AudioWeb Software Review

AudioWeb is a program that creates something like your own website with music, audiobooks, and other media. It collects them, groups, and plays in mp3 format.

Add files, bookmark them and play. All you need to do is install the program and create a user account. And then use the account from any of your devices. If there are a few people using the device, you can create multiple users. Each will have its own settings, bookmarks, playlists, and so on.

You can also check the apps to play the music from your SD card. 


You might be interested in that AudioWeb perfectly plays streaming media (podcasts, audiobooks, and the like) without pauses and clipping phrases, which often happens among competitors. Curious already? Do not hurry. After all, we have not yet told you that the application remembers the place you left off. Even when you log in from a different device and under a different browser, you can continue listening from that very point.

You can also create records about files: images, notes, URLs. And then find files by these records. The app works fine on all common browsers. It can function on PC and mobile devices under Windows, Android, and one of the Mac-iOS families.


After installation, the app will ask you to create at least one user. You can rest assured about your personal data; AudioWeb does not store it. The application will also warn you that it wants to reserve the port for its own purposes. You can change this in the settings later.

The interface of the app is clear and pretty. You can use the MollieSoft team’s AudioWeb on your device as a standalone program. But take our advice and try it out with PodSilo, a podcast-download utility from the same developer. You will love the result of their paired work.


By the way, in case you want to edit your music tracks and slow them down, you can use one of these apps. 

To summarize, AudioWeb is an excellent tool for organizing and conveniently listening to all audio files of your interest from the default browser and any device. Appreciate the simplicity and convenience of dealing with the app.