Runtastic Sleep Better app review

In today’s world, the rates of life are very high. Multitasking and stress at work, caring for the family, political and economic situation in the country, ecology. All those factors are destroyed our health. We try to do all and there is no time to sleep enough. As a result, we have problems with our health and poor performance at work.

The risk of problems with heart rise overtime. Isn’t it best to see a doctor? What’s the reason to pay money and to waste time? Let’s use a special mobile app — Runtastic Sleep Better!

Runtastic Sleep Better is a smart alarm clock and functional analyzer of sleep. How does it work?

Install this app to the Android system and start working with it. Set the time, you want to wake up. Also, we can describe our day and set such special parameters as training, hard day, sleeping out of home, late dinner, drinking coffee or alcohol. All those facts influence the quality of sleep. After setting all parameters, press «start». Put your smartphone not far from the head. Try to sleep.

Please note, that the app works more correctly if you sleep alone and the smartphone is fully charged. All night long the app works in the background and charges about 30-40% of battery.

Unimportant things such as snoring, animals’ sounds, noise at the street and in the room can distort analytics of app. Runtastic Sleep can specify on what stage of sleep is you at the moment. After waking up you will see the graphics of your sleep, cycle, and effectiveness of sleep. Also, you can see on a smartphone’s display the long and quantity of sleep time. You can assess well-being after waking up.

Also, the app indicates the weather in your region. In the additional sets, you can change the loudness of the alarm clock’s bell, turn on or turn off the vibration, change the melody of alarm.

The function ”smart alarm” allows setting the period you want to wake up in order to make you waking easier. The alarm clock would wake you smart during set intervals. And after such pleasant awaking, you can write a note about your sleep in the diary of the app.

If it’s necessary, you can see the phase of the moon on the previous night. Anyway, you will get full information about your sweet sleep. And there is no need in visiting a doctor or other specialists and to spend a great amount of money.

Features of Runtastic Sleep Better:

  • learn about the duration and effectiveness of your sleep;
  • use the sleep tracking function by placing a smartphone or tablet near the pillow;
  • analysis of the duration of fast and slow sleep;
  • sleep log, this is your personal story will help you compare the results for the week, month, year;
  • mark your mood for statistics every day;
  • indicate your daily habits, workouts, caffeine, alcohol, etc.
  • filtering the story to determine when you sleep best;
  • variety of sound signals;
  • the diary will help you remember what the dream was about. It also will show the ratio in percentage between neutral, pleasant, and negative dreams.

The app will become your nearest helper. Note, that you can use it anywhere. All that you need is just a moment and a place to enjoy your sleep.

Downloads: +1000000

Customers rating:  [usr 4.1]

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