7 Best Homeschool Gradebook Apps (Android & iOS)

You can use mobile apps to optimize your workflow. Today we are going to talk about the top best apps for teachers and parents who want to keep track of the grades of their students. In addition, we are pleased to suggest you read the article Best Book Summary Apps, which will give you an introduction to new works of world literature.

1. ‎TeacherKit Classroom Manager

It is an application that is suitable for a diverse audience of users such as teachers, parents, and coaches. It is also flexible enough to be used by anyone involved in teaching. So, on the main screen, there are different groups of students, like books on a shelf. Here you can create a class with a schedule.

In addition, you can mark classes, the location of classrooms, and other similar information. There are only four sections in total: a list of students, attendance information, behavior, and a journal to monitor your progress. The app is also attractive because you can easily view each student here.

After all, there are icons with first and last names, a photo, and a progress bar. Also, you can sort your students by name, last name, or grade in proper order. In addition, the app is different in the fact that you can use it to communicate with parents and students by sending them messages.

Besides, the app is suitable for monitoring the attendance of your students. In a separate tab, you need to select the desired date and class. Also, you can view the total number of attendance days.

‎TeacherKit Classroom Manager1
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2. ‎Additio – Teacher gradebook

This is a real boon for all practicing teachers. It is also a planning tool to help you compile your entire curriculum, schedule your classes, and track grades and attendance. First of all, there are student IDs that contain basic information about them. For example, you can add your first and last names, a photo of the student, and their academic results.

Secondly, there are tools for specific lessons that allow you to customize icons, colors, and information. For example, you can mark different lessons with different colors. In addition, here you can calculate the grade point average. So the app saves you from having to calculate it.

In addition, there is the function of exporting the most vital data in different formats. This allows you to get rid of a lot of paperwork. Besides, there are accurate analyses of your overall grades here, which you can view in obvious tables. Also, the program allows you to make your quizzes and units.

‎Additio - Teacher gradebook2
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3. ‎Gradebook – Dzienniczek

This app has a rather simple and convenient functionality that will allow you to efficiently drive students’ grades and keep track of their progress. The application allows you to record an indefinite number of students, while they will also be neatly arranged on a table.

With a handy feature, you will calculate a student’s grade point average and arrange them by rating. In addition, the app will help you create and design your lesson plan in a handy editor. In addition, you will be able to make notes and sort them into folders.

‎Gradebook - Dzienniczek3
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4. ZipGrade

This application has very reasonable functionality and will allow you to check students’ tests and instantly assign marks. The app works quite simply and has custom functionality. First, you will need to download the lists of students, to check the students’ tests.

Then you can upload the answers to the app and distribute the tests to the students. It is worth noting that you do not need the Internet to scan the tests. Then the app will send you the results of the quizzes and instantly give grades to the students. Besides, the app supports up to 100 questions per test, which is quite handy.

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5. ‎iSchool – School diary

This is a study organizer that allows you to make your work more comfortable and complete tasks much faster. The app has minimalistic functionality, but it has everything you need. Within the app, you will be able to create a convenient schedule and add notes to your calendar.

In addition, the app allows you to upload a list of students and give them grades. You can also set a student’s grade point average and rank them. On top of that, the app lets you create notes as photos or use voice recording. Also, you can include your assignments and homework and schedule their deadlines.

The app will notify you of these deadlines and tasks. A convenient feature is that you will be able to send your homework directly from the app or use Bluetooth. Moreover, all data can be imported and saved to cloud storage.

‎iSchool - School diary5
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6. Smart Teacher – Gradebook

If you teach, you have probably experienced the problem of organizing your classes. This app might help you with that. So, there are some basic tools for you. First of all, you can manage models, topics, lessons, quizzes, and tests. Secondly, the app takes into account the progress of your students. You can give grades to specific students.

Plus, you can calculate the grade point average. Also, you can view their grades as a percentage. In addition, the app helps you communicate with your students, such as sending them homework or advising them on specific issues. The app also supports synchronization. So you can use it on different devices.

In addition, there are many tools for sorting and searching for specific lectures, units, or students. Moreover, you may not even need a third-party app to record important information. It has a kind of notebook that saves everything you need.

Smart Teacher - Gradebook6
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7. Teacher Aide Pro

This is an up-to-date application for tracking student grades. It helps teachers around the world identify problems and compile statistics on grades. So, this program is excellent for organizing classes because of all these features. It can plan lessons and create a schedule and profile of each student with their grades and attendance.

The app will track student performance and calculate the average performance of a class or an individual student. This makes it much easier to work on reports and track the progress of your program. And there are also particular charts, thanks to which you can view the info on the performed activities.

Teacher Aide Pro7
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