Book Keeper App Review

When you think of accounting it seems as something non-understandable and hard to learn. But it’s the basics of any business, so for sure you have to deal with it. We found a bookkeeping app exactly for this purpose. It is called Book Keeper, and it is as simple as its name.

This app has everything you may require as besides accounting it provides invoicing and inventory. The UI is extremely easy for any user, you will find a section for everything.

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Don’t worry if your internet gets cut off suddenly you can still work in this app. it allows immediate sync as soon as the connection is back. The app also guarantees your account is secured as all the app info is saved on the cloud service – Dropbox. Only you can decide who has access to the financial records.

As already mentioned, Book Keeper includes inventory and warehousing. You can record all your purchases and expenses, pending and paid invoices, and also generate the bar codes for your products.

Of course in the case of having a business you have to deal regularly with tax reports. This app will do everything for you instead according to the requirements of your country. Estimates and invoices have also become easier. Create them in the app and send them via E-mail or WhatsApp.


If you are a beginner, this app offers various invoice templates. There is a big number of reports which for sure are useful for deep analysis of your business. You get to see all the numbers in one place without going through old contracts.

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The customer service is very good too, they are always ready to help you with any issue or question. They provide excellent support. Book Keeper app is a dream come true for any businessman. It is an irreplaceable tool.