9 Best facial hair apps for Android & iOS

Are you dreaming about a bushy beard? Or maybe you want to grow a mustache and a beard wondering how it will look like? Perhaps, you are planning to change the style of your facial hair? If these questions are true for you, this post is exactly what you need.

Apps’ developers have done their best to help you in this matter. They suggest various facial hair apps available on the App Store or Google Play. But how to download a really worthy app?

No stress, in this post we have reviewed only the newest hits, that will let you see yourself with a beard and a mustache. Read it, install several of them, and make yourself more brutal.

1. Beard Booth Studio – Edit Photos and Get Beard

Beard Booth Studio The first app that we can’t help admiring is called Beard Booth Studio.

To begin with, you will have to load an image from your photo gallery or add it by taking a photo directly from the app. After that, you will get access to dozens of fashionable or funny beards and mustaches. For your convenience, all of them are grouped into theme packs. Of course, you will be able to resize and rotate facial hair items to make them fit perfectly.

Finally, you can easily share your masterpiece via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. As for Facebook, the app has the Add-a-caption feature for posting.

By the way, Beard Booth Studio supports its own hashtag – #beardbooth. Follow it and make yourself sure how realistic the app’s facial hair looks.

As a bonus for iOS device users, the app’s developers suggest free iMessage Sticker Pack. Such a helpful feature.

Beard Booth Studio

Google Play App Store

2. Beardify – Beard Photo Booth

Beardify This app is for those who are searching for a great collection of beards and mustaches in only one app. Be sure that you will be surprised by the wide choice here.

Only here you will find really unusual styles of beards. For example, Verdi, Hulihee, Chin Strap, Mutton Chops, etc. You’ve hardly even heard about these styles. Now you can try it at once.

One more distinguishing feature is that the app is capable of matching the facial hair color to your hair color. You can’t imagine how realistic it will look.

What else? Beardify has a special system that can make you being animated. By using this feature, you will cause your image to sigh, blink, sneeze, etc. After that, you can create a short video with this animation. Of course, you will have a rough beard and mustache on it.


Google Play App Store

3. Beard Photo Editor – Beard Cam Live

Beard Photo EditorIf you want to become more handsome on the photo, try Beard Photo Editor and drive everyone mad.

It is so easy to do this. Load an image from your phone gallery or take a selfie with the app. Then find the most suitable beard and apply it to photo. It will be very hard to choose because of a great variety of facial hair items. The next step is adjusting a beard’s saturation, size, brightness, etc. to make it seem real.

What makes Beard Photo Editor unique? A built-in AI system that will automatically apply the beard when detecting a face. Apart from this, here it is available to use a beard on Live Camera, without taking a photo.

Beard Photo Editor

Google Play

4. Mustache Booth – Grow a Beard

Mustache Booth Are you focused on mustaches mostly? Then install Mustache Booth that will become a powerful tool letting you grow facial hair.

Here you will find a big variety of mustaches, some of them are completed by a heavy beard. Add them to any photo from your photo gallery or take a shot and load it instantly to the app. To make facial hair look realistic, you will be able to resize, rotate, adjust the transparency, color, and even erase some part of a mustache or a beard.

After that, you can crop your photo or add a text if needed. By the way, the app suggests various fonts of the text, that will make your photo more unique.

After finishing to edit, you may share the result via social media or send it with a text message.

Mustache Booth

App Store

5. BoothStache

BoothStache One more app with an excellent choice of mustaches is called BoothStache.

The consecution of action is the same: load photo in two ways, then chose any style of facial hair, and the app will apply it to photo. Then you can save an image to your photo gallery or share it with friends.

As for advantages, the app is so convenient. First, look how both elegant and simple the user interface is. Secondly, the app is capable of automatical adjusting the color of the mustache to your hair color. Thirdly, the app works perfectly in offline mode. Then, you will be able to choose a certain face among many on the same photo. And finally, here it is available to shake the phone to see before and after images. That sounds really great!


App Store

6. Beard & Abs Photo Editor for Bodybuilding – Macho

Macho Macho is one more super-functional app that will let you grow a mustache or a beard directly on the photo. By following certain actions mentioned in previous reviews, you will quickly become a person with bushy facial hair. By the way, you will be agreeably surprised by the choice of beards and mustaches.

What makes the app unusual is that here you will be able to apply not only facial hair but also dozens of tattoos, hairstyles that will look as natural as it is possible. Additionally, the app has a feature to perfect your face skin, enlarge your body muscles, make you slimmer and taller, etc. Besides, you will get access to the photo editor and various filters that the app has as well.


Google Play

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7. Retouch Men: Abs & Body Editor

Retouch Men One more similar app is called Retouch Men. It will be appropriate for those who are searching for an all-in-one app, like the previous one. In this case, the app has been developed for iOS device users.

To begin with, here you will be able to make yourself bearded on the photo. Almost all beards are completed by thick mustaches. It will look so realistic!

The app’s capabilities are really endless. The thing is that here it will be available to remove facial skin flaws, make yourself muscular and slimmer, change your hair color or even hairstyle, add a tattoo. Additionally, you will be able to replace your photo background with templates suggested. That’s so appealing!

Retouch Men

App Store

8. Live Beard Photo Editor

Live Beard Photo Editor Live Beard Photo Editor also has a collection of fantastic beards and mustaches. By several taps, you will easily apply rough facial hair to you or any other person on a photo. Of course, the app is capable of adjusting a beard’s brightness, color, etc. to make it look realistic.

The app also supports the Live Camera feature. So you can see yourself bearded without taking a photo.

Live Beard Photo Editor

Google Play

9.  Man Photo Editor App : Man Hairstyle, Beard Styles

Man Photo Editor App Are you still not satisfied? Then we advise you to install one more app with many features. By using Man Photo Editor App, you will have a rich collection of fashionable beards and mustaches at your fingertips. Choose the most suitable for you and apply it to your image instantly. You may also change your hair color or even apply a new hairstyle if needed.

Apart from this, you will have a chance to complete your style by tattoo and sunglasses. The choice is also wide here. These items will let you look more brutal.

Not enough? To meet your requirements, here it is available to make yourself muscular by exploring various chest and abs options.

Also, this app has features of a photo editor. It is capable of rotating and zooming a photo as well as apply filters. It remains to choose one of more than 20 photo effects and make your photo more colorful.

Man Photo Editor App

Google Play

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