5 Best Apps to Reduce Stuttering (Android & iOS)

According to statistics, about 70 million people across the globe suffer from stuttering. However, owing to scientific achievements, this speech disorder can be successfully treated or at least reduced.

So here is the list of the best apps that can absolutely substitute a speech therapist and help a user get rid of stuttering. After installing any of the suggested tools from the App Store or Google Play, you will be treated as if an app were a real speech pathologist.

1. Stamurai – Stammering & Stuttering Speech Therapy

StamuraiOne of the most efficient and comprehensive apps of this category is called Stamurai. That’s why this great tool is at the top of our review.

Let’s start with the very beginning. As you launch the app at first, you will need to answer some questions regarding your speech disorder. By analyzing your condition, the application will offer the individual plan of exercising.

In a word, you will be suggested to complete speech practice designed for daily use. It will take you just from 20 to 40 minutes a day to make your speech flawless.

As for the exercises themselves, the app includes over 20 of them. Thus, you will have an opportunity to try yourself in Pull Outs, Light Contacts, Pausing, Easy Onset, Slides, Flexible Rate, DAF, and many others. Each of them will be so beneficial for treating stuttering.

Apart from these techniques, you will be also offered to perform some general practices. Thew will be aimed at increasing the speech flow, practicing particular sounds, and understand your speech mechanism. Apart from this, you will learn how to control your breath as well as stay relaxed while speaking., which is also essential. The way to do this is meditation practice included in the app.

Besides, by analyzing the fulfillment of an individual plan, the app will also track your personal achievements. So apart from the perceived improvements in speaking, you can view the real progress monitored by the tool.


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2. DAF Professional

DAF ProfessionalDAF, or Delayed Auditory Feedback, is a wide-spread technique that speech therapists find especially effective to aid people who stutter. So here is an app for that.

The way the DAF Professional app works is reproducing your voice with a short delay. Accordingly, you will hear these sounds while speaking. Though it seems senseless, this method greatly influences the speech of a person who stutters.

To put it shortly, the app will let you set the delay, pitch, and volume. After that, everything will be ready for speaking in terms of Delayed Auditory Feedback.

Apart from the basic features only, the app is minimalistic in its design. So there won’t be anything distracting you from speaking. Only your own voice will side-track attention.

Talking about the app’s version for iOS, there will be also available such features as microphone boost and background noise reduction. Though they are considered to be quite helpful, the app is still good even without them. So Android users can install the tool without doubts.

DAF Professional

GooglePlay App Store

3. Mindfulness for people who stutter

BuddoStuttering in a way connected with a person’s mental health. Consequently, mindfulness meditation will be a good way to reduce the degree of stuttering. Especially if it has been developed for this category of people.

Well, the Buddo app offers a 90-day course to help stuttering people overcome fear and anxiety, increase self-esteem, go beyond resistance, and so on. Trust us the app is so all-round. Moreover, the course can be repeated multiply.

One more reason for our recommendation is that the app has been developed by people who used to stutter but managed to get rid of this very speech disorder. What is more, there are millions of admired users from all over the world who benefited from the app.



Massage is an integral part of complete relaxation. In order to improve the results of your practicing, we wholeheartedly offer you to install one of the best vibration apps for massage (Android & iOS).


SPEECH THERAPY VOICE TRAININGSPEECH THERAPY VOICE TRAINING is an app available for iOS device users only. The key to the app’s success is a great number of tools to reduce stuttering.

First of all, you will be provided with the DAF (delayed auditory feedback) tool. Its functioning principle is already familiar to you. As a result of practicing, your speech rate will be increased under normal conditions.

The next tool is Frequency altered feedback or FAF. It will make your voice sound lower than it is. It is aimed at relaxing the voice path muscles and reducing the frequency of stuttering.

In addition, the app contains one more tool that we find especially brilliant. The thing is that you will have access to a background mode that will function during your daily communication. To help you in this matter, there will be a vibrating metronome allowing you to stay aware of the tempo and rhythm of your speech.

Apart from this, one more distinguishing feature of the app is a training session mode. It includes reading both texts and poems. That’s why there is no need to search for texts on the internet or physical books. Everything will be in one place.

Finally, you can try short exercises to perform daily. Again, it will be extremely advantageous for your speech.


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5. BeneTalk

BeneTalkWhen it comes to considering the alternatives on Google Play, the BeneTalk app is what we are going to talk about.

Just like the previous app, this one represents a kit of the most necessary tools for people who suffer from stuttering. However, in this case, it won’t be so comprehensive.

First of all, the app includes the DAF tool, which is the most frequently used one for treating stuttering. Moreover, you will be offered to adjust the delay to progress in this practice.



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