9 Best Label Maker Apps in 2024 for Android & iOS

This selection is dedicated to all those who are faced with the need to create their own label. After all, a recognizable mark always helps your product to distinguish itself from others. This is a great way to increase your sales. You can download one of the graphic applications to create a unique style.

This is not always requiring a professional designer. This is where you will come across the best of them. For those who also need to work with images, we recommend the article Best apps for Lightroom Presets. There you will find a great way to create images in the matching style.

1. Canva: Design, Photo & Video

This application is a graphic editor that helps you create unusual designs. The app will help you create logos, presentations, business cards, invitations, and other visual elements. To do this, you just need to open the application on your phone and select the desired template. Indeed, you will be able to see that Canva contains a lot of interesting features and functions.

For example, there are all the tools to create your commercial publications on social networks. You can create a unique style and make colorful collages, postcards, and invitations. There are also templates for logos or different business cards. Moreover, the application gives the possibility to work with templates of different elements.

In other words, you will be able to work with different elements of an already prepared template. In addition, the application allows you to work collaboratively. You can place the project in the public domain, so you can work on it together with your friends or colleagues. Also, there is a Pro version, which gives even more possibilities.

For example, you can change the size of the created layout. This feature is useful if you want to change the format of the image from one network to another, such as from a post on Instagram to a post on Facebook.

It works so that the image stays the same, but its format will be adapted to the template you need, which there are a lot. The editor is useful because there are a lot of interesting tools for creating not only a logo but the entire business content in general.

Canva: Design, Photo & Video1
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2. Logo Maker Plus – Graphic Design & Logo Creator

The following program is an incredibly popular label maker app for Android devices. So, Logo Maker is another easy way to instantly create a logo for your business. One of the special things about this application is that it gives users the possibility to make up their own logo, based on a wide range of templates that they can choose from.

All you have to do is to select the template you like and add your company name. You can quickly save a file in a few minutes or make major changes to your unique design.

For example, the app gives you the opportunity to change elements, objects, symbols in the template to give your logo a special feature. Those who want fast results can use Logo Generator. It will quickly give out a label design according to the chosen parameters. In addition, creating a logo design can be done with any colors and textures, you can add shadows and borders.

In addition, you will find a lot of different fonts here. Recently, the developers have added a new 3D font feature. You can also use the photos from the gallery of the phone, as well as select suggested ones offered by the app. By the way, all the images can be improved with over 50 filters. For all these actions Logo Maker has a special section that you need to create the content.

Logo Maker Plus - Graphic Design & Logo Creator2
Google Play

3. Logo Maker

This unique app works on a variety of devices such as tablets, phones, and even smartwatches. It has unique tools that help you create unique graphics for your product. Well, the app has a great color system. You can use the RGB, HSB, and Hex color palettes. This app is great for people who have little understanding of graphics.

You can use a huge range of fonts in different styles. It also has all sorts of images for creating elements like arrows, geometric shapes, abstractions, and more. Likewise, there are examples of logos, or in other words templates. You can create something based on them. Also, you can add your own images from the phone gallery.

An interesting thing is that there is a handy function for canceling actions. This way you can speed up the process of creating a label. After all, you get even more control over the work of creating graphics. In addition, it is possible to draw using the stylus.

The developers offer to use the function of 3D Touch. Moreover, there is a handy function to transfer the finished graphics. For example, the application supports AirPrint, works with Google Drive and Evernote, and also sends images via e-mail.

Logo Maker3
App Store
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4. Logo Maker – Logo Creator, Generator & Designer

This is an amazing app that will help you create a professional label for your business in minutes. This amazing app contains many fonts and graphics that you can use to easily create amazing logos for your business. Moreover, you can use it to design product labels, come up with different checks, and graphic invitations.

In addition, this application has the ability to search for unique and creative graphics that you can use in your own business labels. This means that you will not have to look for elements on other resources. Also, you will not need any drawing skills. There are different categories of graphics, such as those related to cooking, clothing, society, the planet, and much more.

Moreover, there are different backgrounds, textures, and colors that you can use to create your designs. There is also a unique feature that allows you to resize and move all the elements with ease.

Logo Maker - Logo Creator, Generator & Designer4
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5. Watercolor Logo Maker

Watercolor Logo Maker is the perfect application for those who need to create their own unique label. It can be used by both advanced users and those who are new to graphics. The app offers its users the possibility to create their own labels by using graphic elements. It has a great option to convert and save files in PNG format.

Watercolor Logo Maker can also save the file so that its background seems to be absent. This can help you continue editing in other applications. In this particular application, you can create the illusion that your labels and logos are created directly from watercolor. In addition, you can rotate and resize all image details.

Beyond that, you can choose transparency. Also, there is such a tool as an eraser, which will help you get rid of some areas. Moreover, you can choose between different colors for the elements, fonts, and background. Overall, this app is great for those who do not know much about graphics but want to create an attractive picture.

Watercolor Logo Maker5
App Store

6. Logo Generator & Logo Maker

Logo Generator & Logo Maker has a user-friendly interface that is very simple to use. It helps users to create attractive logos and labels in the shortest amount of time. The professional editing tools and color palette will definitely make you happy even if you are not a designer. This application also has a good selection in the image gallery.

You will have at your disposal about 2000 templates of different icons divided into categories. So for example you can choose elements and templates from categories such as eco, human, Christmas, cartoon, art, fashion, and others.

In addition, you will be able to work with the colors of the elements using the RGB system. It will help you to choose the right shades, making the image harmonious. Moreover, you will be able to rotate the elements and resize them. You can also work with the background and add shapes and text.

By the way, you will find more than 100 different fonts in the application. Then you can visualize how your fonts look right before you apply them. Also, you can duplicate elements, for easy label creation.

Logo Generator & Logo Maker6
Google Play

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7. AI Logo Generator – Easy Logo

This app is a great help for those who are new to graphic imaging tools. It will definitely help you create a unique style that hardly anyone has ever seen before. You will be able to create logos incredibly quickly with it. After all, this app has an interesting design generator feature.

Moreover, you can work with the text, for example, by choosing a font that is unusual. Also, you can select a suitable color that will be associated with your brand. The best part is that the generation is almost instantly.

Moreover, the finished images can be easily built-in wherever you want. In other words, the finished logo can fit nicely into any of your products, such as documents, stationery, or clothing.

In addition, all the necessary tools are provided so that you can create good designs on your phone. By the way, all the necessary tools are provided so that you can create good designs on all your devices. This way, you can save your new project in any convenient quality. Also, you will be able to convert it into JPEG, PNG, and PDF formats.

AI Logo Generator - Easy Logo7
App Store

8. Logo Maker – Design Creator

Logo Maker – Design Creator is an application that works as a logo generator. You can also create a logo or label from scratch. This application is great for people who do not have graphic design skills. The app is used to create not only logos and labels, but also watermarks, banners, flyers, and resumes.

Indeed, this is a service where the basic quality tools for creating your own content are collected. In addition, the app allows you to create designs in different styles. It has everything like vintage, retro, modern, and classic. We suggest you get acquainted with the features of Logo Maker – Design Creator.

First of all, you will be able to work with more than 500 different templates. They are divided into categories for easy navigation. You will be able to edit the design elements, which means that you can move them, resize them and change their color. Also, there are a lot of different graphic elements for custom design. The app gives you access to unique and classic fonts.

The interesting thing is that all of the tools used here are presented in a simplified version. It is also convenient that you can save your graphics in 4K. Logo Maker – Design Creator allows you to edit your images at any time. All changes will be saved automatically. So you will not be afraid to interrupt during creating content.

Logo Maker - Design Creator8
Google Play

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9. Logo Maker – Logo Designer & Logo Creator

This app makes it easy to create great logos and labels. Having templates ready to use, this app makes it easy to choose the logo you are looking for for your business. You can use the app to create a label according to new design trends. The convenience of using the app makes it useful for everyone to use.

All you have to do is enter the characters and select the right elements to create amazing logos instantly. Not only can you create amazing logos and labels, but you can also post them directly on social media. This design app helps you create and customize your labels according to your needs without the help of a professional designer.

After all, there are all the tools you need to do this. You can work with different fonts, add textures, choose backgrounds, colors, and elements. Like some other applications of this type, there are elements related to different categories such as food, cars, animals, party, and others.

You will be able to create an image in just a few seconds. That is why Logo Maker – Logo Designer & Logo Creator is perfect for those who want an economical and efficient approach to logo and label creation.

Logo Maker - Logo Designer & Logo Creator9
Google Play