11 Best Apps to Catch a Cheater (Android & iOS)

Do you suspect your spouse or beloved person to be a cheater? Undeniably, the best way to throw light on the situation is open talk. However, if you find this option impossible for some reason, it remains to spy upon another person.

To do it as secretly as possible, we find it reasonable to install an app to catch a cheater. Such a tool will let you remotely check a person’s phone (that keeps all our secrets), check his or her location, car location, etc.

The Apppearl team has reviewed the most reliable apps to catch a cheater. Just choose the most suitable tool, install it from the App Store or Google Play, and smoke out your beloved one.

1. Find My Family – GPS Location Tracker

Find My FamilyOne of the best apps to catch a cheater is called Find My Family. Though it has been designed to control kids mostly, it perfectly meets your requirements.

First of all, after launching the app, you will need to choose the device you want to be tracked. The main thing is that your spouse will never have the least notion about it.

After that, the app will provide you with access to the real-time GPS location of a person. What is more, you will be able to view the location history during a day. As you can see, it is a perfect tracker, but there is more to come.

You can adjust receiving notifications when a person arrives or leaves this or that place. Apart from this, you will also be able to create a virtual location zone and stay notified about leaving or entering it. This feature has been developed for kids’ safety. However, you have a chance to adapt it to your needs.

Apart from the GPS location of a person, you will be able to monitor his or her contact list. It makes the app even more appropriate for installing.

Finally, checking the apps installed on a tracked device will also be available with this tool. In some cases, it can tell a lot about a person. However, keep in mind that it will be possible only if your spouse uses an Android device.

By the way, if you want to track several devices, the app offers packages with monthly subscriptions.

Find My Family

GooglePlay appstore1

2. Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker By NumberAs for an alternative, we recommend you install the app called Phone Tracker By Number. However, in this case, the tool must be installed on both your and your spouse’s devices. If it is possible, the app will be a good choice for you.

Well, with this app, you will have 24/7 access to the GPS location of another person. Apart from a pin on a map, you will be able to view the battery level on a device. But the main thing is that the app identifies location so accurately.

As for the notifications, you will receive them every time a person nearby or moves from one place to another.

One more distinguishing feature is that the app is compatible with several phone numbers. However, keep in mind that the app must be installed on all gadgets with sim-cards you need.

Talking about minor disadvantages, viewing the location history of your beloved one will be available only by using a gadget of another person.

Phone Tracker By Number

GooglePlay appstore1

3. Tracki GPS – Track Cars, Kids, Pets, Assets & More

TrackiOne more similar app is called Tracki. But we want you to pay special attention that in this case, you will need to purchase a special device of the same name.

After purchasing this device, you will need to connect it with an app installed and hide it in your spouse’s car or bag. After that, you will have access to the GPS location of your beloved one at your fingertips. Viewing both Map and Satellite mode will be possible. Apart from this, the app’s user will be able to view the location history of a person tracked. That sounds good.

Besides, you will be able to adjust alarms for various occasions: movements alarm, entering a particular area alarm, high-speed alarm, and so on. This feature can be quite efficient in catching a cheater.


GooglePlay appstore1

4. GeoZilla – Find My Family

GeoZillaThe next app that should be included in our list is called GeoZilla. Again, with the help of a GPS signal, you will be aware of all places that your spouse visit.

To begin with, the app is considered to be multifunctional. However, we are going to review only the features you are interested in to catch a cheater.

Well, the app will allow you to monitor your spouse’s location and check where he or she has been during the week. In addition, you will be notified when your beloved one leaves home.

Use the family locator app to get notified when loved ones leave home to find if they arrive safely and on time.

As for distinguishing features, the app supports monitoring if a tracked person exceeds the speed limit or uses a phone while driving. Also, in case of a car accident, you will receive a notification, too.

This very app supports tracking multiple users. It will be especially helpful if your spouse uses several gadgets with different sim-cards. Nevertheless, remember that the app must be installed on your device + each device you want to track.


GooglePlay appstore1

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5. Phone Tracker Free Official Site

Phone Tracker FreeHave you ever heard about the app called Phone Tracker Free? There is no doubt that this tool is so suitable for you.

First of all, you will need to install the app on all devices you need to track. The app supports monitoring up to 5 of them. The main task is to do it secretly and try to hide the tool on your spouse’s gadget. After that, you will be provided with all the necessary data that can be found on the app’s official website. It means that there is no need to install the tool on your device.

Talking about the data the app collects, it will be a GPS location and a history of previous visits. However, the location of a person tracked is updated every 30 minutes only. Keep that in mind and choose another app if this feature is essential for you.

Apart from this, the app will help you to find out with whom your spouse has been communicating. What is more, checking the visited websites will also be available with this tool. That’s what makes the app even more awesome.

Phone Tracker Free

GooglePlay appstore1

6. Phone Number Tracker-Find Phone Number Location

Phone Number Tracker If you don’t have access to your spouse’s phone, here is another option for you. The thing is that there are some apps allowing users to track another person by using a phone number only.

If you install apps from Google Play, we highly recommend you to try Phone Number Tracker. All you will need to do is to enter a phone number or choose the one from your contact list.

Additionally, pinning each contact on the map will be available. That will allow you to track several users at the same time.

Plus, if someone calls you from an unknown number, you will have a chance to identify a person. Just enter the phone number into the app, and it will tell you about a calling person.

However, some people say that the app doesn’t work in this or that region. That’s why this tool is just an addition to the powerful GPS location apps mentioned above.

Phone Number Tracker


7. Phone Tracker by numbers

Phone Tracker by numbersTalking about the analog for iOS, our advice is to install Phone Tracker by numbers. Does it do its work?

Well, yes. With this app, you will be able to find out a person’s location by using a phone number only. That’s why you will be able to view the places your spouse has visited.

Apart from this, the app will provide you with a SIM number registration location, some privacy details (such as address and age), and so on. We guess you may find this feature very useful to catch a cheater.

However, this service is also quite questionable. But it is worth being tried at least.

Phone Tracker by numbers


8. Phone Clone, Transfer All Data

Phone Clone, Transfer All DataApart from tracking the GPS location of your spouse, there is one more cool way to catch a cheater. By it, we mean backup and restore the content of your beloved person’s phone.

For all Android device users, installing the Phone Clone, Transfer All Data app will be a good idea.

First of all, you will need to install this app on your phone. After that, take your spouse’s phone to import the data you need. It can be Contacts, Call logs, Messages, Photos, Videos, Music, Documents. and so on.

NOTES: take into account that it takes some time to import the content. Also, both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Phone Clone, Transfer All Data


9. Synchronoss Personal Cloud

Synchronoss Personal CloudAs for a tool from the App Store, the best solution is installing Synchronoss Personal Cloud. What are its capabilities?

The tool will let you backup and restore multimedia files (photos, videos, music), contacts, and documents. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support exporting SMS and call logs.

All the content can be imported to a phone, tablet, PC, website, and so on.

Synchronoss Personal Cloud


10. WaStat – WhatsApp tracker

WaStatIf you suspect your spouse uses WhatsApp to chat with another person, here is one more tool that you should try. It is called WaStat.

Well, the app will become your assistant in tracking WhatsApp’s use of your spouse. First, it will show the time she or he has been using the app. Then, it will provide you with stats on the messenger use for the last 30 days. Apart from this, you will be notified every time a user is online.

The app supports tracking up to 10 accounts. That’s why you will be able to track both your spouse and his/her suspected lover.



11. Chat Message Tracker – Remotely

Chat Message TrackerThe last but not least brilliant tool that you should try is called Chat Message Tracker. Let’s review its features in detail.

With this tool, you will be able to read all the incoming messages remotely from the messengers installed on your spouse’s gadget (WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, etc). By the way, the original message will stay unread.

For your convenience, you will be able to filter incoming messages with various parameters. One more advantage is that you will be able to save the messages you need unlimitedly.

To read the messages remotely, you will be able to use the app’s website. The main requirement is the installed app on your spouse’s device. What is more, it must be run in the background. That’s the main problem here. However, if you can cope with this task, you will be provided with full access to messages your spouse receives.

Chat Message Tracker


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