8 Free drink water reminder apps for Androd & iOS

Drinking water is our vital need because it serves dozens of essential functions that keep us going. Each day people have to consume a certain amount of water to be healthy. The amount can vary depending on your gender and age. Nevertheless, generally, an adult man needs about 3 liters of water per day while an adult woman has to drink about 2 liters of water per day. Because of the rush of city life, we forget about this essential need. But the Apppearl team has discovered a solution of this problem.

There are plenty of drink water reminder apps on the Internet. We have chosen only the best apps capable of monitoring your water intake and reminding you about that. Following the links below, you will be able to install these apps from the App Store or Google Play to your gadget. 

The apps listed here are free. Though some of them have Pro versions, you will really admire the apps features without in-app purchases. 

1. Water Time Pro – Drink Tracker & Reminder

Water Time Tracker & ReminderTo begin with, this very app is a must-have for every person. Water Time Pro will track your water intake as well as remind you to drink a glass of water.

Before start using this app, you will have to enter your weight. After that, the app will automatically calculate a certain amount of water you have to drink per day. Then, just tell the app about every time you drink water, and it will track glasses of water consumed. 

The app is quite adjustable. By saying this, we mean that it can take other liquids into account if it is appropriate for you. Also, if you had physical activities, the app will increase the amount of water you have to drink.

Apart from this, the app will is capable of reminding you to drink water. It remains to choose the most suitable time to get notifications.

Water Time Tracker & Reminder

Google Play App Store

2. Aqualert:Water Intake Tracker &Reminder Google Fit

Aqualert The next app that we can’t help admiring is called Aqualert. And it will also become your personal assistant in this matter.

When opening the app for the first time, you will have to enter your gender, age, and weight. According to this data, the app will calculate the normal water consumption for you. Track your water intake with the app, and get notifications not to forget.

The user interface is something that you will really like. Though it’s quite simple, all the information is visual. Besides, it is very convenient to use this app. That’s why you will be able to choose cups and bottles of various volumes depending on the vessel that you use in real life. This feature makes the water tracker so accurate. 

Additionally, it will be available to view your Consumption Chart History. The information shown graphically is also visual and easy to understand. 

Besides, to keep you motivated, the app supports the Rewards feature.


Google Play App Store

3. WaterMinder – Water Tracker and Drink Reminder App

WaterMinderWaterMinder is an absolutely unique app. It has many additional features that other applications do not have.

As usual, it will calculate your daily water intake depending on the data entered. Apart from this, it will track the amount of water consumed as well as remind you to drink a glass of water. Also, you will be able to view your Water Consumption history (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly) and earn awards for your achievements.

It is a real advantage that the app calculates the daily amount of water in accordance with weather conditions as well. Thus, if it is heat outside, you will have to drink more water. So the app is quite intuitive.

One more distinguishing feature is that the app has various units of measurements such as US Oz, UK Oz, and ML. 

You will definitely like the fact that the app is customizable. It will be available to change cups, colors, icons, and so on.

Additionally, for your convenience, an informative widget will be available on your Home screen. As you can see, the developers have done their best to make the app top-rated. 


Google Play App Store

4. Plant Nanny² – Your Adorable Water Reminder

Plant Nanny² By using this very app you won’t neglect water intake for sure. The thing is that you will be responsible for a little creature that depends on your water consumption.

In the Plant Nanny² app you will have your personal small plant that will track your daily water intake. The amount of daily water consumption will be calculated according to your body data and physical activity. Each glass of water you drink also waters the plant, so you will be interested in fulfilling your norm to keep the plant alive and growing. 

As for the other features available, like in other apps, you will get notifications reminding you to drink water. Also, the app will award you for completed small missions, if having a Plant isn’t enough for you. Apart from this, you will have access to your daily, weekly, and monthly water consumption history.

One more advantage is customizing the volume of your virtual cup. By the way, the app supports units of measurement for each glass in either milliliters or ounces.

Plant Nanny²

Google Play App Store

There is an app that is also capable of reminding its users about important things to do. Read our post to become familiar with it. 

5. Water Drink Reminder

Water Drink ReminderWater Drink Reminder is an app that we strongly recommend for Android devices users. Moreover, this very app is awarded by Google Play.

After entering your current weight, the app will tell you how many glasses of water you will have to consume. Follow the app’s recommendations and update it every time you drink water. Of course, the app will remind you about your body’s needs in case you forget about it.

Also, the app supports such feature as a customized cup and two units of measurement – standard (oz) or metric (ml). In addition, you will have your daily, monthly, weekly, and even yearly reposrts. Thus, Water consumption history will be at your fingertips. All the information will be shown graphically.

What makes the app stand out is that it can be synchronized with Google Fit and Samsung Health via your Google account.

Water Drink Reminder

Google Play

6. Drink Water Reminder N Tracker

Drink Water Reminder N Tracker As for an alternative for iPhone and iPad, this app is a good solution to your problem. Drink Water Reminder N Tracker is really worth to be installed on your device.

Depending on your gender, age, and type of climate, the app will calculate the most suitable amount of water intake. After that, you will have to record cups of water consumed. If you forget to drink water, the app will remind you for sure. By the way, the app supports an Automatic bedtime mode, so you won’t be notified while sleeping. It’s so intuitive, isn’t it?

Besides, you will also have access to statistics. The History feature will let you draw conclusions from your experience od water consumption.

Drink Water Reminder N Tracker

App Store

7. Hydro Coach – Drink Water Reminder & Water Tracker

Hydro CoachNow let’s go back to Google Play apps. It will be Hydro Coach that will take care of your health.

To begin with, the app’s built-in calculating system is considered to be unique. Depending on the information entered by you (age, weight, lifestyle, and weather conditions), the app will calculate your personal drink goal. Moreover, it will take other additional details into account. If you are pregnant or you are a professional athlete, for example.

You will only need to record the amount of water consumed. For your convenience, the app supports imperial (fl. oz.) as well as metric (ml) units. Besides, you will be able to customize your virtual cup or choose among vessel types suggested.

As you know, it won’t be a problem if you forget about it. This app has a Water reminder feature as well.

The main distinguishing feature here is that you will be able to add other drinks as well. It will be available to name it, color it and size it in your way. And finally, track its consumption as well. For instance, you won’t be able to drink too much soda by using this app.

As usual, you will have access to weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics and to a dashboard for water intake analyzation.

It is an advantage that the app is capable of working in collaboration with Samsung Health, Google Fit, Fitbit activity trackers, and Fitbit smart scales. That’s really outstanding.

By the way, you will be able to share results with your friends as well as challenge them. It’s a really unique feature for this type of apps.

Hydro Coach

Google Play

8. My Water Balance

 My Water BalanceThe last but not least app is called My Water Balance. It will be appropriate for iOS device users.

Its functioning principle is usual. You will have to enter some information about yourself, and then you will learn the goal of your daily water consumption. Record every glass of water you consume to make the app monitor the level of your body hydration. Moreover, you will be notified about this biological need, if you forget to drink water.

As for other features, the app supports two units of measurement – Metric and fl oz. Apart from this, you will be able to view your water consumption history. Besides, the app’s award will be a great motivation for you. And finally, like in the previous app, you will be able to add an intake of other beverages as well. It remains to choose a drink among suggested and add it to your consumption history.

The feature that makes the app unique is useful tips about water. They will be quite informative in case you want to broaden your horizons about the water itself.

My Water Balance

App Store

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