10 Free air pollution checker apps (Android & iOS)

Air quality exerts considerable influence on human health. If the air quality has deteriorated, you should reduce the time of being outdoors. But how can a person monitor it?

There is no need to use some specialized equipment anymore. The thing is that there are so many apps capable of controlling air quality.

All you need to do is to become familiar with the apps listed below and install the one that suits you best. After that, your phone will be turned into an efficient tool to monitor air quality in your city at any time.

By the way, the apps in this post are free. Though some of them offer in-app purchases, they are great in themselves without additional features.

1. Air Quality | AirVisual

AirVisualThere is no doubt that one of the most popular air pollution checker apps is this one. AirVisual will do its best to help you in this matter.

The first thing that you will notice after opening the app is its coverage of locations. You will be able to choose a city from more than 10,000 of them. The list of available countries will surprise you as well – there are above 80 ones.

By tapping on this or that city, you will be able to learn the air pollution level there. Apart from the general assessment, the app will also show you the percentage of 6 Key Pollutants in the air. It will be ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and so on.

Besides real-time information, the app will provide you with an air pollution forecast for next week. Thus, you will be able to plan your outdoor activities for up to 7 days.

Do not forget about the past as well. You will have access to a history of air quality on the previous day.

What else makes the app priceless is Health recommendations for the app’s users that will be given in accordance with the air pollution level.

Apart from this, in this app, you will find some tips for Sensitive Group (it includes people who have respiratory illnesses, etc.) That sounds really great.

As a nice bonus, the app is also capable of providing users with detailed weather information. It can be current weather conditions as well as a forecast. So you can delete other weather apps from your gadget at once.


GooglePlay App Store

2. Air Quality by Plume Labs: your daily Air Report

Air Quality by Plume LabsThe next ap that will help you avoid breathing in polluted air is Air Quality by Plume Labs.

By using this app, you will be able to monitor air quality globally. The app uses data from all over the world and kindly inform you about air conditions.

You will learn real-time air quality as well as find out how it will change within the next 24 hours. By the way, this forecast includes some recommendations on the best hours to go outside. Due to the app’s built-in AI system, you will be protected from air pollution as much as possible.

As you can see, this app is with no-frills. At the same time, due to its most important features, it is very efficient. So it is the best choice for those who prefer minimalism.

Air Quality by Plume Labs

GooglePlay App Store

3. Air Quality Index BreezoMeter

Air Quality Index BreezoMeterAir Quality Index BreezoMeter is a really unique app. Its developers have done their best to help you minimize your exposure to outdoor air pollution.

You will be able to check air pollution not only in your city but even on your street. At the same time, by zooming a map out, the air quality index will be shown for your district, town, country… The capabilities of showing this or that location are surprisingly endless in this app.

As for the data shown, you will see a detailed constitution of the air with a percentage of every gas. All numbers are extremely accurate.

If you are allergic to pollen, the app will be so suitable for you. Thus, you will receive daily information for multiple types of pollen from trees, grass, and weed.

As for your health, the app will generate personal recommendations depending on your health conditions. After that, you will be able to track your personal exposure to pollution. What about the app, according to air quality, it will tell you the best time for going outdoors.

The app is considered to be brilliant because of its capability protecting not only your health but only the health of your family members. Right after opening the app, you will be able to see if current air quality bad or good for them.

One more great advantage is that you will get notifications in case air quality changes. By the way, it can be not only your current location but also any other places.

Finally, the weather forecast for every day is one more reason to install this fantastic app.

Air Quality Index BreezoMeter

GooglePlay App Store

4. Shoot! I Smoke

Sh**t! I Smoke Believe it or not, but even if you are not desperate for cigarettes at all, you still smoke up to 8 cigarettes every day. The thing is that breathing in polluted air causes the effect of smoking. This app will show you the precise number of pseudocigarettes.

The concept of the next app is very unusual. It shows the air pollution level in cigarette equivalent. Maybe it is one of the reasons for the Sh**t! I Smoke app’s popularity.

You will be able to check how many cigarettes you ‘smoke’ a day. Besides, the city dwellers from all over the world can be monitored as well.

Apart from this, the app includes a scientific explanation of this strange equivalent to air pollution. This information worth being read and thought over. 

Sh**t! I Smoke

GooglePlay App Store

5. Airveda – Monitor Air Quality

Airveda - Monitor Air QualityOne more app that must be listed here is called Airveda – Monitor Air Quality. It is as efficient and accurate as the previous apps.

As for the real-time air pollution level, you will have the most relevant data at your fingertips. Regardless of your location, you will definitely be able to monitor if the air quality poor or safe. The data provided will be consist of such parameters as AQI, PM2.5, and PM10.

For your convenience, there is no need to open the app daily. You will get notifications with a forecast for every day. The app will tell you the best and the worst time for being outdoors.

Apart from this, the app will provide you with data on air quality in the previous days. Besides, with this app, you will be able to view hourly, daily, and monthly data for any location. So it will be a nice tool in choosing a place for vacation.

What else makes the app outstanding is its capability to monitor the effectiveness of your air purifier. You will be able to configure it with this app to learn the exact time to clean the filter or change it.

The app wouldn’t be so great without educational articles. They will teach you to monitor air quality and explain why it is so important. Created in collaboration with specialists, they will make you think over the value of safe air quality.Airveda - Monitor Air Quality

GooglePlay App Store

If you want to monitor your sleep as well, here is a great application.

6. Air Matters

Air Matters Now let’s review one more air pollution checker app. Air Matters is one of those special apps appreciated by users across the globe.

Like in the previous apps, this one will let you learn the air pollution level in your location. Apart from this, you will be able to learn if the air is polluted in various places worldwide.

As for the data, the app will show the level of air pollution in various parameters, including pollen. Also, it will provide necessary information about weather conditions. Finally, you will be given recommendations if it is a good idea to go outside or not.

Besides, you will have access to the data for every location in previous days. Unfortunately, there is no data about the air quality in the next days.

The app has quite an interesting feature – Air quality ranking. It will allow you to see places with the best and the worst air quality.

Air Matters

GooglePlay App Store

7. Air quality

Air qualityIf you are searching for an app with minimal features, this one will suit you best. But keep in mind that Air quality is available for Android gadget users only.

First of all, after opening the app, you will need to choose your city or find any other from all over the world.

Then, analyzing air quality by several parameters (PM10, PM2.5, NO2, CO, SO2, NO, O3, BENZENE), the app will show a general assessment of air quality in this or that place. You will have a very informative virtual panel at your fingertips, completed by weather conditions.

Moreover, the app is capable of taking pictures of this screen. After that, you can share them directly from the app via social media.

One more advantage is that this panel can be instantly turned into a widget. So you will have access to all the necessary information right on your Home screen.

Air quality


8. Local Haze

Local HazeAs for the air pollution checker app from the App Store, Local Haze is the next app to be reviewed.

The app is one of the simplest ones. You will see the list of air checker sensors nearby or view them on the map. By tapping on them, the app will show detailed information provided by these sensors. 

By the way, you will also be able to see if a sensor has a good or bad confidence rating. This feature will let you find out the most accurate data. 

Local Haze

App Store

9. Air – Pollution around you

Air - Pollution around youWhen it comes to apps from Google Play again, Air – Pollution around you is one more app we recommend.

The app will show the precise percentage of pollutants in the air. After analyzing PM2.5, PM10, NO2, etc., you will learn the general air quality assessment at your location.

Air - Pollution around you


10. Breathe – Air Quality Monitor

Breathe - Air Quality Monitor The last app on our list is called Breathe – Air Quality Monitor. It will also be a great tool to learn the air quality with the help of an iOS device.

The app will let you instantly find out if the level of air pollution in your city or any other location. The data provided will be informative enough.

Besides basic features, it has two distinguishing. First of all, if you have respiratory illnesses, you will be given some recommendations on how to breathe to improve your health.

Secondly, the app is compatible with the Apple Watch. This feature will provide quicker access to this kind of information.

Breathe - Air Quality Monitor

App Store

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