10 Best 5 Second Rule Game Apps for Android & iOS

Don’t you know how to spend time with friends to have fun? If you answer in the affirmative, playing party games will be an awesome idea. One of the most popular ones is called 5 second rule. According to the rules, you will need to list three things of a particular category. But the main thing is that you will have only 5 seconds for it.

To make the gaming process smother, we highly recommend you to install one of the 5 second rule game apps. They come with numerous advantages. For example, the players won’t need to think up the questions by themselves. Also, some games are powerful enough to keep the score of every person of a company.

So here is the list of the best 5 second rule games. We are sure that they will brighten up every evening in your circle of friends.

1. Tuku Tuku – 5 Second Challenge

Tuku TukuOur post starts with a cool game called Tuku Tuku. Let’s find out what distinguishing features it has.

Well, you will be asked to name three things of a particular category within 5 seconds only. In this case, the choice of categories will be so wide. To put it shortly, the app will provide you with access to more than 2000 questions to be answered. If you wish, you will also have an opportunity to add your own questions. That what makes the game brilliant.

The next cool thing is that the app will keep scores by itself. It can take into account up to 20 players at once. That’s why there is no need to take notes on paper.

As a bonus, the app has no ads at all. It is a minor but so nice advantage.

Tuku Tuku

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2. 5 Second Rule – Drinking Game

5 Second RuleHere is the next app that will bring you so much joy. Its name is 5 Second Rule.

Again, you will need to name three things asked. Keep in mind that you will be limited in time.

As for the content, the game includes more than 900 questions. Up to 12 players can be involved in the process at once. What is more, the game’s interface will allow you to view the progress of every participant comparing to others.

In this case, the main distinguishing feature is that within 1 tap the game becomes drinking. To be more precise, it includes cards of special content that will be so appropriate while having a party with alcohol.

5 Second Rule

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3. 5 Second Guess – Group Game

5 Second GuessOne more excellent option for you is called 5 Second Guess. What is it famous for?

First of all, the rules are the same. You will need to list three things of the category the app asks. You and your friends/family members will need to answer numerous questions that will make everybody fun. The choice of challenges will be so great. Moreover, just like the first game, this one allows you to add your own questions.

As for the number of players, up to 20 people can play this game. Again, the app will keep scores automatically, letting you keep track of the results. That’s what you will like for sure.

Talking about distinguishing features, it must be mentioned that the app contains adult (18+) mode. So if you are interested in this type of question, this very app is what you need.

One more distinguishing feature is that the app doesn’t require an internet connection. That’s why it perfectly suits for trips.

5 Second Guess

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If the trips are an integral part of your life, you know how time hangs heavy sometimes. To wile away the time, our advice is to install the best offline games for Android and iOS.

4. 5 Second Rule: Party Games

5 Second Rule: Party GamesAs for an alternative, we highly recommend you one more cool game. With 5 Second Rule: Party Games, your meeting with friends will become unforgettable for sure.

The rules are following: every player will need to name three things to answer the game’s question. The number of players can be from 2 to 16. The first person to collect 10 correct answers is the winner.

In this app, you and your company will face hundreds of cool questions to be answered. If you are full of your own ideas, you are welcome to add your own questions as well.

By the way, all the questions are family-friendly. However, if you open the app at a party, the developers offer you to use the pack with some dirty questions. You can mix them with the usual ones as well as play using adult-questions only.

One more thing that you will like here is the app’s user interface. It will be so convenient for every user. In addition, it comes with 7 different decks. Lastly, video ads are removed from here.

5 Second Rule: Party Games

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5. 5 Second Rule (voiced)

5 Second Rule (voiced)If you are still not happy with the apps above, here is one more cool option for you. It is called 5 Second Rule (voiced).

Well, as it is clear from the app’s name, the questions will be voiced by the game in this case. Then, a player will need to answer a question by listing three things asked. As usual, you will have 5 seconds only for an answer.

However, the app allows its users to change the time for an answer from 4 to 7 seconds.

Finally, it must be mentioned that this very app can be installed from Google Play only.

5 Second Rule (voiced)


6. 5 second rule – party game

5 second rule - party gameAs for a game from the App Store, our advice is to install the app called 5 second rule – party game. What are its features?

Each player will be asked to name three things in 5 seconds. As always, you may rely on the app in keeping scores. It will do its best in this matter.

The questions vary from general to personal, from serious to funny ones. If you are searching for an app with questions for adults, the app also meets your requirements. Just choose the card-set required and have fun.

5 second rule - party game


7. eSeconds – You have 5 Seconds!

eSecondsThe next game that we can’t help including on our list is called eSeconds. Here are the reasons why the app is considered to be one of the best 5 second rule games for Android.

You will need to list three things at the indicated time. To be more precise, it will be 5 seconds. As for the round time, it will be up to you to adjust it.

Talking about the players, the game suits for quite big companies of up to 10 people. Also, it includes so many deck categories, so every person will find something to his or her taste. And the so-called danger fields will be the thing making the game more difficult.

Finally, taking a childish user interface into account, it seems that the game has been designed for playing within a family. But if you consider yourself a simple soul, you can try this game as well.



8. List Three – The Five Second Naming Game

List Three - The Five Second Naming GameOne more amazing game for iOS is List Three – The Five Second Naming Game. Though it is with no-frills, it is a real source of fun.

The rules are the same. You will be asked to name three things until the time runs out. Keep in mind that it will be much harder to think up the things when the time is limited. In a word, it is not as easy as it seems.

The app has prepared more than 1000 questions for you. With the help of a built-in timer, it will track every player and even keep her or his scores. You can’t imagine how exciting it is!

List Three - The Five Second Naming Game


9. 5 Seconds Rule

5 Seconds Rule The next challenging party game is 5 Seconds Rule. It is a good option of an app of this category from Google Play.

Again, your only task is to list three things the game asks. Feel free to explore numerous family-friendly questions divided into 9 categories. The app will take into account every your and your friends’ score. What is more, it will even create a leaderboard for each game. That is so cool, isn’t it?

There are many distinguishing features here. For example, the number of players is unlimited. Then, you can set the number of rounds to play by yourself.

In addition, the content is updated regularly. However, you will have access only to 100 questions for free. For more, you can visit the app’s virtual store.

5 Seconds Rule


10. 5 Second Challenge: Dirty

5 Second Challenge: Dirty How do you feel about an app with dirty questions only? If that’s what you’ve been searching for, this very app will suit you best.

In 5 Second Challenge: Dirty, again, you and your friends will need to name three things. But the questions will be unusual. So be prepared even for the most unexpected ones.

Finally, the app includes two 18+ packs. One of them is absolutely free, another one must be paid for. At least the available pack worth being tried.

5 Second Challenge: Dirty


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