7 Best Door To Door Apps for Android & iOS

Today it is much easier to trade on the Internet, yet there are still problematic issues that need to be solved. So, today we have gathered the best apps to help you trade more efficiently. They all have different strategies for selling, although each of them can make a seller’s life easier.

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1. SPOTIO | Field Sales App

This company provides you with software to manage your sales. The set of functionalities is quite standard for services with such a specialization. In addition, the application has a CRM with several options for displaying, reporting, and planning tools. Also, you can filter your potential customers by attributes that are more important for your company.

You can get a clear view of things that happen in the field and how long it will take to hand over the product when you make sales. Also, you can filter your potential customers by details, and view their profiles and transactions, to make sales with the best potential customers.

In addition, you can always monitor a sales leader table, and measure the performance of sales leads or your entire sales team. Besides, you may optimize all your routines so that your sales are the best effect for you.

SPOTIO | Field Sales App1
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2. Mercari: Your Marketplace

This is a perfect platform that is perfect for those who want to sell their no-longer-needed items and make them the most convenient. The app provides you with tremendous user functionality, thanks to which you can effortlessly barter, exchange, purchase, and much more.

In addition, if you sell your goods or purchase, you will not have to go and deliver goods, the app will do all for you. To start using this program, you will have to pass a quick registration and confirm your identity. Then you will be able to put your items for sale or make an exchange.

You also need to take a few photos of your items and add a description. Listing your items in the app is completely free, but the platform does charge a commission for completing the transaction. Also, when you purchase, you have to pay for the item, after that the platform will write to the seller and the seller will ship the item to you within 3 days.

Receiving the goods is done door-to-door, so you do not have to go and pick up your goods. At the end of the transaction, you can get your payment in minutes, to any payment system you like.

 Mercari: Your Marketplace2
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3. 5miles: Buy and Sell Used Stuff Locally

This platform will help you buy and sell your products in your area. It will help you buy products with comfort, and most importantly, it will be safe. You can post ads for items that you have wanted to sell for a long time, as well as to look for something new. To list an item for sale, you will need to verify your identity.

Then you can take a picture of your product and write a description of the product and the app takes care of the rest. In addition, the program offers you a free boost to your listings at the top of the feed. Besides, it is possible to rate and read customer reviews, to make your transaction most comfortable, effective, and fast.

Also, the app gives you the guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can ask for a refund and get it as quickly as possible. In addition, the goods that you buy are delivered to your home, so you can track their status.

When the goods are delivered, the application will send you a notification by which time the purchased goods will be delivered to you. Thanks to this, you will not have to worry about the purchased goods and you can make the transactions as convenient as possible.

5miles: Buy and Sell Locally3
App Store
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4. OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo.

It gives you a simple way to buy and sell products from home. With this app, you can search for local products with thousands of new offers, as well as list your products for sale. When you place an item for sale, you can attach a photo as well as write a description of the item.

You never have to hand over an item when you make a deal; the app handles it all for you. Also, you can track your goods on their way and after what time the deal will be completed. In addition, if you are buying an item, you can write to the seller and talk to him about the product and discuss the price.

It is possible to earn a reputation, thanks to which you will be first in the sales feed and provide a guarantee for the sellers and buyers of your products.

At the end of the transaction, you will be able to receive funds from any payment system convenient for you. Also, the application provides a guarantee when buying goods. So you can get your money back if you do not like the product or if it was damaged.

OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo.4
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5. Pocket CRM – Customers & Leads

This application controls all matters concerning the business. In addition, some functions work offline which is even more convenient. It is the best place to manage your schedule of meetings and tasks that you need to complete. The app gives you a daily or monthly schedule in which you can enter data and stick to it.

Besides, the platform has notifications to help you make sure no task is missed. It also has text and voice memos to add the information you need for your client. In addition, you securely store all valuable documents and information right in the app and link all documents directly to your contacts. It is also possible to sync the app across devices.

So you can always log in from any phone or computer and view your documents at any time. The platform backs up your data daily so you do not have to worry about your documents. In addition, you may create invoices and send them to your potential customers right from the app.

You can also customize your business profile with your logo, address, and information. In addition, you can organize your contacts and create chat rooms in which you can communicate.

Pocket CRM - Customers & Leads5
Google Play

6. ‎Asana: Work in one place

If your business consists of regular tasks and projects, you need to structure and rank them. In general, this is your task manager, where you can conveniently spread out all the tasks, set deadlines, and that sort of thing. In addition, the app is supported on a multi of platforms and devices.

On top of that, it is the most suitable app for teamwork. Moreover, more than one person can work here at once. For example, the free version allows up to fifteen people to work on one project. Besides, you can set access to the tasks. In addition, all tasks can be customized, which means you can add colors, pictures, fonts, and other things.

It is also convenient to monitor the execution of tasks by your colleagues. Furthermore, tasks can be prioritized so that everyone in the team understands what to do first. All in all, if you need software for simple delegation and task execution with advanced collaboration features, this is the right software to use.

Pocket CRM - Customers & Leads6
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7. Daily Sales Record

This app is a fantastic solution for small businesses. It contains all the details about your sales. Besides, you do not need any kind of tech knowledge to use the program to be aware of all the details. Thus, you can easily determine the number of costs that we will incur for a particular product.

Also, you can keep track of your income right here. In addition, all the details about your business are displayed in informative charts and graphs. On top of that, you can answer buyers’ questions and keep track of delivery status here. It is also great for documents.

After all, all checks and significant papers can be sent in various formats directly to buyers. In addition, you get a report on your finances every month. All in all, it has everything you might need if you run a small trade on the internet.

Daily Sales Record7
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