you want to ride, and in what area. You can save your favorite routes in the app and share them with your friends. The app is also compatible with a smartwatch.

bikemap 4

5. Tacx training

The rain and extreme cold should not be a hindrance to your training. When you cannot do mountain biking at all, a cycling simulator comes to the rescue. Then continue your training even at home.

Generate your workouts based on performance and your abilities. During the workout, you can see your performance, such as time and distance, on the screen. Afterward, it is possible to analyze your scores and upload them to the “Strava” app, which we have already mentioned in the article so far.

With a Premium subscription, you get a whole bunch of extra features. Compete with other users just like in an online game, try out a workout with a 3D GPS, and see other riders’ streams. You also get a custom workout package. Try out this unique app.

Tacx Training

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6. Altimeter+

The Altimeter calculates your current altitude using GPS and a barometer. If you decide to go to the hills on a bike, the most convenient option would be to open the phone and check rather than take any additional devices. Also, the app is useful for navigation as it can function without an active GPS.

The app is compatible with the Apple Watch. You won’t even have to take out your phone from your bag. Now it is much easier to use navigation. Download the app and travel.


App Store

7. Magic Hour

The app was primarily designed for photographers. However, right now you are about to see why it is also suitable for mountain biking lovers. So what is Magic Hour? It can be also called the golden hour. This is the time of the day most suitable for filming pictures or videos. It is approximately the time of sunrise and sunset. By this time, the sunlight is spreading most favorably.

As for the fans of mountain sports. Especially if you’re running a YouTube channel about mountain sports, or if you’re sharing your accomplishments on social networks, then it is a great app to use. And actually, with Magic Hour, it’s possible to calculate the duration of the trip. For instance, you might like to take your bike into the mountains late at night, but you don’t want to ride in the hours of darkness. Or you are counting on an early ride. So the sun will rise and set at each time of year at different times.

The features of the app are simple enough. It is possible to set up reminders regarding the upcoming golden hour. For example, 15 minutes in advance the app will remind you that it’s time for the shooting. Likewise, it’s possible to catch a moon hour, according to the app, for the full moon. All the data is calculated depending on your location and time. In addition, the app also has a weather forecast.

magic-hour 9

App Store

8. AllTrails: Hike, Run & Cycle

AllTrails is a real godsend when it comes to hiking. This application is equipped with a lot of mountain biking routes. It contains information about many places for hiking, parks and nature reservations, and parks where you can ride on your bicycle. Users share their experiences in AllTrails and recommend places to their friends and relatives to enjoy.

The application represents a social network for people who love hiking. After all, here you can customize your profile page. Follow your favorite bloggers. Save your preferred paths and leave any comments, so that you can continue to spend time with them. To continue to have a good time in the future. You can also discover your own paths here.

With the premium version, you will be able to download offline maps, which will be useful during mountain biking. After all, the mountains and forests often do not have network coverage. The application has a real-time map that allows you to track air pollution, air quality, to know the weather forecast. With the GPS navigator track your location, that way you will never get lost.

The creators have also taken care of nature. One percent of your purchases will go directly to saving nature. So if you support the environment, it’s better to install this app. The app is compatible with AppleWatch. There are also different subscription options.

App Store Google Play

9. Google Maps

Bicycles are one way to travel sustainably, taking into account the safe social distance. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a more than 60 percent increase in demand for cycling, according to Google. Therefore, the company continues to introduce more and more cycling amenities.

We should not forget about the beloved GoogleMaps, which has more than once been helping to find the way to the house and to a place to eat. Previously, the application focused on automobiles and pedestrians, but recently in the app is present and the shortest roads and for cyclists.

Many have loved the app precisely because of its common, simple design. We have all used Google Maps. But specifically for bicycles, artificial intelligence develops the most convenient roads, looking for the nearest bicycle parking areas.

The app works thanks to GPS. So what to do when there is no internet? Then the app has free offline maps. Ride comfortably. Besides, it has the ability to view the topography, so you can assess the quality of the roads. You can also review cafes, places of interest, parks, and so on.


App Store Google Play

10. Weather: Dark Sky Powered by

Probably all of us are using weather apps. After all, it is essential to adjust your clothes to the weather. And for mountain biking fans this is even more necessary. The Weather app offers the most accurate hourly weather forecast. From now on you will always know when it starts to rain.

Then there is a handy feature for mountain bikers. The app will remind you when it is going to rain or a storm. You can also set a custom notification when the weather changes, for example at a certain time of the day. The weather forecast is accurate for your location. There are also beautiful weather animations: movements of clouds, storms, or winds.

The app also provides the function of viewing the weather at different times. You can see what the weather was like a month ago or a year ago. You can plan your next rest stop or, for example, take your rain gear with you before it starts to rain.


Google Play

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11. Chain: mountain bike news

This app focuses on those who want to know more about bicycles. Such as cycling news, various articles about bike selection, all about mountain biking. With Chain, you will always be up to date. In fact, it gathers information from all the major news feeds.

The users note that this is one of the few apps that allows you to stay knowledgeable in your hobby. After all, all the pieces of information are gathered together here, you don’t have to visit different sites. It would be enough to have one application. This app allows you to save your favorite articles to read them at your leisure later.

The developers state that they are monitoring user feedback, so the app will be further being developed.


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